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Kaamna 20th January 2022 Manav stops the auto at a flower shop, rushing there he sees all the beautiful flowers so requests for the one which he likes, after paying for it Manav looks towards it with a smile,

mention they are the language of love, and are the ones who can make everything sorted so they should also work for him, he and his wife have been fighting continuously for the past few days but now he feels that their relation will get a new life, Manav suddenly receives the call from the school of Yatharth, so he immediately rushes there.

Vibhav standing in front of Akanksha, explains she is his boss and even a mother of a child but she is lonely, he questions if she thinks he is taking advantage of her, of her loneliness and vulnerability, she questions why is he talking like this, he asks her to see who he is, he explains he is just a normal worker of her company who lives in a one room house which is filled with emptiness, but if she desires then everything in that room including his heart and soul will belong to her,

he questions if she is ready to accept him, she is not able to say anything when the director suddenly starts clapping, Akanksha also praises him for his acting when Vibhav turns exclaiming that it was not a lie, he going to Maya exclaims that he has hit his mark but she will not fall into the trap so easily, he leaves while Akanksha is worried.

Manav is with the principal, he asks what is taking Yatharth so long when the principal assures, he is fine and even the doctor is taking care of him, the principals asks if his wife has gone somewhere, Manav questions what happened, she replies they have been trying to reach her since the morning however she is not answering their calls, Manav thinks what has gotten into her since she first not answered the call of Yatharth and not the school.

Manav immediately hugs Yatharth as soon he walks into the office, Manav questions how he hurt himself, even the principal encourages him to reveal the truth but Yatharth informs he fell down thinking if he told the truth then there would be a fight between his parents, Manav takes Yatho with him, mentioning that he is going to show him his best movie.

Akanksha is reading the script while constantly looking at Vibhav Kapoor, she is thinking how he informed that it was not acting, Vibhav Kapoor is also singing the song while getting ready, the worker comes informing Akanksha that her mobile was ringing, she gets worried thinking how the mobile has also gotten old so she would have to change it, she asks the worker if she can place it on charge.

Manav is constantly trying to call Akanksha exclaiming that it is not right when her mother asks where Manav is going, she questions if he is going to bring Akanksha, Yatho stops him hearing this, Manav replies there is nothing to be worried about because his mother has started forgetting things and she did not even charge her mobile.

Manav leaves to bring Akanksha, he reaches the studio but is shocked to see that the rehearsal is not happening there, the guard questions why is he coming inside when Manav asks him about the rehearsal, he informs they shifted around two days ago but he doesnot know where they went, Manav thinks of the text on Akanksha’s mobile, he is sure they would have shifted to the house of Vibhav Kapoor.

Maya requests Akanksha to not forget her lines after seeing Vibhav this time, Vibhav questions if this is the truth, but Akanksha starts blushing, Vibhav exclaims that when she blushes she looks exactly like a monkey, she hits him in joke but he apologizes saying he meant the female monkey because of her red cheeks.

Alokda calls them both to come, Vibhav starts making faces so Akanksha laughs, Vibhav blames her when Alokda requests her to get serious, but she assures she will start acting.

Manav reaches the house informing that he needs to meet with the guard, he asks he needs to meet with Vibhav Kapoor, when the guard asks who he is, Manav inquires if there is a rehearsal going for a play, Manav enters the house without the permission, so the gate keeper is forced to call Ranay sir informing him that Manav Bajpayee is coming to meet his wife.

Ranay coming to Vibhav Kapoor informs that Manav has come to meet his wife, Akanksha is not able to looks Vibhav in the eye, he exclaims her husband would have come to watch the rehearsal when Akanksha questions how he came here, Vibhav exclaims this means he is an uncalled guest, Akanksha is really tensed when Vibhav exclaims that she has friends like him who can take care of the situation.

Manav comes to stand behind them both, Akanksha questions what he is doing here, she tries to get angry with him saying they can talk back home, Manav exclaims he would surely talk with her but for now needs to talk with Vibhav, he stands in front of him so Vibhav tries to shake his hands but Manav stands in anger saying he has tried a lot but Vibhav doesnot allow him to forget him, Vibhav offers to talk in private as they both have their honour to protect, Manav agrees mentioning otherwise there would be none left for him, Vibhav says they will see what happens.

Vibhav exclaims he knows Manav would not have anything but it is his duty to ask if he would like to have anything, Manav asks him to stop it all, Vibhav questions if he meant this hospitality, Manav replies he meant that drama that he is doing in the business and his life, Vibhav questions if these are his manners as he is humiliating him in his own house, Manav replies he is better as he doesnot cause pain while trying to befriend someone, Vibhav replies his wife would not agree since he has seen it closely with his own eyes, she really likes his performance,

Manav exclaims his attitude would one day ruin him, he advises Vibhav to be careful, Vibhav starts clapping, advising Manav to stop the job and start writing the dialogues for their play. Manav exclaims that he wants to hit the person who chats with his wife while being Richie Rich.

Vibhav replies after looking at him he doesnot feel he can hit anyone, Manav replies to the person whose everything is on the line will do whatever they can, Vibhav exclaims then he should keep his wife in control as the wife walks out when their needs are not fulfilled, Manav threatens to use any force against Vibhav if he doesnot stop going after his wife, he would then have to suffer the defeat.

Manav and Akanksha are in the auto when she questions that he is eager to yell at him, she starts yelling at him saying that he came to humiliate at someone’s house, she in anger orders the auto driver to stop the auto then walking out she questions what does he mean, she says that his ego has been hurt but Manav replies that it is not his ego but the trust,

Akanksha turns in anger exclaiming that now he should start playing the victim, Manav informs she has stopped thinking like a mother, he reveals Yatharth fell on the school and even when the administration was trying to call her she did not answer, she gets really worried when Manav asks her to get in the auto.


Kaamna 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha while placing her hand on Yatharth head promises to Manav that she will not allow for his trust to be broken, Akanksha is with Vibhav to whom she reveals she is even the mother of a child but this cannot stop her from spending the rest of her life with him, he after expressing his love kisses her, Akanksha is shocked.

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  1. Akashna is blinded by her eagerness for name, fame , money she’s forgotten her responsibilities, she’ thinks being wealthy is answer for a problem but is overlooking at what price she will pay. Her honesty and integrity is a stake. I really don’t like the way she giving the wrong things importance nothing wrong in what you want but think logical. What is she playing at.


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