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Kaamna 20th June 2022 In the night Manav returns back and looking on the sofa he starts smiling as both Sakshi and yatho are sleeping, Manav sits on the table but Sakshi wakes up, she informs him they must not eat without washing their hands, he says that she shocked him.

She insists on re heating the dinner when he replies he is really hungry but she requests him to go and wash his hands as till then she would be able to re heat everything, Manav once again sits on the table mentioning he is really hungry,

Sakshi explains she is glad how he said it with such feeling of togetherness, Manav exclaims he would share his feelings with the people who live with him and not their neighbor, Sakshi mam asks him to promise that he is always going to share his feelings with her,

Manav with a smile exclaims he realized how their Yatho has once again started asking him to marry and this time he brought her proposal like a mature person, Sakshi replies she knows it and is also aware that he doesnot want to get married but she feels he must give himself another chance as the things that happened are a thing of the past but they are a way to move forward,

Manav exclaims even Niharika is telling him to move on and she feels he still loves Akanksha, Sakshi wonders how can Niharika talk such things with Manav.

Akanksha is lying unconscious while her mother is sitting beside her, she asks if Karan called the doctor, Bubbly explains that she did not even come to get the bail of karan and so how can they help her, their mother explains that they must not be so harsh as she is also her daughter like karan,

a mother can never remain angry with her children for so long. She in anger question if Karan called the doctor, she also asks him to go and bring the bags of Akanksha, he in frustration says if she is going to stay here for a longer period. Bubbly agrees to call the doctor.

Sakshi standing at the dinner table is really frustrated thinking about what Manav said and how close Niharika has gotten with them all, she in anger calls Manav questioning if they cannot hire an attendant for Niharika jee,

Manav replies it is not suitable as Holkar sir feels this would not be good for the company, Sakshi getting angry questions how is this fair with him since they have put a lot of pressure on him and even he is a human, Manav mentions who else is there in their family and she must not forget that Yatharth is here with him because of them,

Sakshi explains he also saved his daughter so has gotten right over them but Manav gets tensed asking what is she talking about because she is the one who has done the most favors on him,

Sakshi mam realizing her mistake immediately apologizes for what she said mentioning that she doesnot know what happened to him, he explains everyone makes mistakes and suggests that they should leave for office by car pooling as petrol is really expensive, he explains she must make Aloo paratha for him.

The doctor is checking Akanksha, he informs that everything seems fine but she would have gotten unconscious because of the stress. Swati asks if there is anything to worry about, he can inform Karan and so asks him to go and drop off the doctor.

Karan comes back asking Bubbly to pack their bags as either Akanksha can live with her or them, Swati mentions he can leave tomorrow when Karan questions what is she saying as they donot have any importance in front of their daughter, Swati replies that she has never done anything under the pressure and neither will she do it now, she only saved Akanksha from living on the streets but would never let her destroy the life of someone like Manav again.

Vibhav is feeling hard to breathe and the other criminals there explain that he might be suffering from heart attack, Vibhav seeing the opportunity takes the gun of the inspector and threatens to kill them, they warn him to let go of the gun as it would not do anything for them, the inspector explains they have beaten him a lot when Manav mentions they should do whatever they feel is right and tries to talk with Niharika,

she rushes to the cell of Vibhav questioning if he tried to commit suicide, Vibhav acting as if he is depressed exclaims what is the point in living as he had a perfect like with a wife and so cannot wait for the punishment which the court gives him, Manav asks Niharika to not believe anything he is saying since he is sure that Vibhav is just acting and should not be believed,

Vibhav coming to Manav mentions he knows that he has wronged him and his sins are really big but he really loved his Nikki. Vibhav looking into his eyes thinks that he realized that Niharika still loves him which is why he did this entire drama. Niharika leaves with Manav.

Swati is performing the pooja when she hears Akanksha who is also performing the same pooja, she is listening to her daughter performing the pooja, Akanksha exclaims that nothing is hidden from him, and he knows all the mistakes that she would have made but she now wants to solve everything and once again become a family with Manav, Swati gets really worried.

Yatho is on the call asking Sakshi what is going on, she informs that his father is talking with Mr Holkar and they both seem really tensed, she explains that until the problem with Niharika jee is not solved he cannot move ahead with his life, Yatharth is also tensed so asks if she is in the office, Sakshi mam reveals she has not even arrived which is why they would be worried.

Mr Holkar wonders where could have she gone, Niharika enters the office with Vibhav following her, everyone is socked to see him and they donot even utter a single word, Niharika reveals she can hear their questions and she attained the bail of Vibhav, he is going to work in this office.


Kaamna 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhav tries to instigate Sakshi against Manav but she warns him to leave. Manav exclaims he should have done this a long time ago so slaps Vibhav, Niharika calls Manav as Mr Bajpayee in anger, he gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:20th June 2022
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