Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update


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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 7th February 2020 Episode Start With Vimarg sen fighting with Ratnagar while Vaishnavi walks in the battlefield. Mahipal fights with the soldiers and tells that he will not die until his matra bhoomi gets safe. Vimarg sen attacks Mahipal with the sword and he gets injured. Mahipal tells the soldiers that they are Shripuram resident and are not afraid of them. He sees Vimarg sen attacking Ratnagar multiple times and gets shocked. Ratnagar gets injured. Vimarg sen’s senpati stabs sword in Mahipal. Mahipal calls him coward. Vimarg sen hits his head on Ratnagar. Mahipal and Ratnagar are injured. Vimarg sen’s soldiers rejoice saying they have won.

Vimarg sen asks Ratnagar to accept his defeat. Ratnagar refuses to accept his defeat. Vimarg sen says who will fight on your fight. Just then they all hear anklet sound. Moor also hears anklet sound and asks where this sound is coming? Narayan tells that Vaishnavi’s anklet sound is echoed everywhere that mata rani has come. Vaishnavi comes to Vimarg sen and says one warrior is still remaining, I will fight with you. Ratnagar asks Vaishnavi to go and says this place is not for you. Vimarg sen says Shripuram people have a lot of courage and says an innocent girl is sent to the battle field to fight. He tells Ratnagar that he was thinking how to ask him to surrender, but the answer is right infront of him. Ratnagar asks him not to do anything with his daughter.

Vimarg sen asks the soldiers to take her. Vaishnavi shows her sword and the soldiers flies high in air and falls down. Vimarg sen asks another set of soldiers to catch her, but same thing happens with them. Ratnagar and Mahipal are surprised, while Vimarg sen is shocked. Dasi is searching Vaishnavi and calls her. Kadika comes out of room and asks why is she shouting? Dasi tells her that Vaishnavi is missing. Chandra, Bhakti and others search her. Kadika asks Samrudhi not to worry and says Vaishnavi will be found. She asks when did you see her last? Samrudhi says when she was in the class, but now it is over. Kadika says she will search. Samrudhi sees Bharti outside and comes out.

She asks did you see Vaishnavi? Bharti says no and tells that her Mata Rani goes to help people when they are in danger and says she can sense that she is in…Samrudhi says battle field and gets worried. Vimarg sen continues to ask his soldiers to catch her. Vaishnavi fights with them and makes them fall down. Mahipal recalls a divine power saving them from asurs and thinks it seems that she was Rajkumari who saved us from Asurs. Ratnagar asks Vaishnavi to return to Palace.Vaishnavi says pita shri..and asks him to trust her and the education/training which he gave her and says I won’t let your head bend down. Ratnagar is tensed. Vaishnavi fights with the soldiers bravely. Ratnagar feels proud of her and thinks she made his head high and also of the Guru who gave her this sword training. Vimarg sen tells Vaishnavi that this is battle field and says you can’t kill me with this wooden sword. Vaishnavi says I didn’t come here to kill you, but to defeat you.

She says I didn’t come here to give death, but to protect lives. Vimarg sen says if a girl will defeat me now. Moor tells Matsarya to kill Vaishnavi and asks him to kill her fast, says he can’t wait anymore. Vimarg sen says this girl’s death is certain and says I will see who will protect her. Ratnagar and Mahipal shout no. Samrudhi leaves from the palace on the chariot and thinks I have to go for my daughter. Ratnagar thinks I didn’t train her how to fight with spear/bhala. Vaishnavi recalls getting the training from Guru maa. Devi Parvati asks Vaishnavi to implement her learnings in the battle field.

Vimarg sen attacks Vaishnavi with the spear. Vaishnavi hits the spear with his wooden sword. She thinks same thing is happening as Guru maa taught her. He is attacking the same way. Devi Lakshmi says how I understood why you were strict during the training. Mahadev says it seems Devi Kaali is fighting. Vaishnavi gives her marvelous performance and fights with Vimarg sen. Vimarg sen falls down and gets up. He attacks her, but she makes him fall down again. Vimarg sen’s senapati attacks her. Vaishnavi hits him with her leg and he falls down. Vimarg sen accepts his defeat and says end this war. He folds his hand. Ratnagar asks Vaishnavi how she did this? He says I never trained you to fight with spear/bhala. Vaishnavi looks at Ratnagar and sees Vimarg sen attacking her with spear on her back. She turns and holds the spear in her hand.

Mahipal shouts Rajkumari. Vaishnavi throws the spear on Vimarg sen and it falls on his leg. He falls. Samrudhi is on the way. Vaishnavi comes to him and keeps sword on his neck and asks him to accept his defeat else. Vimarg sen asks else what, you want to kill me? He asks her to kill him. Ratnagar’s soldiers ask her to kill Vimarg sen. Vimarg sen asks her to kill me and asks why you are not killing me. Vaishnavi says I can’t kill you as you have a daughter like me and is waiting for your return, wants to have a happy and peaceful moment with her father. He says if a daughter loves her father so much then that person can’t be evil and bad and tells that the evil inside him is making him do this. Vimarg sen looks on.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 8th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Samrudhi brings Vaishnavi to the Palace and makes her sit on her chair. Devi Lakshmi is going to meet Vaishnavi for last time. Narayan asks her to promise that she will return. Devi lakshmi promises him.

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Telecast Date: 7th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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