Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Episode starts with Vishu’s incarnation impresses Maha Dev and also Hanuman. Kanhaiya calls Hanuman. Hanuman opens his eyes and says my Prabhu is taking rebirth on this earth. He thinks Devtas and Rishis must have done darshan of his avatar, and thinks he has promised to remain on the earth and wait for his darshan. He says Jai siya rama. Kans also hers Kanhaiya’s playful voice and keeps hand on his ears.

Devki and Vasudev feels happy. Kans gets angry and asks the soldiers to keep them locked in the prison. He says with devki’s end, this voiceover from sky will also end. Devki and vasudev are shocked. Nanda informs the Gokul residents that his announcement is made from sky that my friend Vasudev and Devki’s eight son will become the reason of destructions for Kans. Yashoda gets glad and gets to see glimpse of Kanhaiya calling her Maiyya. She asks Nanda, if he heard? He asks what? She smiles and thinks it seems she found everything, and Devki’s 8th son voice is heard to her.

Kans comes to the prison and throws the meat pieces before the devils. Someone comes there and asks what are you doing here in this prison. Kans tells that the fear which he is seeing in asurs eyes, wants to see it in devs eyes too. He says I will kill Devki’s son and will fill fear in the devtas. Devraj Indra tells that all devtas want to contribute and help for his incarnation. He says heavy wind and storm will be there that night, which can help Narayan to his place. Yamuna tells that she will increase the water level.

Chandra dev tells that there will be no light, and there will be only light of Prabhu. It will be revealed that Prabhu is born. Lakshmi asks what shesh will do. Shesh says I want to be born as younger brother always, and says you have fulfilled my wish, and says I am reincarnating as your elder brother. Parvati says I will play a part which will be remembered for many eras. Some kumars come there and asks Narayan to help. Brahmadev says they have role too, and tells that their death will happen as per my curse by Kans.

Soldier tells Kans that time has come. Kans says I will end the roots which will give birth to the thorn piercing me. Kumar informs Narayan that Kans wants to kill Devki today itself. Kans comes to Devki and takes her, while Vasudev tries to stop him. The Kumars tell Narayan, how they will get mukti, if they are not born to Devki and if Kans don’t kill him, then they will get mukti. Kans pushes Devki and is about to stab sword in her. Devki faints. Narayan tells that only one person can stop this. Narad muni comes there and says Narayan. Kans is about to kill Devki.

Narad Muni asks if he is scared of the sky announcement and trying to kill his sister. Kans says today devtas will get afraid. Narad muni says you are Raja of Mrityu log. She says they will think that their samrat are afraid, and says if their fear end then you will be death being alive. Kans says I will prove that I am not scared of anyone. He says he will not kill Devki. He says I will kill only devki’s 8th son. Narad muni thinks he had come for the 6 Kumar’s mukti and asks Narayan to show the way.

Narayan shows his way. Narad muni gives Lotus to Kans and asks him to pick the eight petal. Kans says this is eight. Narad says this is devtas’ trap. Kans says I will kill all sons of Devki. He says I understood that Narayan sent you here, and wanted me to kill all her sons. He says if I wanted then I would have killed Devki, but I will do as Narayan wants, but I will write this story, and will prove that Kans is not afraid, but makes everyone fear, and is ready to face anyone. Narad Muni says work is done. He comes to Narayan. Narayan says you didn’t let his ego rest.

After sometime: Devki gives birth to her first child. The Dai maa congratulates Vasudev for having a son. Devki takes the son in her hand and asks why he is not crying. Kans comes there. Devki hugs her son. Kans looks at the baby and says may be my nephew don’t want to make any noise. He asks Devki to give him in her lap. Devki refuses. Kans snatches the baby and asks him to open his eyes and see his mama. The baby opens his eyes and starts crying. Kans takes away the baby from there. Devki says this is my first baby and not 8th one. She cries for her son.

Kans throws the baby and the baby dies. Devki faints. Vasudev cries. One of the Kumar gets mukti. Kans says one of your lotus petal gone. Narayan tells the Kumars that they will get mukti one by one, but they are sad as their mother is hurt. He says what is happiness for one, is sadness for the other. He says we shall live the moment. He says Kans is celebrating seeing Devki’s plight. He says such time will come when Devki will rejoice with happiness. He asks Devi Lakshmi to do her role.

Devi Lakshmi gives darshan to Maharishi Garg. She tells him that she wants an unique name for the unique boy. Maharishi asks if I can see him. Lakshmi says time has not come, but you can imagine. She describes him. Maharishi imagines him and gets tears in his eyes. He says it is impossible that it is the description of a human and says it will be my good destiny to name him. He says your description filled my heart with attraction. He names him Krishn. Devi Lakshmi smiles and says Krishn. The title song plays….


Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Yashoda tells that she is sure that the clothes which she has, will become the protective shield for Devkis 8th son. Narayan tells that he will be born to her. Devki challenges Kans that her 8th son will be born and will take his life. She says you can’t take his life.


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