Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update


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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 29th December 2021 Episode starts with Kanha telling hat he was sure that Maiyya will bring the butter. Yashoda hopes that Kanha wakes up and eats the butter. Kanha eats the butter, and thinks Maiyya stole it, and made him eat. Even Dao made him eat, even his team.

He says I will make everyone as the thief. A lady says I will see how the makhan chor will steal my butter. Kanha thinks he will steal butter from Kaveri’s house and makes it fall down sitting at his house. Kaveri thinks how can only one pot falls down. She sees someone’s reflection and thinks why the thief became invisible. Kanha is seen running, and Kaveri also sees him, and thinks Yashoda had locked him in the room She thinks she shall go and see him.

She thinks I will not leave him and comes to Nand’s house. Rohini and Yashoda get up. They come out and ask what happened? Kaveri says your lalla has stolen all my butter. Rohini says he is locked in the room. Kaveri asks them to show where is Kanha? Rohini says Kanha is hungry since yesterday and asks her to come. Yashoda stops them and tells Kaveri that her son is locked in the room, and then also she is blaming Kanha. Kaveri insists to see.

Rohini takes Kaveri to Kanha’s room. They see Kanha having butter from three pots. Yashoda thinks she has kept only one pot. Vrinda and Balram think that they have kept the pots there. Yashoda says I will tell you the truth. Vrinda. Balram and Madhumangal come there, and tell that they will tell the truth. Vrinda says I brought butter from my house. Balram says we have stolen it.

They argue. Yashoda says truth is that, I gave butter to Kanha, by stealing it. Rohini is shocked. Yashoda says Kanha is innocent, he didn’t steal butter and had eaten it which we have brought it. Kaveri asks what about I have seen him. Yashoda says it is your imagination. Rohini says now you have heard and saw, you can go now. Kanha laughs. Yashoda thanks everyone for taking care of Kanha.

Kanha pretends to be upset with Yashoda. Yashoda says I will convince you. She asks him to see what she brought for him. He pretends to b upset with her. She says your anger is justified, I will cheer you up. She apologizes to Kanha and says today we have proved that you are not makhan chor, now nobody will blame you. She tries to cheer him up and hugs him. Nand and Rohini look at Yashoda.

Rohini says you was singing well. Yashoda asks how can you forget about tomorrow, didn’t you see seeing my happiness. Rohini says tomorrow is Monday. Nand says other villager is coming here. Yashoda says how can you forget? Nand says tomorrow is kanha’s birthday. Yashoda says I don’t want to talk to you. Rohini says we were teasing you. Yashoda says now you both are making excuse and asks Nand to call all Gokul residents and says I have made special arrangements, and wanted to do something which I haven’t done till now.

Mahadev talks to Parvati about his Aaradhya. He says he will know my wish, and says if my Aaradhya can’t make me eat the stolen butter from his hand. Parvati asks him to go there. Mahadev says why I shall go there always, and says Aaradhya shall come here to make me eat butter. Kanha says you have to come to me with the gift.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Yashoda celebrates Kanha’s birthday and asks the Gokul residents to give one butter pot to him from their house. Balram asks Kanha, how you will fulfill Mahadev’s wish.

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Telecast Date:29th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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