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Jiji Maa 6th December 2017 Episode start with Falguni saying its tough to work with rich people. Suyash says you are saying as if they have horns on head. She says yes, Maithili said I have to be with her and make presentation also, everyone is hi fi, clients will also be hi fi, I can’t do this. He asks will you leave job. She says no, I have to save money for Niyati’s marriage. He says then get habitual to be with rich people, we will act to be rich. She says just think you are rich, it will be tough to act, I will practice to give presentation in front of you. He says I m rich. She says you have to do acting, go there and walk like rich people. He comes and greets her. She laughs and says you don’t look rich from any angle, rich people don’t walk like this, I will show, see. She walks and shows. He laughs. She says don’t laugh, you walk like this. He walks like her. She says who will make me practice, how will I get confident. He says you won’t get deal by english, talent is needed, you are already a diamond, you will be known by your talent. She smiles hearing his sweet words. Music plays…..

Shom comes to Uttara. She says I was thinking to play a game with you. He says it will be dangerous. She says one saree is of my choice, you have to guess, if you say, you will get anything you want. He asks what if I lose. She says if you lose, then you will wear a saree and run in ground. He says I m not well. She says if you don’t play game, punishment will get high. He says I will play. He sees the sarees and shows her one. She says good answer, but wrong, I don’t like any saree. He says I didn’t think this. He takes saree and covers up. She asks what’s the hurry to wear it, you want to see my choice of saree. She shows him a saree. He likes it. She says I have designed this saree, now they will like this saree and give us the order, how did you think I will like this cheap cotton saree.

Maithili sees Falguni uncomfortable. She smiles and asks what did you think about fabrics. Falguni says we should think of cotton, it will be much comfortable for working women. Maithili says it will get boring with limited colors. Falguni says we have to change this thinking, there can be many designs and colors in cotton. She makes a sketch and shows her. Maithili likes it and says you got so confident, show me more. Falguni shows her designs book. She says I will get sample today itself. Maithili bonds with her. She orders tea for Falguni and her. Falguni says you are not like other rich people. Maithili says I think you know someone cheaply rich. They laugh and have tea.

Shom says Maithili is also trying for the deal, she has kept designers. Uttara says let her try, when she loses the deal, I will go and meet her to console her. Its morning, Vidhaan comes home drunk. Suyash asks where were you all night. Vidhaan says I have messaged mom, I was with a friend. Suyash says you were going to tell me about a girl. Vidhaan says there is no one. He leaves. Suyash goes for jog.

Suyash comes back home and goes to Vidhaan. He makes him sleep well. Niyati hugs Falguni. Falguni leaves for work. Uttara asks the workers to work fast. Shom comes to give news. He says Maithili has hired Falguni as the designer. She gets angry and says how dare she compete with me. He praises her. He says Maithili has business man and Falguni makes good designs. She recalls and says let her come in the battle ground, she forgot business and competitions are different. She laughs and feels overconfident. She says it will be fun to make Maithili and Falguni lose at once.

Niyati wakes up and shouts Jiji maa. She says I want to get golgappa. Falguni asks how shall I get it now. Niyati says ask Suresh driver, he will know every lane, baby wants to have golgappas. Falguni smiles. Suyash wakes up the cook and asks him does he know making golgappas. He asks him to make golgappas. Maharaj ji starts making golgappas. Uttara comes and asks what’s happening here.


Jiji Maa 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Suyash says its big day for you, I m sure your company will get this deal. Uttara and Maithili come for the deals and get their presentations. Maithili introduces Falguni as the head designer.


Jiji Maa Details

Jiji Maa is an Indian television business drama soap opera produced by Jay Productions. It is a family-oriented revenge drama. The show began airing on 9 October 2017 on Star Bharat.The story revolves around two sisters, Falguni and Niyati Purohit who hail from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Falguni, the elder sister is an epitome of love and sacrifice who wholeheartedly stands the test of time laid down by Uttara Devi Rawat, the antagonist of the show. Falguni is always in the line of fire for her little sister Niyati without a blink.


Pallavi Pradhan
Dishank Arora
Bhavika Sharma
Tanvi Dogra
Shubhashish Jha
Rajeev Paul

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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