Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Vaishnavi and Chandra are having food. Vaishnavi thinks today’s katha is very important and needs much time to tell it. She thinks she had food, but Chandra. She tells him that they have to leave. Chandra apologizes. Vaishnavi asks Samrudhi if they can go and play. Samrudhi asks them to go. Kadika gets doubtful and thinks why Chandra is not taking food. Chandra stops and takes the food items in his hands.

Samrudhi asks him to sit and eat. Vaishnavi says his stomach is full, but not his heart. Chandra says he has taken the food to eat on the way. Kadika asks where are they going and asks him if he is hiding something. Vaishnavi nods Chandra not to say anything and thinks they have hidden since 9 nights, just 1 more nights. Chandra says I am talking about the way to go to Vaishnavi’s room, to your room and the time till I get sleep. He says he will take more food. His father taunts on his weight. Chandra keeps some of the food and goes with Vaishnavi.

Pisasch Raj comes to the place where Moor is sitting with his eyes closed and calls Indra. He tells Indra that Moor asked him to go to Talatal, but he didn’t know that Talatal is inside me. He tells that tonight will be the last day for that girl. He says balika, I have become laughter for the asurs. Devraj Indra says you don’t know Moor’s truth, you shall stay away from that village as Moor asked. Pisasch Raj says he will not stop now and nobody can save that girl.

Bharti tells everyone that Trikuta is coming here since 9 days and tells that they shall do something special for her. A lady tells that her son got fine after hearing the katha. Bharti’s brother tells that he will ask their mother to make more laddoos. Bharti tells her plan and says Trikuta must be coming. Vaishnavi and Chandra are on the way with mahipal. Chandra asks Vaishnavi to eat something and says it is very tasty. Vaishnavi says it has the same taste. Chandra says it is sad that we will meet them for the last time today. Vaishnavi also gets sad. Chandra asks her to give water and then apologizes to her, seeing her sad. He says I didn’t mean to make you realize that you will not meet them. Vaishnavi says she is sad that they will not meet them and tells that they gave her much love. Mahipal says the end is the new beginning as said by Maharaj.

Vaishnavi says yes and tells that everything will be good. Pisasch Raj says today neither you will be alive nor these villagers. Devraj Indra asks him to return to Talatal else the consequences will be bad. Pisasch Raj asks him to understand his truth and tells that his Swamy is Ahiravan and he gets powers from him. He says he will do Avahan of his powers. He says good night and tells that he will tell Moor and him about his winning story. Devraj Indra thinks Moor showed his foolishness infront of mahadev first and now this Pisasch Raj. He thinks if Tridevs and tridevis come to know about him and thinks to protect himself. He thinks if Pisasch Raj can do avahan of Ahiravan.

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