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Kaamna 11th May 2022 Vibhav informs Meera that when they are angry, they are not able to listen so she did not hear what he said to Mr Bajpayee because there is nothing like this in his knowledge so if he finds out anything then is going to inform them, Manav replies that he said Mr Kapoor would say something like this,

Meera replies which is why she came with all the preparation when she once again hands him an Affidavit, so he asks what is it, she replies he would have to inform them within the next three working days,

Vibhav then calls Ranay meanwhile Manav gets a call from the worker who reveals he got the school uniform and the books, Manav mentions that th phone of Yatho would be silent which is why he is not answering, he orders him to go and give Yatho the parcel.

Yatharth is playing the game when the worker asks him to check the parcel and call Manav sir but Yatho in anger replies he is giving Manav his personal space because of his new job, he opens the parcel seeing the ice cream with a note to his new beginning,

Yatharth is about to eat it when he recalls how he would eat the ice cream with Manav and Sakshi mam, after which he would get really happy but he places down the spoon mentioning this ice cream can not make him happy ever again.

Sakshi mam reaches back home, Malti aunti comes questioning how was her first day in school and she asks Sakshi to eat and tell her how it tastes, when Sakshi mam recalls how she would prepare it for Yatharth as he really likes it then she thinks about the moment when he would eat it but she leaves explaining she will have it in the night, Malti aunti is really worried.

Vibhav asks Neha to keep her eyes and ears open as he wants to know everything that is going on in that office, Manav and Meera enter the office, when Manav asks Neha who was she talking to , she replies that it was something personal so Manav mentions it is really difficult to manage the personal and professional life,

he asks her to make Meera mam comfortable in the office. Manav calls the worker asking him to give the phone to Yatharth, he asks if Yatho had the ice cream to which he replies that it causes the sore throat.

Vibhav is constantly trying to take the attention of Akanksha but she is busy on her phone, she after a while question what is the worry, Vibhav mentions he is worried about her life style because that Manav is in a business war with him so if he wins this war then their life would be filled with darkness, the items around her would disappears. She would not be able to wear anything expensive nor would she have any wealth to her name, Akanksha questions how will it happen,

Vibhav informs that her ex-husband is trying his best to make Kapoor construction suffer loss. Vibhav mentions he even needs her help in this, he replies that the person is most dangerous when they have nothing to lose but Vibhav asks Akanksha to make Manav get away from Yatharth, she tries to reply that it is not that easy when Vibhav mentions Sakshi has left them, so he is going to put a lot of pressure on Manav while Akanksha should attack his personal life, he asks that she asked him for the visiting rights,

she replies he said he will tell her after a few days, Vibhav explains she is going to that house disguised as a mother but her real intentions would be to ruin the relationship between Manav and Yatho, so when Yatharth comes close to Akanksha then he would be able to ruin Manav since he will be destroyed emotionally so would not have the courage to fight with him, Akanksha agrees saying he was right and now must wait to see how she ruins Manav.

Yatharth in the house is playing with the ball, he is really frustrated thinking about the way he treated Sakshi mam and then suddenly starts crying, thinking he felt when he would get angry with Sakshi mam then she is going to come back to him, she will start to miss him so he cries exclaiming he really misses her.

Meera in the office mentions they cannot wait for three days as she knows Vibhav would try to find a loophole, Manav is constantly thinking about how Yatho did not even talk with him when he called him. Meera mentions she has found a way to tackle Vibhav, Mr Kholkar enters the office congratulating Meera on becoming the legal advisor of Kholkar industries, he informs Manav that the company takes responsibility for all the education expense of the CEO children so he must not be worried about Yatho,

Manav requests if they can do this meeting online, Mr Kholkar says he doesnot have any problem if Meera agrees, they both walk out of the cabin when Mr Kholkar warns Manav saying Meera was standing beside Vibhav just a few days ago, he wants to know if Manav has checked her background when Manav replies that one gets to take the help of enemy of their enemies. Mr Kholkar leaves.

Manav once again enters the office when Meera replies she knows he is worried about Yatho, just then Akanksha pulls him, she is acting as if she is crying questioning why is he making a mother suffer when he promised to think about her visiting rights and she agreed to his every condition even then he is not allowing her to meet Yatho, Manav agrees while Meera is smiling. Neha calls Vibhav informing that she feels Manav and Meera mam already know he will try to do something, so they have planned to not wait for three days,

she also feels he is stressed when Vibhav replies he would also seem depressed really soon. Vibhav gets a call from Akanksha, she replies that she never thought how important it is to stay in character so she is going to meet Yatho tomorrow in the evening when she would show how successful a house wife can be as a businesswoman, Vibhav asks her to come back early since they are going to celebrate, he also informs Neha that tomorrow evening is going to be really long for her Manav sir.

Sakshi mam is in the kitchen when Malti aunti comes revealing she has marked some jobs for her so she must try to move on because if she stays near Yatharth then would be in pain, she also informs that her aunt called and her young son has two factories so he will be a perfect match for her, Sakshi replies she just said that she cares for her feelings so is now going to make her leave what she feels, Malti aunti leaves assuring she can eat the rice, Sakshi mam starts crying.

Yatharth is in the house when Manav comes greeting him for being promoted and on the start of his new semester, Yatho replies he is also just trying to be busy like his father, Manav apologizes that he was not able to come to his orientation, Yatharth mentions he also doesnot like this school anymore so Manav should change it when he questions if Yatho forgot that the school comes under Kholkar industries so he would not even have to pay the fees, Yatharth questions since when does he have to worry about the fees when they have become rich now,

Manav apologizes for it all and picks Yatharth up in his arms. Manav says he is going to come back after attending a meeting after which they will play, he throws the ball just when Meera enters through the gates, she gives the ball back to yatho who is not happy seeing her so rushes back into the room. Manav apologizes to Meera before going to sit with Yatho, he asks if she is the same women who tried to separate them both, he questions why is Manav working with such people and asks if this is why he asked Sakshi mam to leave the house so he can work with such bad people.


Kaamna 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav thinks that the child for whom he fought with everyone is now angry with him so he must call Sakshi mam as she would have an answer, he dials her contact but it is Malti aunti who picks it up, Sakshi mam questions if she asked Manav to convince her for the marriage, she is therefore now ready to get married.

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