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Kaamna 20th May 2022 Akanksha instructs Yashoda Dadi to pack the bags of Yatho as now they are going to go to her house, Yatharth asks his mother to catch the ball seeing which Manav is shocked.

Mr Holkar explains that everyone warned him to not make a government official the CEO of his company but e did not believe them and so the results are in front of him, he has made the decision and so Manav would have to tender his resignation.

Some time earlier Sakshi mam is sitting with the person, he questions if she had any relation with the person named Manav as he found out that she lived with him in his house and that too without any marriage, Sakshi looks at him in shock, she mentions how she doesnot want to know anything about his past nor does she want to explain anything about her past life, Malti aunti gets tensed hearing their conversation from the corner.

Yatharth wakes up in his bed from the sleep, he calls his Dada and Yashoda Dadi but they donot respond so he walks out but the lights are turned off, he calls Dadi but they donot respond yet he gets scared so calls Kumar and Ahshok, wondering where has everyone gone, Yatharth starts getting scared and even starts stammering when he sees a lot of pigeons flying in the house and over him,

he kneels back to the corner when the phone rings and he answers it, only to find her mother mentioning that she really misses him, she questions why does he seem so tensed when he rushes into the bed room to see Yashoda Dadi knitting something while sitting in her rocking chair and she suddenly gets up asking if he woke up,

Yatho is crying when she questions why is he crying so yatho explains that there were pigeons and they hit him, she asks him to accompany her but he refuses yet Yashoda Dadi says that she will take care of everything when something tries to harm him, Kumar along with Ashok are working while Yatho tries to see however Kumar manages to cover the feather with his feet,

Yashoda exclaims this would not have happened if his mother was with him because then even he would not see any nightmares, Yashoda Dadi says that he is missing his mother who was present with him when he was hitting the sixes, Yatharth doesnot believe it when she shows him the video in which he is playing while Akanksha is rejoicing, Yashoda assures he would feel really nice if he is with his mother, they all turn to him explaining that he would feel a lot better with his mother.

Yatho closes the door so he in the night is hitting the ball when Akanksha exclaims they are going to play with the football just like cricket, she is sure that he would become a really big player, Yatho sees his father standing in the window when he thinks how Yashoda Dadi said that he should try to act happy so that his father also remains happy and contended, Yatho throws the ball calling Akanksha as mama for the first time when she also passes him the ball,

Akanksha exclaims that he would be able to play a lot better in her house as they have a really big lawn there, she instructs Dadi to pack his bags whispering that she would get the gold chain really soon, Manav entering the house refuses to allow her take Yatho, she requests him to not come in between a mother and her son, he replies he has given her permission to meet Yatho so she must not do anything that will make him regret his decision, Akanksha turns to Yatho explaining she will not be able to take him today but he must not be worried, she picks her bag to leave.

Vibhav is hitting the ball on Manav’s face when Akanksha exclaims Yatharth had surely agreed that he was not happy there and would have even come with her but at the last moment then Manav came to the house, Vibhav questions what is Neha doing, he scolds her explaining that she assured Manav would get really busy in his work but he is at his house with his son,

Neha replies that Manav said he is going for some office related work but she doesnot know why he went to his house, Vibhav exclaims she must keep an eye on him but she questions what can she do in it, Vibhav instructs Neha to go to Mr Holkar and tell him that his CEO is not interested in the work but accompanying his own son.

Manav is enjoying the time with his son Yatharth, he asks the Chef to leave because he is himself going to serve his son, Yatharth questions when would they cook once again as it has been a long time, he explains that they cooked a lot and now he has even learned how to prepare the pizza,

Manav thinks how he used to enjoy a lot of time with Sakshi mam, Yatho questions if he cannot even take the name of Sakshi mam when Manav replies she is his teacher and he can talk about her. Yashoda Dadi comes to sit at the table asking how the taste would have gotten better because he is eating by his own father when he must be happy to learn that his mother cooked it,

Manav gets shocked asking when did she come, Yashoda Dadi says that she brought the food with so much love so it was not suitable to throw it away. Manav gets a call from Mr Holkar who is really angry with him, complaining that Manav did not even bother to come to the office,

he explains that every employee of their office works really hard but Manav has gotten everything from his life so doesnot feel like working, Manav gets angry asking Mr Holkar to calm down and lower his voice, Yatho assures he can leave if it is urgent, he asks Dadi to have something else made for him since he no longer likes Kheer.

Manav reaches the office, the staff is worried why he is so frustrated. Manav questions Mr Holkar what was he saying about the house and job, Mr Holkar replies that Manav has become a little used to not working, Mr Holkar even sacrificed his limited liquidity on the advice of Manav but he doesnot have any interest in office work, he is just busy in raising his child,

Manav gets angry explaining he can think of it as a threat but there is nothing more important for him then to raise his child, and he can let go of this CEO post if it concerns his child, Mr Holkar explains even Meera has not worked properly because they withdrew twenty five lacs from the company’s account but where is that money, the return is zero. Manav replies he found that he is the same as Vibhav because they only worry about earning the money and is Mr Holkar going to fire him or should he tender his resignation because he doesnot want to work in this office.


Kaamna 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav informs Yatho that he is going to be with him the entire day, Yatho asks what about his office when Manav replies he has made an arrangement because of which even if he doesnot go to the office then the work would not be harmed, Akanksha gets worried. Vibhav is in the house when the police arrive, he gets frustrated. Ranay call Akanksha revealing Vibhav sir got arrested for keeping black money.

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