Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 3rd September 2020 Episode starts with Devendra asking Jyoti to move from her way. Jyoti refuses. Bhadrak asks Devendra to break the door as Bharti is making Vaishno Devi’s idol inside the room. Bheema pushes Jyoti and breaks the lock. Bharti hears the sound. Bheema breaks the lock and tells Devendra that the door is locked from inside. Devendra asks him to break the door. Jyoti tries to stop them. Bhadrak goes to his room, sharp weapons appear and hits on the walls. He gets scared and thinks he shall go from here. Lali prays to Mata Rani to save Damru else he will not be saved. The door gets opened, and Vaishnavi appears there, but her face is not shown. Lali sees a divine light on her and asks her to help her. Vaishnavi says it is impossible. Damru and Sangram are fighting. Lali says he will die, I am your fake bhakt, but he is your true bhakt. Vaishnavi asks her to save him. Lali says who am I to him. Vaishnavi says you are his life partner. Lali says I am a betrayal woman, I risked his life. Vaishnavi says when husband and wife get love and respect for each other in their hearts then the married life begins from then. She says love has grown in your heart, but you don’t want to accept it. She says I can protect him, but it will be victory for his devotion, but if you save him then it will be victory of his love. She says I wish his love shall win, which is for his wife for her husband. She asks her to accept her love and make him victorious.

The people standing there asks Sangram to kill Damru. Sangram attacks him with sword, but Lali comes and saves Damru using the sword. Sangram asks what are you doing here? Lali tells that she came to protect Damru. Sangram is shocked and says a woman will protect him. Damru gets up and smiles. Lali says even a wife can protect her husband and asks him to lift the sword, says she wants to test his shoulders. Sangram takes the sword.

Bharti tells Narendra to have devotion and tells that idol is about to be made. Narendra frees his hand. Lali and Sangram begin fighting. Bharti gets ready with the idol and places on the table. Narendra takes the mud showpiece and is about to hit Bharti. Bharti covers Mata Rani’s idol with Chunari. Narendra stops and faints and falls down. Lali and Sangram continues to fight.

Bhadrak feels the divine light and the roof breaking down. He runs out. Devendra, Bheema. Jyoti and Kishori come inside. Bharti tells that a divine light will be all around the house, of my devotion. Bhadrak thinks my hardwork has gone waste and comes out. He sees Vaishnavi’s reflections everywhere. Lali continues to fight with Sangram. Devendra, bheema, Jyoti and Bharti see the divine light. Devendra and bheema keep hand on their eyes. The evil ring vanishes from Narendra’s finger. Bheema asks him to protect him. They faint and fall down. Bharti and Jyoti see Vaishnavi and says Jai Mata di. Bhadrak says what is this Maya and says protect me…He runs out of Devendra’s house.

Bharti makes Narendra get up. Narendra gets up fine and asks Bharti, how did I come here? Bharti says you have become fine and hugs him. She says everything will be fine now and says jai mata di. Lali attacks Sangram and keeps sword on his neck. The people asks Lali to kill him. Damru asks Lali not to kill him. Lali says you are saying this, on whom he has shown cruelty. Damru says if you do the same thing then what will be the difference between us. Lali says yes, you are saying right. She moves the sword from Sangram’s neck. Sangram goes from there. Lali sits down and apologizes to Damru for betraying him and hurting his heart, and says she was blinded by greed. Damru says you have chosen the path of dharma at the end and that is important. Lali hugs him.

Bhadrak comes to his cave and finds Vaishno Devi everywhere and apologizes. Vaishnavi tells him that he didn’t listen to her, misused innocent people for his anger and hatred. She says today I will end all your sins. Bhadrak folds his hands. Vaishnavi asks him to see all his efforts to destroy the world is burnt. She makes the powder kept there fallen on his head. Bhadrak apologizes to her and gives Bhairavnath’s promise. Vaishnavi says you wanted to take revenge from me as you was sure that I killed your friend Bhairavnath. She says you do tapasya and didn’t think to ask Bhairavnath about the story. A fb is shown, Vaishnavi giving a boom to Bhairavnath that whenever someone comes for her darshan, then their yatra would not be completed until they do his parikrama. FB ends. Vaishnavi calms down and tells Bhadrak that his life is saved today, but his soul will be saved if he does repentance genuinely. She asks him to go from there, leaving his evil doings and begin a right journey. Bhadrak bends down before her. Vaishnavi blesses him and leaves.

Bharti and Narendra see Damru and Lali going for Mata Rani’s darshan. Bharti says Mata Rani saved my husband. Damru says Mata Rani made me meet my love. Mata Rani appears before them and blesses them. Bharti and Damru fold their hands before her while Lali and Narendra get surprised seeing her. Narendra recalls old lady guiding him, who is none other than Vaishnavi. Lali also realizes Vaishnavi guiding her at every step of her life. They fold their hands before her. Narendra thanks Mata Rani for protecting him. Lali thanks Mata rani for teaching her the real meaning of love and making her meet her true love. Vaishnavi blesses them.

Some villagers break a big mountain, a devil eyes are shown and whoever looks at him become of stone. The devil comes out of the mountain.


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Telecast Date:3rd September 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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