Jhansi Ki Rani 10th July 2019 Written Episode Update


Jhansi Ki Rani 10th July 2019 Written Episode Update, Jhansi Ki Rani Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Jhansi Ki Rani 10th July 2019 Episode Start With Laccho Bai telling Saku Bai that Maharani exposed Janki and kicked her out. She says Janki can beg and earn her living, but I am delicate and can’t leave Palace. She says I was good, but did wrong in both of your company. Saku Bai thinks she has to do something. Laccho Bai asks if she is going Kashi and asks her to take her along with her. Saku Bai asks her to go and sleep and thinks I have to do something. Manu asks Gangadhar to have food. Gangadhar says I don’t want to eat. Manu says what is the use being hungry.

Gangadhar says I did a big mistake. Manu says you are good and thinks others as good too. He says I had promised my wife that I will save her, but I couldn’t save Rama and our baby. Manu thinks take out your pain today. Gangadhar feels guilty of Rama and apologizes to her pic. He says we shall sleep. Later in the night, Saku bai sends snake to Gangadhar’s room and asks it to kill him. She thinks to go and check as the snake don’t return. She goes to room and pulls the blanket. Light comes. Gangadhar, Manu and Moropant come there. Gangadhar says even you..he says I regarded you as my mum and even you…He asks Moropant to send her out.

Saku Bai goes out. Laccho Bai comes. Manu thanks her for bringing out Saku Bai’s truth. A fb is shown, Laccho Bai comes to Gangadhar and tells that she came to know about Saku Bai’s secret. She shows the bundels ornament and tells that she found it when they attacked them. She says Saku Bai was behind the attack and says she is upto some conspiracy today. She then apologizes to Gangadhar and says I should have told you before about their bad intentions. Gangadhar says its ok and says I am happy that you are not like them. Laccho Bai says all the enemies are out of Jhansi now. Manu thinks until the britishers are here, nothing can happen.

Ross plans to kill Queen and King and says he has to change his strategy because of Janki’s foolishness. He says father and daughter’s Jodi is dangerous for them and asks the soldier to find out about Moropant. Moropant thinks Ross is the partner in crime with Janki and thinks to be careful. He thinks Ross will do something against Maharaj and Manu.

Laccho Bai asks Gangadhar to take his relation to next step forgetting everything. She says she is happy to know that they will go to Roop Mahal and spend sometime. Laccho says I think you shall go so that enemies get jealous. She says if you want then I can come and help Maharani get ready.

Janki comes to Commissary. Ross says didn’t you find difference between Moropant and me. Janki asks him to thank her for not drowning him. Ross says if I was on Gangadhar’s place then would have killed you right there. Janki says stop it and tells that she invited him to tell that Maharani and Maharaj are going to Roop Mahal to spend their first night. She asks him to kill them and says she will help him.

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