Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 23rd May 2022  episode starts with Mohasur hypnotizing Yashoda and taking her away. Nand, Rohini, and others search for Yashoda. Kanha thinks Mohasur didn’t do right by hypnotizing maiya and kidnapping her. Mohasur laughs saying Kanha has to come to him to get his mother, its proved that he is a bigger hypnotizer than Mohini.

Ganeshji gets angry on Mohasur and says he will punish Mohasur and bring back maiya. Kanha says maiya will be dehypnotized by her son’s bansuri sound. Balram says Kanha rarely plays bansuri, it would be a mesmerizing event to watch.

Mohasur challenges Kanha to play bansuri and try his best. Kanha plays bansuri. Mohasur laughs that kanha familed ot dehypnotize Yashoda. Yashoda sings a lullaby for Kanha. Mohasur stands shocked seeing that. Kanha says Mohasur will realize that Maiya’s love for Kanha cnanot be seen anywhere in the world. He plays bansuri.

Mohasur tries to stop Yashoda, but fails. He gets angry seieng his magic failing. Mahadev tells him that he is a fool to hypnotize a mother as a mother’s love for her son is the biggest than any magic in the world. Yashoda walks to Kanha and emotionally hugs him. Nand and whole village notice her and rejoice.

He asks where she had gone. Yashoda says she was preparing butter for Kanha and doesn’t remember anything else. Kanha laughs hearing about butter. Nand aks Yashoda if she is fine. She says and will feed butter to Kanha. Rohini says Kanha didn’t have butter from her and Nand’s hands and wants to have it only from Yashoda’s hand. Yashoda feeds butter to Kanha.

Kans gets angry on Mohasur for failing in his plan and tells Shukracharya that he is giving Mohasur one last chance and then will throw him out of his dynasty. On the other side, Kanha challenges Mohasur to visit Vrindavan and dare to hypnotize him. Mohasur accepts his challenge. Shukracharya walks in and stops him acting foolish. Kanha and his friends pray god and then enjoy butter.

Mohasur asks Shukracharya if he will help him hypnotize Kanha then. Shukracharya says he can just give him energy and says they should do yagna to transfer energy. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev if he gave boon to Mosahur. Mahadev agrees and says let us see if Mohasur will succeed or not.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohasur challenges Kanha to face his hypnotism. Kanha accepts his challenge. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that if Kanha gets trapped in Mohasur’s hypnotism, then Mohasur will wrec havoc the whole world.

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Telecast Date:23rd May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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