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Kaamna 19th January 2022 Akanksha and Vibhav Kapoor have ended when he sitting down requests her to not go, she once again holds his hand turning back when the director ends the shot, explaining they need a break, Vibhav refuses the drink, he says he was thinking why can they not take the method acting one step ahead,

Vibhav shows her that she used to call him princess, Akanksha questions what did she use to call him, he however refuses to tell her, she threatens to complain to Alokda that he is not allowing her to practice the method acting, he reveals that she used to call him Richie Rich, Akanksha share a laugh with him.

Yatharth enters the classroom, but he is not allowed to sit on the desk as no other student would allow, they question what is his name, he reveals it is Yatho when they tease that his name is like a vegetable, they say he has come from a school whose students are not worthy to talk with them, they order him to sit on the floor but then the teacher comes, she asks Yatharth to take the seat.

Vibhav while walking with Akanksha exclaims that Niharika had everything she desired, it was much more than her Kamna and she was worth everything he had but he was not able to say it to her, he suggests she can save his name as Richie Rich, he thanks her as because of her he was able to relive the past moments which he never thought would be the same, she also thanks him for being the reason she is fulfilling the dream which she never thought was possible,

Vibhav exclaims they both are the same as they have unfulfilled desires which they are carrying, he replies he doesnot know if Niharika will ever come back, he feels that she is also really lonely, Akanksha tries to assure she is not alone when he replies that it is not that painful to be alone but to have someone who doesnot care about her success,

he advises her to wear the life jacket since the director Alokda is coming and would order them to perform the rehearsal, he replies that he has made her laugh so calls her as Akanksha jee, when she replies that he will just call her as Akanksha. Maya coming from behind smiles seeing them both laughing.

Yatharth is talking with Vinay on the call who questions why he not came down to play, Yatho replies he came back really late when Vinay asks if he liked the new school so Yatharth replies the school was really good and even the cafeteria is like a restaurant but the students are not good, Vinay asks him to inform his father that he doesnot want to study in the new school,

Yatharth thinks how both his parents were fighting about the new school, Vinay ends the call when Manav comes to the bed asking Yatharth how was the new school, he replies that it was really good which amazes Manav as he thought that Yatharth would not like it, Manav asks if he would like to hear a story so starts telling it about the penguin and the snow leopard who are friends in the Antarctic.

Manav wakes up at one thirty in the night while Akanksha is texting with Vibhav Kapoor, she lies down to sleep hearing him walking towards the room, Manav thinks of setting the alarm on the mobile of Akanksha, but he is shocked to hear that she has set a password, he sees a notification on the mobile, he reads the message from Richie Rich who is sking why did she go offline. Manav lying down on the bed think if he is Vibhav Kapoor.

In the morning Akanksha is on the call when Manav coming out questions who is she talking to, she explains she is searching for a Nanny as he made the older one run away, Manav questions if she was also finding a nanny at one thirty last night, Akanksha gets tensed when she questions what does he mean,

he questions if Richie Rich is Vibhav Kapoor, she questions why did he check her mobile as she also needs some privacy but Manav replies in the last eight years they have never used this word then why is she being so protective, Akanksha replies she is no longer a house wife but also a working women, why does he always drag Vibhav Kapoor in their conversation, Manav explains that if a women is not able to manage her personal life after she becomes independent then it causes tremendous problem, he leaves hearing which Yatharth also closes the door, he himself starts getting ready for the school.

In the office Manav is sitting, Amita standing on the door tries calling him but he doesnot respond to her calls, she then sits down on the chair asking what is going on since Vinay questioned if eery parents fight the same, she questions if there is any problem between him and Akanksha, he replies there is house is also like a battle ground, Amita replies that if there is a problem, it can be solved by some flowers or certain gifts, she advises Manav to raise his budget.

The break starts in the school, all of the children rush outside, Yatharth takes out his lunch box when one of the student sits beside him however he walks out of the classroom, Yatharth stands Infront of a portrait, thinking about the promise which Manav made that his parents will always like together, he wished that his parents would never fight and they live with each other, he prays that he family go back to the way it was so they can live a happy life, Yatharth while walking sees two students who remind him of his friendship with Vinay.

Yatharth is sitting eating his lunch when two students come saying that they were looking for him, they snatch his lunch box and do not return it even when he demands, Yatharth tries to take it but they push him so he falls to the ground, after which everyone starts laughing, Yatharth hits one of them with a rock and he in also hits Yatho so he starts bleeding, Yatho is with the doctor who is applying the bandage when he demands to go to his mother.

Akanksha is getting ready for the rehearsal when the attendant comes informing that his phone is ringing, but Akanksha replies that it is fine so Maya signals her to leave, the doctor once again asks the teacher to call his mother but Akanksha doesnot answer, Yatho is constantly demanding to be with his mother.


Kaamna 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav rushing to the principal office is glad to meet Yatho, he asks when will his mother come. The guard informs Manav there is no one with this name, he checks the register asking who this lady is, guard replies she is the female lead, Manav leaves informing then she is his wife. Akanksha is looking at Vibhav Kapoor, she gets embarrassed when he notices her looking at him.

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