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Kaamna 19th May 2022 Akanksha is singing the song to yatho while Manav opens the door, he is shocked hearing her sing the song. Malti aunti asks them both to talk when he questions if she had any relation with someone named Manav hearing which she gets tensed.

Some time earlier Manav reaches the house when the worker in excitement explain that Yatharth played really well and Manav should make him a cricketer, Manav enters the house when Yashoda aunti explain that Yatho played really well today as he hit a lot of good shots which caused a sprain in her neck when Manav asks where is he, Yashoda explains that he got tired so went to sleep as it is necessary for a child when Yashoda explains that he is sleeping with his mother.

Manav enters the room when Akanksha signals him to stop, she turns on the light and coming to him explains that she knows she stayed a little longer then she was allowed but she wanted to make the most of her stay with Yatho, she asks if she can leave now to which he agrees.

Akanksha turning explains that the hearts of children should not be filled with so much hatred and explains it is upto them both to make sure that he doesnot hate her anymore, Manav stands in anger while she looks to yatho mentioning she really wants to thank him for allowing her to meet yatho,

he says that she is the mother of yatho so the court has given her the rights when she replies that he must not be worried about her relation with Yatho as for him Manav was always number one and would stay like that so if she gets even the slightest place in his life then it would be really meaningful, Akanksha leaves while Manav sits on the bed wondering how can she change so much, he is not able to decide if it is just an act or has she really changed.

Manav goes outside when he sees that Yashoda Dadi is sitting preparing something when she replies that she was free as even Yatho is asleep so she thought of preparing their sweater for the winter. Manav questions when did Akanksha came, she replies when he was playing and she sent him the videos after which Yatharth said that he is tired so she brought him inside,

he questions who else went with him in the room when Yashoda Dadi says that when she went after a while she was glad to see he was listening to the song while sleeping on her lap, Yashoda asks if something happened or did she make a mistake but Manav ex he was just asking without any reason.

Akanksha is just singing the song when she goes to Vibhav who is talking with someone, he ends the call asking what happened when she should have realized he was talking on the call, Akanksha exclaims the song is from the nineties and she sang this song after which Yatho slept on his lap, Vibhav gets shocked exclaiming that she is just saying this to impress him,

Akanksha shows the video when he doesnot even understand anything, she exclaims that he should have seen how Manav reacted as she is sure he got really insecure after seeing her with Yatho, Vibhav exclaims they have surely created havoc in his personal life but this has no effect on his professional life as he is still trying to find out ways to get the original papers of Niharika from him,

Akanksha questions how would Manav attain them if they are with him, he replies this is the question which he wants to figure out. Akanksha in a state of tension questions what would happen if Manav gets them, Vibhav replies not much but just that they would both be sitting on the footpath together, she assures he must chill because after what she has done today Manav would be surely sitting in some corner crying.

Yatharth wakes up to see Manav sleeping beside him while resting his head against the corner of the bed, yatho thinks what Dadi said that his father would be happy when he is happy, yatho sleeps after holding Manav tightly which wakes him up so he kisses yatho exclaiming that he found out Yatho enjoyed when he replies he even made a century and he prays that every day should be like this one. Manav thinks even if he doesnot like that Akanksha should be around Yatharth it is better for his mental health.

In the morning Neha brings coffee for Meera when she receives a call from Manav so answers it and h explains that he doesnot know how many spies has Vibhav left around him and so they must now start acting, Manav tells her something after which she gets up in excitement and hugs Neha, she exclaims that they have found a way to get the original documents of Niharika, she asks Neha to go and bring her a pastry, Meera also says her to bring the cheque book of the company.

Vibhav is punching the boxing bag when Bubbly secretly manages to turn off his mobile, Neha comes running calling his name, he in anger questions why did she come as Manav might have sent some people after her, she explains she tried calling him but he did not respond, he gets tensed wondering how was his mobile switched off, she informs they have found a way to get the original documents of Niharika,

Vibhav wonders how can it happen when Neha informs she was talking about going to Tilak Nagar, Ranay informs that the registrar office is located there to which Vibhav instructs him to call their contact, Ranay replies he got transferred when he also speculates that they might have someone on the inside, he sends Ranay to Tilak Nagar, he even orders Neha to go and collect more information saying she must not come to his house without his permission.

Yashoda Dadi brings breakfast for Yatho while he is still sleeping, she asks him to wake up but he requests to let him sleep when she informs how can he let him sleep otherwise he would become like Ashok and so must eat the food, yatho questions what about his father when she replies that he is always busy in the work and doesnot have any free time, Yashoda exclaims he would have a really big life when Manav questions if he is fine, yatho explains he got really tired so wants to sleep a bit more, Manav explains that champions never get tired and they just take a little rest. Manav assures he would come back as early as possible after which they both would have dinner together.

Yashoda Dadi asks if he saw how happy his father got when he played cricket, just like his mother hearing which Yatho says she was not present but Dadi replies she was standing behind him cheering for him. He once again requests to sleep a bit more.

Malti aunti is sitting with the sister of the boy who is praising her brother mentioning he has a really big house and good job to which Malti aunti replies she just wants them both to stay happy meanwhile Sakshi is really tensed and she asks if her husband died in a road accident to which she explains that they both share the same past as even his wife died in the car accident, she exclaims they should first talk with each other so asks Sakshi if she wants to ask anything from her brother,

he replies he feels she doesnot talk much because she is really quiet but Sakshi reveals she doesnot have any question for him, both Malti aunti and his sister leave them both. Aayush explains he feels they should clear everything before the marriage, he explains that she must not mind his question but he wants to ask if she had any relation with Manav.


Kaamna 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mr Holkar is fighting with Manav questioning what has he done for the company as he is always busy with his son, Manav replies he must not bring Yatharth into all of this as he doesnot want to be a part of this company, Manav leaves in anger. Vibhav burns the photo exclaiming his game has now ended.

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