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Kaamna 17th May 2022 Vibhav is hugging Akanksha, when he asks what has he done to her, he replies that today he is going to give her a choice to either choose him or her son, he will not question her decision, Yatharth while being with Manav says that he should ask his ex-wife to not come here ever again.

Some time earlier Akanksha asks if she can come to meet Yatho and can expect he would not interfere, he says that she can meet him and he would try his best to change the behavior of yatho but she must never do anything like this in the future that causes him to once again start hating her,

Akanksha assures that she would not do anything like this in the future as she has accepted he would not be her support in the future, she will have to live this life alone but she just desires to cherish all the moment she spends with yatho, Akanksha leaves while Manav gets worried.

Ranay ends the call when Vibhav exclaims he forced Akanksha to get close with Yatharth so Manav gets a little worried but they hear something else because he never saw this emotional talk from Akanksha regarding Yatho,

Ranay asks him to let it go away because now Manav has the money and position so he feel Akanksha would be thinking about her future with Manav when Ranay informs that he just needs to let Akanksha mam go close with Manav as she will be the one to destroy him while Vibhav should just wait to see what happens then, Vibhav starts smiling asking Ranay if he would like to give him a hug when Ranay leaves, Vibhav exclaims he is really great.

In the night Manav receives a call from Malti aunti who apologizes for calling late exclaiming that Sakshi has agreed to get married hearing which Manav gets stunned, but he is forced to congratulate her, Malti aunti asks him to also look for a proposal for her, Manav agrees explaining that he needs to end the call since Yatharth is calling him.

Manav sees that Yatharth is really sad while lying down on the bed, Manav hugs yatho exclaiming he has not told him the story for a long time so will now tell him, Manav starts telling the story revealing there was a boy who got lost in the forest when he got trapped in a hurricane and the water level rose during which he took the support of a tree when the water finally went down,

the boy thought he would take back the tree with him because of the love which he had and at that moment an old man informed him that he cannot take back the tree with him as the role has ended in his life so he must move on in his life after thanking the tree, Manav asks if he knows who is the child, yatho doesnot know so Manav mentions he is the same child while the tree is Sakshi mam and his mother leaving was the hurricane in his life. Manav explains he must thank

her since she supported him but then should move on in his life, yatho turns to the other side asking Manav to warn his ex-wife to not come to their house ever again when Manav replies the court has granted her this permission so they cannot do anything about it but yatho replies that he has changed as the old Dada would not say anything like this, he wishes Manav good night.

Akanksha enters the room while Vibhav is lying down on the bed, he explains how he has finally realized that he made a big mistake because he took away a mother from her son, he knows what she has sacrificed to be with him but ever since she came with him she did not look back at Yatho when Akanksha hugs him, he explains that he has not given her the chance but will now give her what she desires,

Akanksha replies what is to think about as she will always choose him because Manav is there to look after Yatho but who will be there for him, she will always stay by his side, Vibhav looks to Ranay questioning what will they do now when Akanksha asks Vibhav to hold his ears so that he doesnot give her this choice, Vibhav exclaims he really loves her when he asks her to start the attack on yatho,

she gets tensed when he says she must make him think that he loves her when Akanksha asks if this drama is just for five weeks, Vibhav assures that he really loves her when she assures she will take care of Manav, Akanksha leaves when Vibhav asks Ranay what is the matter, Ranay replies that she is the biggest problem for him.

Vibhav is talking with someone on the phone exclaiming that Manav would not even have tissues for her, Bubbly is listening to him so she calls Manav mentioning that Vibhav was talking with someone on the call explaining he would not have tissues for her. Manav thinks who would he be talking with as he can even talk with Akanksha on the call but who was he talking about when Manav recalls that Neha was crying a lot and so he recalls how she would always try to put him in a difficult situation.

Manav calls Neha asking if she is still awake and then he says that he thinks he would also take off tomorrow because Akanksha is once again coming to meet him but Neha at once refuses trying to convince him that he must come to the office otherwise Mr Holkar would get angry as he says they take one step ahead but three steps back. Manav with a smile exclaims he will surely come to the office and see her.

In the morning Manav wakes up Yatho asking if he doesnot want to get ready but Yatho replies he doesnot feel like going to school, Manav checks if he is healthy and in forms he doesnot have any illness, yatho mentions he asked him to change his school which he did not do but Manav replies he knows the real reason Yatharth doesnot want to go to school but he can take a leave for today but it will be just for a single day.

Sakshi mam brings Ayesha to the corner asking if she knows how Yatharth is as she is really getting worried, Ayesha replies that he has even stopped talking with her, she requests her to call him so Ayesha dials his number,

she asks if he is fine and why did he not come to school, Yatharth in anger replies that he is fine and did not feel like coming but she must not be worried for him as no one cares for him anymore, she must also end the call as he needs to go out and play, Ayesha while crying assures she will not call him anymore.

Manav is getting ready while talking with Meera on the call, he explains they are going to give such a blow to Vibhav Kapoor that even he would be left shocked about what happened.

An old women questions why does the worker have to walk so fast, he apologizes to her. Manav rushes to see who is she when she greets him with a smile, Manav also greets her back.


Kaamna 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhav is scolding Ranay questioning how did Manav get the time to attain a stay order against his property when they have not given him any chance, Akanksha coming from behind exclaims he would see something today that is going to leave him stunned. Manav smiles seeing his son play but gets shocked to see Akanksha cheering for Yatharth.

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