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Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 27th October 2021 Episode starts with Vasudev thinking he can’t take risk of putting other’s child in risk for his child’s safety. Yog Maya gives him darshan and says don’t worry, I am yog Maya, have taken birth from Yashoda’s womb, but will take place of Devki’s 8th child. Vasudev feels grateful to witness the divine miracle. He keeps his son in the cradle and walks out with the baby yogmaya.

Krishn looks at yashoda and others from the cradle. Devraj asks who will do first darshan of the God. Everyone insists to go. Devraj says we all will go. Vasudev comes back to the prison and the jail gets locked by itself and he gets chained. Devki sees him and asks why did you come back with our son. She takes the baby in her lap and says this is not our son. Vasudev says she is Yashoda’s daughter and is born today. Yashoda says you got ready to sacrifice the girl to save my life.

She feels bad for Yashoda. Vasudev says nothing of that sort will happen. Kans wakes up hearing the baby cry. Soldier tells him that Devki’s 8th child is born. Daimaa and soldiers gain consciousness. Daimaa goes inside the prison and sees the baby. She says this is a girl. Devki asks her to ask Kans to spare the girl. Kans comes there and takes the baby in his hands forcibly.

Devki pleads infront of him and says this is not boy, but girl. Kans says girl. He comes out and asks Narayan if he was afraid and born as a girl. Devki and Vasudev come there. Kans says you didn’t see your sons dying before you. She asks Narayan to take Maha Bali of Kans, and throws the baby on floor, but the baby flies away in the sky and the divine lights falls on him. The baby becomes Yog Maya and gives them darshan. Mahadev says this is the precious moment, and I can sacrifice anything for this.

Yog Maya tells Kans that his cruelty will end with his death. She says I am not Devki’s born child, I am Yog Maya and a shakti. She says Devki’s 8th son is born and you can’t touch him. She says when your death time will come, he will come to you by himself. She asks him to start the countdown of his death. Kans is shocked. Devki laughs and asks what happened, I am seeing fear in your eyes, and says sinister Kans. Kans says where your son will go and where will he stay away from my sight. I will search him, even if I have to kill all the boys of Mathura. Devki smiles.

Balram comes to Krishn and touches his feet. He says from today you are my younger brother and that’s why I will call you tum. Krishn smiles. Balram swings the cradle. He sees Rohini about to wake up and goes. Kaushalya wakes up and asks where is my lalla? Nanda says we have a daughter and not son. Yashoda looks at Krishn and smiles, seeing the baby to be same, as she had seen and described him.

She says baby wrapped in pitambara and says I knew that you will come. She says you are very beautiful and calls him Lalla. She says my Lalla. She tells Nanda that this is a boy. Nanda asks what? Yashoda says I was sure that son will be born. Nanda gets doubtful. Rohini says I thought she is a girl and congratulates her. Nanda congratulates Yashoda for her victory. Yashoda asks why is he not crying, why I didn’t hear him crying.

She asks Nanda and Rohini to check him. Nanda says our lalla is healthy and very soon you will hear his voice. He says I will be right back and goes. Yashoda cries and asks lalla to make her hear his cry once. Her tear drop falls on him and he starts crying. Yashoda calls Nanda and takes the baby in her lap. Mahadev folds his hands hearing him and says my Aaradhya’s invitation has come. He says I am coming soon.

Mahadev appears before the Devs, and tells that he will do the first darshan, as time has come to meet him. Devraj says you had said that you will not go. Mahadev says I got his invitation now, I will go surely now. Surya Dev’s sunlight falls on Kanha and he greets him. Yashoda comes and takes Krishn in her hands. She asks from where did the sunlight come here? Balram says there is sunlight here.

yashoda says there is no sunlight, and thinks she will not let anyone come near her lalla. Announcement is done in Gokul that Yashoda gave birth to a son. Nanda comes there and says all Gokul is insisting to see lalla. He sees baby in the net. Yashoda says I don’t want any bad sight on him. He says everyone wants to blessed him, and asks her to move the suraksha chakra from him. Yashoda agrees and moves the net from him. She says I will not let anyone touch him, and says I will make him wear the pitambara. She looks at the Pitambara and says this is the one, I have sent to Devki for her 8th son. She says from where did it come here?


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Yashoda says my lalla. They celebrate his birth. Mahadev comes to Yashoda’s house to see her lalla. Hanuman hears Krishn calling him and says I am coming. Krishn looks at the celebrations. Kans meets a demon and asks her to bring that boy to him.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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