Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 2nd January 2020 Written Episode, Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi Written Episode Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Bhushan’s family mourning on his death. The neighbor asks Bhakti to have strength for kids. She asks how did this happen? Pandit Loknath says I asked you all not to go there, and says this is the result of going to haunted house. The neighbor asks what Bhushan went there. Loknath says he must have called the ghost by doing magic. Vaishnavi says Bhushan ji was a good man and an inspiration for us. She says he went inside to protect us, so don’t tell bad about him. Bharti asks Vaishnavi how did this happen? Vaishnavi apologizes to her and says I have last message of him. Bharti asks what? Vaishnavi says he said that bharti’s Prasad laddo was very delicious. Bharti cries. Devi Parvati says she can’t see Vaishnavi sad. Devi Saraswati says Vaishnavi is born and brought up in Palace, her experience was happy, she is unable to handle her emotions here. Devi Lakshmi says how she can face this emotion. Mahadev says this is her test and Narayan was telling about it. He says if she bears it then will become juda wali.

Samrudhi asks Ratnagar to take her to her daughter at the earliest. Ratnagar asks her to have some patience and says if Vaishnavi sees you like this, then what she will think. Samrudhi says I am trying, but….

Bharti asks Vaishnavi, how did her father die when she was there? Bhakti says she is just a girl, why you are asking her. Bharti says trikuta is my mata rani and asks her to tell why did this happen. Vaishnavi recalls pushing off the wood log from Bhushan’s legs. She says I tried, but….Bhakti asks her not to take Bharti’s words on heart. She asks Bharti to get up, says we have to do your father’s pujan. Bharti asks Vaishnavi to return her father being her mata rani. Bhakti says this is not possible and says once soul leaves a body, it can’t enter the body again. Bharti says Vaishnavi can do anything, she is divine. She says Vaishnavi talks to God and HE listens to her. She says I am sure that you can get my father back.

Devi Lakshmi says my patience is breaking seeing this condition. Mahadev says as you sow as you reap. He says this is destiny. He says Devis and Devtas can’t interfere in this. Devi Parvati says bhakts don’t understand this. She says Bhushan had chosen his own destiny and regretted his doing. She says Bharti was oblivious to this truth and that’s why raising question mark on mata rani. She says Bhakti is selfless. Devi Lakshmi asks Vaishnavi to have patience. She says do you know what Vaishno devi says, everything will be good. Mahadev says you said right. Devi Lakshmi says Vaishnavi is feeling bad. Bhakti asks bharti to calm down and says we have to show strength infront of Sholu. She asks her to wipe her tears and make arrangements of puja.

Loknath comes there and tells Bhakti that they will do Bhushan’s soul peace puja. Bhakti says we don’t have money for puja. Loknath says I will do puja for Bhushan and you can give money later. He asks people to keep the puja stuff there and bring other stuff here. Vaishnavi asks about the puja. Loknath says only family members stay in the puja and not outsiders. He asks her to go back from where she came. Vaishnavi runs to go from there. Bharti looks at her.

Devi lakshmi asks mahadev about Vaishnavi’s pain and says we shall be with her. Mahadev says you will not do anything and tells that all humans, devis and devtas have to bear their pain and get solution for their problems. He says if we interfere then she will never come in her Vaishno avatar. Devraj Indra comes there and asks until when shall we wait, this incident is hurting her childhood and her innocent heart. He says I could protect her life, but couldn’t protect her heart from getting hurt. Mahadev appreciates him for his concern. Devraj says when I met her, she was happy and jovial, but not anymore. He says she is sad and upset now, I can’t see her like this.

Vaishnavi is thinking about Bharti’s plea and thinks she is in pain. She thinks she has to do something.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Samrudhi and Ratnagar return to Palace. Samrudhi gets worried seeing Vaishnavi not coming out to welcome them. Vaishnavi is lost in thoughts while returning.

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Telecast Date: 2nd January 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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