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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Vrinda lying to Sudama and Subal. They also lie to her. She understands. Subal tells that Kanha likes to steal butter and eat it. Vrinda says Kanha will like it. Sudama asks will he agree? Vrinda and Subal say yes. Balram tells Kanha that his team will put him in trouble on his birthday, and tells that they are thinking to make you steal butter.

He says if this is our team or of Mahadev’s team. Kanha says I accept, what is right and says if they come to me, then will know my answer. Vrinda comes with others and tells Kanha that they have thought something for him.

She says we wanted you. Balram says nakchadi. Vrinda says it is for Kanha and not you, makhan chori. She says Yashoda Maiyya has convinced all the villagers to bring one butter pot each from their house, and says if we steal even one, then nobody will know. Balram says Kanha refused to marry, and says he wants what you was thinking before. Vrinda thinks her mother refused to give him butter pot. Sudama and Subal also think the same.

Balram says Kanha can’t steal butter without Maiyya’s permission. Vrinda says we can understand, we refused to stealing, seeing Yashoda Maiyya’s pain. Kanha tells that they will not steal until Maiyya permits. Mahadev plans with other Devs to celebrate Kanha’s birthday. He says we have to do this today.

Yashoda tells Rohini that the butter is special, and she will do Kanha’s abhishek with it. She says tomorrow will be the enjoyable day. Vrinda tells Madhumangal, and others that they shall steal the butter and come to a house.

Sudama says I heard someone saying that they will take the butter pots for Kanha’s abhishek. They get inside the house. Vrinda says we have to do this for Kanha. Vrinda climbs on them and is about to hit the pot, but the pot vanishes and she falls down. They find all the pots vanishing suddenly.

Next day, Yashoda is making arrangements of Kanha’s birthday and asks where are the Gokul residents. Nand says they might be coming and asks her to bring Kanha. She goes. The villagers come there. Rohini welcomes them for Kanha’s birthday. Yashoda brings him outside. Kanhaiya dances in her lap.

Yashoda thanks everyone for coming and says I will do my Kanha’s abhishek with milk, curd, water and butter. She pours milk on Kanha first, followed by curd, water. Yashoda says now Kanha’s abhishek will happen with everyone’s butter now. She asks Narmada to do the Abhishek. Narmada says the butter which we all had kept, was stolen last night. Yashoda says why my Kanha is blamed always.

Narmada says if Kanha has not stolen, then who has stolen it. They all wonder who is the thief? Yashoda says I wanted to celebrate happiness with everyone, but I didn’t know that they will hurt me and will accuse my Kanha of stealing butter. She says you all don’t want my Kanha’s abhishek to happen with butter, so it will be incomplete. Rohini says it is not auspicious. Yashoda takes Kanha and takes him inside.

Nand requests the villagers to bring some butter so that his abhishek happens. They agree and leave. Yashoda cries and tells that I wanted my Kanha’s Abhishek to happen, but it remained incomplete.

She says if Kanha had stolen it, I would have asked him to return their butter. She says for a moment, I thought, it would be good, if Kanha was butter thief. Kanha laughs. Yashoda says my lalla’s abhishek wouldn’t have been incomplete. She says don’t know who has stolen it. Mahadev is seen standing near the pots and thanks everyone. He says now I am sure that Aaradhya will not refuse to make me eat butter.

Balram tells Kanha that he is trapped this way, Mahadev might be coming surely. Kanha says help me. Mahadev comes there. Kanha says you are here. Balram greets him. Kanha says I came to get grass for Surbhi. Mahadev asks him to steal the butter and make him eat. Kanha says I will do as you said.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanhaiya steals butter and makes Mahadev eat the butter. Mahadev feels great. Yashoda sees Kanha having the butter and scolds him for stealing it.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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