Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with a voiceover telling that motherly love is the foundation of this world. He says my life’s aim was love, so its foundation was motherly love. He says the love of the earth made me appear as Narsi, Vaman and Pashuram. He says when I was born as Ram, I got the motherly love of three mothers and then I have to take rebirth to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes.

Kanhaiya is shown calling Maiyya. Yashoda hears his voice. Nanda comes there and asks if she is again thinking the same. Yashoda says she was just thinking about whom, who is not there, my lalla, but his avatar is different all the time. Nanda says so many years have passed. Yashoda says I couldn’t become a mother with the body, but I am a mother by the heart. She says one day my dream will be fulfilled, I will make him sit on my lap and will feed him butter. Nanda says this butter is going from Gokul now, don’t know when Kans Soldiers will come to take it from every house.

He says they have to follow the orders, as Kans is the Raja. He says Kans doesn’t bother if Gokul kids are hungry, he just wants his guests to be greeted well in Mathura. Devki and Vasudev’s Marriage is going on at Kans place. Samrat tells that Kans has made good arrangements. Other Samrat says Gokul’s milk is tasty. Samrat says Gokul’s buffaloes are scared of Kans. Devika and Vasudev gets angry. Devki loses her calm. Vasudev stops her and tells her that the time is about to come.

Pandit ji says call the bride’s father. Devki says finally I will see pita ji. Kans comes there. Everyone applauds for him in his palace. A baby starts crying. Kans gets angry. The soldier asks the lady to make her keep quiet else even I will lose my life with him. The lady asks her son to be quiet, but he continues to cry. Kans walks towards the boy and lifts him. The lady apologizes to him. The baby keeps quiet.

Kans returns the boy to his mother. Pandit ji asks Kans to call her father. Kans asks can’t I do my sister’s kanyadaan. Pandit ji apologizes and says when father is alive. He says you can do the kanyadaan. Kans goes to Devki and says your brother loves you a lot, and asks if she will snatch right from him to do her kanyadaan.

Devki says how can I snatch anything from you. She cries and the teardrops fall down in the river. The devs asks Devraj what is happening? Devraj asks Narayan to wake up. Narayan is seen sleeping. Narayan tells that Kans’s terror is increasing, and to bring peace in the world, I have to come. He says the time has come to make arrangements. Lakshmi asks what?

Narayan tells that he will be reborn to two mothers, one is that whose tear shaken up the river and the other mother is sure that I will eat butter with her hand. Gokul boys look at the butter pots taken away to Mathura, one of the butter pots falls down. The boy is about to touch the fallen butter pot to eat it. Yashoda comes there and says no Gokul children can eat the fallen butter. She says she will feed them butter. Narayan tells that before making the big declaration, he has to take permission from his aaradhya. He says he will eat butter from his mother’s hand.

Nanda sees Yashoda feeding butter to kids, and other side soldiers are beating some men. He comes to her and says what if Kans come to know that we had kept some butter. She says what is important to her is to feed butter to kids. He says we are childless. She cries and goes. He thinks only Mahadev can make you understand now.

Mahadev is seen dancing. Parvati says you are looking happy. He says my Aaradhya Narayan will be reborn and the announcement to destroy the evil will happen now. He says my Aaradhya will come to invite me to Vyakund, and that’s why I will wait for him in Kailash. She says he might be coming at any moment to invite me. Narayan comes there. Mahadev greets him and asks why did he come?

Narayan says you know know, that the evil shall be destroyed and tells that he needs his permission. Mahadev says you don’t need my permission. Narayan informs him about the celebration in Vyakund. Mahadev says you are forgetting something. Narayan says I wanted Devi Parvati and Shiv devotees to come there. Devi Parvati says I will come. He leaves. Mahadev says I will not go there. Devi Parvati smiles.

Devki’s marriage solemnized. She says I have a wish and asks if he will fulfill it. He says I know what is my sister’s wish. He signs his soldiers, who bring their father. King Ugrasena cries and hugs her. He says he is unfortunate not to do her kanyadaan. He says you have tears in your eyes and you couldn’t tell your sinister brother how much terror he has done. He says one day his sins pot will break.

Devki apologizes for not doing anything for her. King Ugrasena says you have fulfilled my wish, which this son couldn’t give me. He blesses her to have a son. Kans says you are upset with your son and blessed your daughter to have a son. King Ugrasena says yes, a son can defeat other. He says one day, he will be born and will defeat you. Kans says who are you, you are a helpless father, to whom her son caged him in the prison. He asks soldiers to take him back to the prison.

Devki asks Kans to free him. He refuses and holds her hands. Devki brushes off his hands and runs to her father, but Kans drags her and takes her away from there. Vasudev tries to stop Kans. Kans pushes him. King Ugrasena shouts putri. Kans tells Devki that he will drop her. The Devtas are happy and shower flower petals on Kans, Devki, Vasudev and others. Kans says Devs are happy and are congratulating him.

They see a storm coming and hears a voiceover, that when the incident happens, flutes will be played in dark night, the time has come for him to return through Devki’s womb. She says Devon’s Nayak will be born to Devki. He will be Devki’s 8th son and will punish you for your sins and will make you leave from this world. Devki and Vasudev fold their hands. King Ugrasena thinks Kans might got scared hearing this. Kans falls down hearing the voiceover from the sky.

Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan to make them have a darshan of his baal avatar. He says until I eat butter from my mother’s hand, I will not get the energy to give darshan. Yashoda moves the cradle and tells that her son will come running to him hearing her motherly love. Nanda keeps a pillow in the cradle and says I believe that your belief will fulfill and our son will come. She covers clothes on the pillow with a peacock feather.

Nanda asks how will be our lalla? Yashoda tells that my son will show the way to everyone in darkness, his avatar will be different from others, will have anklet in his legs, curly hair and mischievous.

She says wherever he goes, he will take happiness along with him, and his smile will be worth watching. She says she will feed him butter. Kanhaiyya is shown, as she tries to feed him butter. The little Kanhaiya comes to Lakshmi and feeds her butter. He then eats it. All the devs are happy to see his baal avatar. He says maiyya.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Nanda says that Announcement was made from Sky that Devki’s 8th son will be the reason for Kans’s destruction. Kans snatches newborn son from Devki. Devki cries. Yashoda tells that the these clothes will make Devki’s 8th son protected. Kanhaiyya is born. Devki and Yashoda gets happy.


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