Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 3rd November 2021 Episode starts with Rohini finding lalla missing and calls Balram. Yashoda says I have understood his game, I am his Maiyya. Balram thinks if Maiyya knows where is Lalla? Krishn is with the calf. Yashoda calls his mischievous. Krishn keeps hands on his eyes and makes a sad face.

Balram thinks you did right Maiyya. Rohini says where is Balram. Krishn signs at the grass and it fall down. They see balram. Maharishi’s shishya find two boys in the jungle. Maharishi says we shall take the boys to the Gokul, which is nearest. The people of Gokul come to Nanda’s house with their problems, that their sons are missing. Balram asks Krishn to tell where are those boys.

Maharishi brings the boys there. Krishn laughs. Putna gets upset. The boys unite with their parents. Putna thinks how did the dead babies get lively again. Yashoda asks Maharishi to stay at their place. Maharishi garg agrees. Later Maharishi and his Shishyas have food. He thanks Nanda for the tasty food, and says now we shall leave.

Yashoda requests him to name her son. He says I don’t think this is possible, and says I am telling this due to safety reasons. She says kids are getting missing and says that person kidnapping the babies, might know. Yashoda says she will not let anyone know that his naamkaran is done. Maharishi says I want to see him. Putna hears her. Maharishi looks at Krishna and realizes that he is lucky to name Narayan twice. He tells that it is his destiny that he reached here. He names the boy as Krishn.

Yashoda is not happy with the name. Krishn tells Balram that Maiyya has named him something else. Maharishi asks if she don’t like the name. Yashoda says only one name came in her heart, Kanha. Maharishi says he will be Krishn for all, and Kanha-Kanhaiyya for his Maiyya. Yashoda hugs him. Putna thinks if this is the magical boy, I shall take him from here. Krishn makes pots fall on Putna.

Balram makes plough. Krishn says this plough will be called as your weapon. Putna thinks she couldn’t lift the boy from his house, this is my insult. Balram gets angry on Putna. Krishn asks him to calm down. Balram says she thinks we are kids and can’t do anything. Krishn calls Kaki. Rohini thinks who has called her, and calls Balram. Balram has to stop as Rohini calls. Krishn asks him to tell that he wants to hit a dangerous woman. Balram says the same. Rohini asks who taught you this?

Balram says Krishn. Rohini gets angry on Balram. Balram asks Krishn to say something. Krishn laughs. Yashoda asks Rohini not to scold Balram and says our Kanha is mischievous. Balram says why do you trap me? Krishn says we are born to play and not to kill anyone. He says someone is coming to play with us. Putna comes there holding a pot and in a traditional clothes. She hypnotizes the ladies with the spiked water, and asks them to do as she says. They agree.

Yashoda feeds Kanha and tells that she likes when he plays while drinking milk. Nanda says people say that you don’t come out of the house. She says she couldn’t keep her eyes off his feet. He sleeps. She keeps kanha in the cradle. Putna enters there. Kanha gets up and says game has begun. He says I will play game with you, and your condition will be such, which you can’t think of.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Putna tells that she is Daai. Yashoda asks her to come inside. Balram runs and asks Putna to catch him. Putna thinks now he is gone.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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