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Kaamna 18th July 2022 Sakshi assures everything is fine so there is no need to argue, she mentions the best part is that Akanksha is feeling better and would be fine very soon, she asks if they should go back home when the nurse comes from behind calling them,

Manav asks what happened o she reveals that the patient Miss Akanksha left her purse so can they give it to them, she inquires if they are from her immediate family but Manav is silent, yatho explains he is her son would give it to Akanksha.

Malti aunti opens the door when she smiles seeing them all, Malti aunti informs she made a vow to not let them enter without performing the Bhog. Manav replies that these are just the prayers of the elders because of which he is able to overcome any problem that befalls him.

Manav entering wonders where is his mobile so thinks it might be in the car, Sakshi however showing the phone asks if it looks like this when Manav questions where did she get it, she informs the inspector gave her the mobile when she came to meet him at the police station.

Manav however exclaims it might be dead to which Yatho replies they say the battery has ended, he walks over to the corner so Sakshi noticing exclaims she I the one with low battery because of hunger so what does he want to eat but yatho doesnot reply, she then asks Manav who informs that today the dish which yatho likes should be made as they missed the dinner. She takes his phone to put it on charge while offering her own mobile to him.

Manav going to yatho questions what happened saying he can always talk with him, Yatho questions how did he manage to get over the pain of his parents death, Manav mentions he is tensed because his mother got in an accident and his father was in jail,

Manav making him sit explains that he after a while realized that his other would be happy wherever she is and if she sees him in this state then would get tensed, he assures Yatho there is nothing to worry about since he is not going anywhere and even his mother is well.

Swati comes to Akanksha questioning why did she not eat the tortilla since these are her favorite when Akanksha thinks that she really is hungry but would not be able to eat since she wants to gain sympathy.

She asks if Swati has forgiven her so she says that she has since now Akanksha is not the same old Akanksha. She gets a call from Manav who questions if anything is wrong since she left the hospital without saying anything, he just wanted to know if he made a mistake, Swati replies that it was nothing of the sort but she was worried.

Akanksha also requests her to talk nicely with Manav when she apologizes, Manav replies that Akanksha left her purse at the hospital so he would give it back whenever she feels like it, Akanksha asks Swati to tell Manav he can keep the purse as she went to give it to him, he had gifted her the purse. Manav hearing this ends the call, he sees the photos of them as a family so kneels to pick them up, yatho leaves to his room with just one of those photos.

Sakshi is looking at Manav while he is wondering how beautiful are the memories of the time spent together but when that person leaves their life then they are just meaning less. Sakshi coming to Manav explains she has felt there is a change in the behavior of Yatho,

Manav also agrees so she as a consoler explains it might be because he has seen a lot of traumas, first the accident of his mother then him getting arrested, she feels he is worried of losing his parents. Manav says the thing which is curious is that he used to get angry by hearing her name,

Sakshi replies that he has gotten rid of all the bad thoughts that he had of his mother, Manav says that it is nice since she is his mother but how would they bring back his laughter, Sakshi suggests they should try the music therapy since it also worked the last time, Manav agrees saying that she can also start singing so they will bring back the smile on the face of yatho. Sakshi exclaims she loves the father in him when he asks if it is the only thing which she loves, Sakshi starts feeling embarrassed.

Yatho in the room exclaims that his mother cannot go anywhere, he thinks about telling his father but then recalls when his grandmother said they cannot give any more tension to his father. Yatho then thinks of talking with Ayesha but once again remembers when Mr Holkar said that Niharika broke after Vibhav left so Ayesha left with her. Yatho after wiping off his tears calls Swati,

she replies that Akanksha is asleep but is feeling a lot better, he asks if there is anything which they can do and even the reports might be false, he questions if she vomits. Swati replies she is glad it has not reached that position. Akanksha at once rushes to the bathroom acting as if she is vomiting.

Manav and Sakshi both enter the room playing the music and Sakshi tries her best to cheer him up but he goes to sit on the bed. Manav questions what happened as he has a good news, that they are throwing an engagement party tomorrow, Yatho with a sad voice exclaims then there would be the wedding, Manav questions what is the problem when he was eager to get them married, Yatharth thinks he must get the wedding postponed at any cost so tries to make an excuse saying that they must wait for some more time.

Manav is sitting with yatho at the dinner table, he exclaims that the rice seems really tasty and even yatho would like them a lot, Manav assures that his mother is fine and recovering but Yatho says he doesnot want to talk about it so asks for the rice, he however stands to leave mentioning that he is not hungry.

Yatharth is sleeping when Manav goes to sit beside him, he sitting on the bed wonders what is the reason that his son is so worried as he was always insisting that he should marry Sakshi.


Kaamna 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth is looking at the photos when Akanksha standing in front of him calls Yatho for a hug, she then pretends as if she is vomiting which causes Yatho to cry so he rushes to hug her, Manav coming out is stunned seeing Yatho hugging Akanksha.

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