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Kaamna 18th May 2022 Manav while sitting in his office informs Meera that he has found a way to get all the original documents from Vibhav, Meera with a smile replies he has managed to trap the fish, Manav mentions now no one can save Vibhav from him, Akanksha informs Vibhav that Manav will see something today that will cause a lot pain.

Sometime earlier a woman asks the worker to not walk so past, he tells Manav that she is Yashoda regarding whom the doctor was talking about,

Manav exclaims that she was the one the doctor was talking about when she replies that she doesnot know what the doctor told him. Manav calls her aunti but she says that everyone only calls her Dadi, Manav says he is going to tell her something about his son but she mentions she already knows he is a little disturbed and really frustrated but what happened yesterday must not have happened because she cannot live without saying it,

as the mother who gave birth should have some right over him, Manav recalling the events of yesterday mentions that he agrees that Akanksha is his mother so the right, Yashoda Dadi exclaims this is the right thing as he has the ability to say what is wrong as wrong, Manav smiles.

Ayesha is with Sakshi mam crying when she requests her to not take the words of Yatharth seriously as he is young and in a lot of pain, they must all be really patient with him when Ayesha mentions that she really misses their old yatho who used to smile but now she feels they have lost him, Sakshi mam says they should not be angry and she must try to talk with him as she is sure Ayesha would be able to convince Yatharth.

Malti aunti is talking with someone on the phone when she assures that Sakshi is a really nice women who can cook and even take care of the entire house, she even informs them regarding her height,

Malti aunti sits beside Sakshi asking why did she come back so early, Sakshi mam replies there was not much to do in the school. Malti aunti asks if Yatho did not come, hearing which she gets angry asking why does Mummi jee always have to drag Yatharth into their conversation when Malti aunti tries to show her some photos of the boys which she has shortlisted,

Sakshi mam stands up mentioning she doesnot have any expectations from this wedding so would be alright with whatever happens, Malti aunti tries to convince her explaining she is getting married but Sakshi mam leaves.

Manav enters the room of Yatharth with Yashoda Dadi, asking him to see who has come to meet him, Yatho hits his head with the hands exclaiming everyone comes to meet him but he is angry so they all must leave including the old Dadi, Manav scolds yatho asking what is the way to talk with the elders,

Yashoda Dadi sits beside Yatho explaining she came to their house just a few minutes ago so why is he angry with her, Yatharth starts thinking of a reason when she explains she is going to stay with him in the same room and care for him just like her own Grandson, as he called her Dadi so until he thinks of a reason she is going to bring her bags,

Manav sits beside Yatho trying to explain that he would really like her when Yatharth doesnot respond so Manav leaves assuring to send her back if Yatharth doesnot like her, Manav goes outside to Yashoda Dadi explaining how she must inform him if his mother comes to meet him and also that she needs to take proper care for his diet and health, Yashoda Dadi assures Manav who then leaves.

Vibhav is with Ranay asking if he remembers the nursing home project which Niharika started and then he changed its name to Kapoor nursing home, Vibhav reveals they have got the stay order on that property, he doesnot know how Manav managed to get it when they have made his life a hell, he asks Akanksha to come asking why is she still at home,

Akanksha questions where did she have to go to which Vibhav when Akanksha exclaims when did she say she would leave this house, Vibhav mentions he told her that she must do it really fast as Manav has realized his plans so managed to take the stay order, Akanksha says he must not be so loud with her while she has started her plan so now Manav is going to see something that will haunt him.

Manav reaches the office apologizing for getting late, he sits in front mentioning that he has found a way to get all the original document from Vibhav, he says he is going to reveal all the plans when Meera asks him but he requests Neha for a coffee, she is still listening to the conversation of Meera and Manav when Meera exclaims that he has managed to trap this fish, Neha once again sits with Manav when he says he is just going to create some suspense.

Yashoda Dadi prepares a bite for Yatho but he insists on eating by himself, she mentions that the food tastes really good when prepared by the Dadi even the worker insists that Yatharth can eat it by himself, but this angers the Dadi and she asks yatho who does he love more, he replies his father then she says that he must stay happy if he loves his father, Yatho replies he cannot stay happy because there is no reason and even his father is really busy and has forgotten to smile,

Yashoda Dadi says the tensions of parents decrease when they see their children smiling, the worker brings a cricket kit for him to which Yashoda Dadi says he should try and be happy for his father, she suggests yatho should go to play outside as this will cause a lot of happiness to his father.

Yatharth is playing with all his might, while Yashoda Dadi is making a video and she is even instructing the staff to play well with Yatharth as he is a little child, she cheers him up exclaiming he must make one hundred runs, Akanksha seeing the opportunity cheers from behind Yatho while hiding when he turns. Manav sees the video but gets shocked seeing Akanksha in it, Manav asks Meera to go and make sure that Neha doesnot find out he is going back home, Meera mentions yatho is lucky to have a father like him.

Yashoda Dadi once again cheer Yatho to hit the ball, he manages to make one hundred runs when Yatharth starts shivering, she exclaims he played like Kapil Dev but the worker replies the time has changed however he once again hits a six when he demands water but she says he must go and rest while she will bring juice. Akanksha standing thinks how she assured Yashoda jee of money in return for making sure that Yatharth gets tired, Yashoda then asked her the favorite game of Yatho after which she assured that he work would be completed. Akanksha smiles.


Kaamna 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Manav enters the room of Yatharth when he gets shocked hearing Akanksha sing the song to yatho, Akanksha shows Vibhav the video explaining what she has done in front of Manav today would have scared him a lot, he would be crying sitting in some corner so will not be able to focus on the work. Manav sits on the bed of Yatharth, he is really tensed.

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