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Kaamna 10th May 2022 In the morning Manav is sleeping in the room with his file, Yatharth comes and covers his father with the blanket before walking to the wardrobe from where he takes the clothes, Sakshi mam while dressing thinks how she used to tell Yatharth that he needs to dress properly and she wonders today is the first day so would have Parth gotten ready without any worry. Yatharth is getting ready when the helper tries to help but he replies that only Sakshi mam can help him.

Sakshi mam is standing when Malti aunti asks her to remember the promise because she must think of her own benefit, Yatharth is sitting at the breakfast table, he gets up thinking today would also be the first day of Sakshi mam.

Sakshi mam is sitting when Malti aunti explains that her Parth has died and she must stop thinking about her son in someone else’s child because she should not let anyone make her cry ever again as this is not right, she must remain strong when there is someone at the door, Sakshi mam says she will check herself,

she goes to open the door and then is delighted to see Yatharth so she mentions that students are not allowed so he must go back to his class, the person replies he just came to check if she had any problem shifting the belongings when Sakshi mam thinks this life is really difficult without him so she would have to make him come and visit her even if it is really difficult.

Manav is sleeping when he suddenly wakes up so gets worried calling Yatharth, the worker explains that he went to the school but he left after having the breakfast when Manav replies today is the first day of his semester and the parents were called for the orientation, he needs to buy the new books when the worker mentions Yatharth stopped them informing he went to sleep really late Manav replies he is just a child so would they listen to him or Yatharth, he orders the worker to get the car ready as he needs to leave for the school of yatho.

Sakshi mam is walking towards the stairs of the school when all the students greet her, she turns to search for Yatho who enters the school, he passes by her while greeting her in anger hearing which she is left heartbroken,

he is really amazed to look how much pain she is in which is when she receives a call from Manav but then recall what Malti aunti said that she must think of living for herself, she wonders how can Manav do this as he send Yatharth alone on the first day when she thinks if he thought she would take care of Yatho in the school which is not done, she ends the call.

Manav walking wonders that Sakshi mam did not reply to his texts and she also is not answering his calls, Manav gets a call from Neha who informs him that he has a meeting with the chairman of the Bank of NP and he is waiting for Manav since the past half an hour, Manav informs that today is the first day of yatho when Neha suggests she can arrange everything for him as the school belongs to them,

Manav replies they would not interfere with the schedule of the school as the other parents would have also come by taking out some time from the busy schedule. Neha explains they can make arranges to get the orientation a little late when Manav replies that he will himself talk with the principal.

Yatharth is sitting when Ayesha comes to him asking if he talked with Sakshi mam, Yatho replies that he wished her just as the other students, she gets worried asking if Sakshi mam tried to talk with him, Yatho replies that she doesnot have anything to talk with him and so there is no need because everything has ended between them, he walks away while Ayesha gets worried.

Manav receives a call from the Principal, he requests her if the orientation can be delayed when she replies that it has already ended, she even questions the reason he did not come so he replies that he was busy in the office, she informs that she along with everyone else really admire him because of how he takes care of yatho but today she is really disappointed, she informs how

Yatho also seemed really lost today maybe because he was not with his father while the rest of the students were accompanied with their parents when Manav suggests to talk with Sakshi mam but the Principal says that she said she will not get involved too much with any student but will do everything as a teacher, she seems her demand is justified but says Manav should also respect her decision as she lost her job because of him when he must not do anything this time.

Sakshi mam is looking at Yatharth from her office, he turns to see her when she hides but then she starts getting tensed, Ayesha comes informing that she made a mistake by leaving the house, Ayesha asks if she met Yatho when Sakshi mam replies that she would not meet anyone until she is ask for counselling, Ayesha questions why is she being so formal as it is not right when Sakshi mam says that she just wants to complete her job and not do anything else, Ayesha turns back mentioning she did not expect this from her so leaves.

Manav reaches the office in a state of tension when Neha explains Mr Kholkar is waiting for him, she calls Vibhav revealing that Manav is not in a good position but Vibhav warns her to not talk about her boss like this because she must show him respect, Neha replies she got worried but Vibhav says she must not be worried as he is always going to support and give the money.

Manav enters the office, Mr Kholkar is really angry with Manav who apologizes but Mr Kholkar says he doesnot believe in them because they only have six weeks to take back the property of Niharika because Vibhav is really laying his stones in the right position, he explains that Niharika took some loans against the properties but even when they have paid back the amount the papers have disappeared,

this is why the chairman came so he could discuss the matters but Manav missed it, Mr Kholkar hands him his first salary seeing which he can understand the importance of his job and how he must be present in the office performing his duty. Manav receives the video from Bubbly in which Meera is arguing with Vibhav, Manav asks Mr Kholkar who was helping Vibhav in the legal battles when he informs it was none other than Meera Singhania.

Meera is shocked to see Manav in her office, he says he feels she would not be angry t see the rival of her friend in her office, she replies she is glad to see the person who hates Vibhav even a little bit, he questions why is she angry with him when Meera replies he must understand that Vibhav is like a snake who will eventually bite them a single day, she says that she truly wants to say he is an honest person and she felt bad fighting the case against him, he replies he came to give her a chance with which she can end her regret, she asks if this is the same offer, he informs they are fighting a legal battle with Vibhav regarding the inheritance of Niharika for which they only have six weeks, she replies because after that she would be declared dead so Vibhav would get all the property.

Manav mentions this is why he came to appoint her as the legal advisor of Kholkar industries. Meera replies that she wants to settle some scores with Vibhav so would gladly join Manav, he asks her to sign if she agrees with him.

Vibhav is sitting in his office questioning why are the sales declining because it should not happen, Manav enters the office with Meera so they inform Vibhav that he needs to give them the official documents which they have taken from Kholkar industries otherwise they also have other ways, Vibhav asks them to send Ranay, he says they can ask them both to get lost since they do not have any file.

Meera replies that he must understand this office where he is sitting used to be the head office of Kholkar industries so he should return the files, Vibhav stands calling Manav by his name but he stops him insisting Vibhav only address him as Mr Bajpayee. Vibhav once again assures that he doesnot have file when Meera presents him the affidavit in which he will assure that he will not present any documents of Kholkar industries for his business deals otherwise they would take a legal action against him, Vibhav gets tensed.


Kaamna 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth is playing when Manav asks if he had the ice cream, Yatho leaves asking the worker to tell Manav that he is going to play and having ice cream causes the sore throat. Vibhav informs Akanksha that he is in a business war with Manav which if they lose then it would cause them to come on the streets. Akanksha assures him to wait and see what she does with Manav.

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