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Kaamna 13th May 2022 Manav questions why did she keep the meeting when his ex-wife is coming to meet his son, Akanksha explains that she has come after discussing with his father so why is he acting in such a way, she insists on staying and not leaving until his father comes back home.

Sometime earlier, Manav is with Yatharth in the car so advises him to not play and only go the ground, had he thought that Sakshi mam might get hurt, Yatho thinks she is sorry as his intention was not to hurt her. Manav gets a text of Akanksha who reminds him that she is coming to meet Yatharth,

Manav asks if Yatharth is not worried in the presence of his mother saying she is coming to meet him but he must not be worried since his father would always be by his side. Yatharth doesnot respond so Manav questions when Yatharth replies he is both his mother and father after which he doesnot need anyone else in his life. Manav replies even then she has the orders of the court,

Yatho questions then why is he allowing her now, it is because Sakshi mam has left the house and he no longer has time for his own son, Manav replies he is now crossing his limits but Yatharth replies why does he have to listen to such orders, just because he is a child and is being forced so would have to meet the bad mother, Manav scolds him, Yatho replies he has also crossed his limits but Yatharth turns away in anger.

Sakshi mam is dusting the house, she thinks when Manav exclaimed he doesnot know what would happen when she leaves, she raised the concern with Manav that even Malti aunti is working with the children, she thinks that Manav feels she cannot move on while it was really easy for him so she will also forget all of her memories, Sakshi goes to Malti aunti questioning if she asked Manav to convince her for the second marriage,

Malti aunti replies that she just asked him to request her to make the decision about her future life. Sakshi questions why did she ask him, Malti aunti replies it is because she doesnot listen to her, Sakshi replies Manav was able to convince her as she is ready for the second marriage, hearing this Malti aunti stands up in excitement.

Manav in anger questions Neha why did she arrange the meeting at the time when his ex wife is coming to meet his son, she replies this meeting was set a week ago, when he asks then why is it not in his scheduler, she did not even thought of confirming the time with him, Neha replies she asked Holkar sir who explains he agreed to the meeting because he thought Manav would be free,

Manav replies that he already missed the first day of Yatho, and he is feeling really bad because it has happened twice and he doesnot even like Akanksha, so he doesnot know how he will react. Mr Holkar asks Neha to try and push the meeting forward an hour, she replies this would give a bad image of the company when she leaves after he insists, Manav in anger closes the diary.

Vibhav starts laughing exclaiming that she is the really irritating the CEO, Neha says he is just her boss while she is actually working for him, she felt bad as he was really tensed, Vibhav could have felt really nice if he saw her face as then he might increase her bonus, Vibhav assures that her bonus would be increased as the tension of Manav increases.
Manav is greeting the officials when he tries calling Akanksha but she is busy enjoying the music in the car and so doesnot answer his calls,

he also tries calling Yatho but he at first ends the call but answering it questions what happened, Manav informs that he is stuck in a meeting but his mother is coming to meet him so he is the super boy of his father so must remain strong, Yatho for a moment gets worried and ends the call. Mr Holkar calls Manav explaining that they all are waiting for the CEO.

Akanksha entering the house calls Manav asking him to come since she has brought a lot of chocolates for him, however he doesnot even open the door, the worker mentions he is the house manager of Manav sir and when she asks about yatho, he reveals Yatharth is in his rooms. Akanksha knocks on the door calling him, Yatharth opening the door mentions he has already talked with his father who assured of coming in a while until then she can go to the living room, he closes the door on her face when she replies she has taken the permission from his father but he doesnot respond,

Akanksha gets furious explaining that she is not going to leave until Manav comes back, Akanksha is shocked to see the house of Manav exclaims he doesnot deserve this house, but says this is just for a few days after which Manav would be on the street, she tries calling Manav but he doesnot answer when the manager comes asking if she need anything, she doesnot reply so he requests her to tell Mr Kapoor to make sure their salaries come on time when Akanksha asks if they get paid by the Kapoor construction, she asks him to forward their details on this email after which she will check what she can do but he must understand that his loyalties should always be on the side that pays them.

Akanksha walks to the room exclaiming she has been waiting since the past half an hour, she once again tries calling Manav who ends the call which frustrates her as she thinks he is showing the attitude after becoming CEO, Manav apologizes to them all for the disturbance, Akanksha then throws some pictures from under the door thinking this would complete her work, Yatharth starts looking at them recalling all the memories spent with his mother but when he remembers what she has done and so exclaims that he really hates her.

Manav is in the meeting when Akanksha enters standing in front of him, she starts shouting at him when he questions the guard why did he allow her to come inside, he informs she came even when he tried informing her. The investors explain they should have cleared all of the issues in the life of their CEO before arranging the meeting when Manav tries requesting them to stop but they do not listen, Akanksha keeps on blaming them, Neha enters shouting if she has the slightest idea the loss their company is going to suffer since all the investors have left, Vibhav smiles thinking Akanksha is good at the drama and Manav must brace himself since he has sent a missile by the name of Akanksha towards Manav.

Yatharth is tearing all of the photos exclaiming he hates Akanksha a lot as she ruined their family, he mentions they were really happy before this new job of Manav but now everyone is distanced and even Sakshi mam doesnot hug him anymore, he burns all of the photos.


Kaamna 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth is coughing in the fie requesting the workers to open the door but they are not able to mentioning that the door might have gotten locked from the inside, they recall that Manav has the keys and so calls him who runs after knowing about the fire in Yatharth’s room.

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