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Kaamna 12th May 2022 Manav says he would never kick out his mam, the only reason she left was because she found a new job when Yatho replies she could have done the job while staying with them but he did not even try to stop her,

Manav replies that she did not want to stay with them and he saw how fights they sued to have when Yatharth says that she never got in a fight with him but he is really frustrated with the new job and so this caused the tensions in this house,

he exclaims he hates the new job, Manav questions why is he talking like this since this is his job needs when Manav mentions that when someone leaves the path of the wrong so they must always help those people. He says Yatharth must meet the aunti and if he still doesnot like her then can never meet her,

Yatho still goes to sit in the chair. Manav receives a call from Mira who mentions that he must not be worried about Yatho since their hearts are pure and they say whatever they feel, if everyone is like them then there would not be any need for lawyers. Manav apologizes on his behalf so Meera explains she feels it is not the right decision to work from his house, she will see him in the office.

Manav ends the call when the worker explains that the mam left this file, Manav asks her to place it on the table since tonight he is going to play with his son when yatho explains he is feeling really sleepy so wants to go to bed. Manav gets really worried. Yatharth is sleeping on the bed when Manav sits beside him but he doesnot have the strength to touch yatho so goes to hug his school uniform when Manav thinks he fought with everyone for his son but now he is angry with him,

Manav exclaims that he must talk with Sakshi mam who will have a way to the solution, Manav texts Sakshi mam, Malti aunti sees the text so calls Manav who thinks it is Sakshi mam on the call, she reveals her identity so he greets her, she requests him to not call Sakshi mam as she is really sad with what happened and is trying hard to control herself,

she requests Manav to help her convince Sakshi to get married once again otherwise if this doesnot happen then she would not be able to die in peace, she will always live like a dead person in this body, Manav assures her of his help requesting that she not talk like, he sits beside yatho thinking they both have once again been left alone in this world.

In the morning Yatharth opens his eyes to see Manav sitting beside him, he greets Yatho asking him to hurry up as they need to get ready for the school as he is going to press the clothes and help Yatharth brush his teeth, they would once again be the Jhag man, Yatharth sits up in the bed when manav once again requests to help him take a bath but yatho says he was right as he has gotten big enough so doesnot need he help of anyone else. Manav is really worried.

Manav asks Yatharth to eat his favorite breakfast dish which was prepared by the cook but Manav is the one who has served it all. Yatharth explains he will not eat it now so the cook can pack it, Manav exclaims he is going to drop Yatharth like before when he replies that nothing is the same ass before because he has changed and even the job. Yatharth leaves Manav.

Sakshi mam is sitting in the office when she hears that someone is constantly hitting the ball, she is shocked to see that Yatharth is hitting the ball on the ground in anger, she wonders what has happened to yatho who is still alone. She closes the window when Yatharth once again looks at it.

Manav in the office calls Ayesha asking if she met with him, she replies that he doesnot even talk properly with her and she feels as if he has started to hate her so what is her fault when Manav replies she doesnot have any problem in it and must take care of Yatharth since he is behaving like this since the past few days and is not even talking properly with him,

Ayesha exclaims that she feels Sakshi mam left taking all of his happiness with her, she feels Yatharth would never be the same to which Manav replies he knows it all so he requests Ayesha to go and asks Yatharth to talk with him, Ayesha is constantly searching for Yatho when she sees him in the ground, Yatharth hits the ball that breaks the window of Sakshi mam, Ayesha in anger leaves him while the guard goes to complain to the Principal madam, he informs Sakshi mam to take the student but she says she will talk with the Principal herself.

Manav is sitting in the office with Mira and Mr Holkar, who explains that Manav should shortlist the company he feels like from the list provided and he even has a meeting with the two officials so today would be a busy day, but Manav doesnot respond when Neha asks if she can serve him coffee but he refuses saying he is fine so starts looking at the file when Ayesha calls him asking if he can come to the school, Manav immediately apologizes to Mr Holkar mentioning he has to leave but he gets really tensed.

The principal mam questions Yatharth if he did it on purpose who accepts it when she receives a call from Sakshi mam who says that she knows that Yatharth is still in her office but she can surely say that he did not do it on purpose because he just wants to seek her attention so she should just give him a warning.

Sakshi mam is sitting when Manav tries calling her but she tries to ignore him, she thinks she would have to answer it for the sake of Yatharth, just then Manav enters the office questioning why is she not answering his calls when she replies that this is not allowed in the school, he doesnot know about this rule to which Sakshi mam says this is her rule which she has decided,

he apologizes to Manav for the behavior of Yatharth, Sakshi mam explains they both knew that he would react in any way when she leaves, so this was his reaction. Sakshi mam sitting explains she is going to request him as the consoler of Yatharth that he must bring his grandmother to stay with them or hire a nanny, Manav replies he can take care of his son and before leaving is also going to advice Sakshi to find a suitable boy to get married. He leaves which worries Sakshi mam.


Kaamna 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Manav calls Yatharth explaining he is busy in a meeting while the mother of Yatharth is coming to meet him so he should only meet her with the entire staff. Akanksha is standing at the door when Yatharth opens the door.

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