Jamai Raja 8th February 2017 Written Update


Jamai Raja 8th February 2017 Written Update and Jamai Raja 8th February 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Satya standing outside the ICU for Mahi. Kareena is there in nurse disguise. Mitul brings food and asks him to have it. Satya refuses to have food until Mahi gains consciousness and goes. Kareena comes to ICU and tries to stop life support system. Satya goes to ICU and sees Mahi. Satya holds Mahi’s hand and asks her to get up and open her eyes. He says you can’t accept defeat being a fighter, and says you will win all fights…I am with you, your Satya/Karanveer. He asks her to open her eyes. Kareena is hiding there. Mahi holds his hand in still unconscious state. Satya calls Doctor. Anupama sees Kareena and asks who is here? Kareena tells that she went to Mahi’s room to kill her, but Satya came there and Mahi was saved. She says she will attack so big that they will not be saved. Anupama asks her to think.

Mahi gains consciousness. Satya says my Mahi is a fighter and have defeated death. Mahi says until you are with me, nothing can happen to me. Krutika says you made me scared. Raj says I will never let you go alone and will come with you both. Doctor says she is fine and you can take her home tomorrow. Mitul and Satya are happy. Anupama says Mahi got well because of her mannat. She says she will meet Mahi. Satya says you can’t meet her now. Anupama says I have done puja all night, and you are not letting me meet her. Satya says you can meet her in morning, that’s it.

Mahi calls him and asks him not to be rude to her. Satya says I can’t trust her until Kareena is caught. He asks her to rest and leave tension on him. Anupama tells Krutika that she is feeling bad about Satya’s behavior and feels that she shall leave the house. Krutika asks her to forget everything and make arrangements at home for maha aarti to welcome Mahi and asks her not to feel bad. Anupama says okay and messages Kareena that she did arrangements for next attack.

Satya calls Inspector and comes to know that Kareena is in the city. Satya says I am sure that she is behind the attack, and asks him to catch Kareena. He says you have hurt my Mahi very much and now it is your turn. Kareena hears him and says Mahi have to leave us. Satya brings Mahi home. Mahi asks if all arrangements are for her. Satya says yes. Krutika and Mitul welcome her. Krutika asks Mahi and Satya to do Maha aarti together. Kareena comes and holds the aarti plate. Satya and Mahi are shocked. Kareena tells Satya that he shall do aarti with her, as she is pregnant with his child. Satya is shocked. Mahi asks what nonsense?

Anupama thinks so this is Kareena’s new plan and acts to scold her. Satya says I knew that you will return and will play some conspiracy. He asks guests to leave and says such people come to hinder our happy moments. He says someone is waiting for you and calls Inspector informing him that Kareena came to his house. He says I will settle scores with you and Police needs to talk to you. Kareena says you can do whatever you want, but think about your baby, may be I have to abort him. Mahi asks her to mind her tongue. Kareena shows her phone and says it has Satya and her private moments. Mahi is shocked to see Satya and Kareena intimacy.

Satya says this is all lie. Kareena says Satya didn’t know. She says you people were celebrating your wedding night and says if you could remember, then your head was heavy in the morning. She tells that she took him to her room and took advantage. She says you don’t want to believe me, but your baby is in my womb.

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