Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 11th September 2020 Narendra asks Bharti to forgive him as he couldn’t get up for Mata Rani’s darshan. Bharti asks him not to apologize and tells that she had done her darshan and it is same. She tells that she is his wife and he completes with her. She gives her amrit. Narendra asks if Mata rani got upset as I didn’t come. Bharti says no and tells that she has sent her best wishes so that you get work fast. Narendra gets happy and sees Kishori coming there. He asks her. Kishori tells that she came to meet bhabhi. Narendra asks them to talk and goes. The lady asks Rajjo to take her leftover food and eat it. Rajjo takes the plate and drops the glass by mistake. The lady twists her hand and blames her for trying to kill her unborn child. She asks her to clean the floor fast else she will lock her in cage again. Rajjo says she will clean the floor. The lady smirks.

Kishori is about to sit on ground, but Bharti makes her sit on the bed. Kishori tells that Vaishnavi devi is very powerful to make everyone fine and asks if she can make her fine. Bharti tells that she shall have pure devotion in her heart. Kishori asks how did you please Mata Rani and how you pray? Bharti asks her to keep the fast and then remember Mata Rani in the evening and break the fast. She asks her to do the puja and asks if she can do this? Kishori says yes.

Rajjo cries and tells that Pita ji went outside for work and can’t know my pain. She calls her mother and asks where are you Maa? Her tears falls down and her cries reach Mata Rani. Vaishnavi comes there and keeps hand on her head. Rajjo asks who is she? Vaishnavi says I am your mother’s friend and you can call me Maasi. She says your Mali Kaka told me everything. Rajjo says only Pita ji can make everything fine and says don’t know when he will come? Vaishnavi says very soon and asks her to keep the chunari with her and remember her, tells that she will come to help her. Rajjo asks really? Vaishnavi says yes.

Narendra comes and stands in the queue. The man scolds him and asks if he don’t want to work and get money. Narendra says I didn’t know. He sees money falling down from Lakhan’s pocket and informs him. Lakhan gets happy to get back his money. Narendra tells him that he wants a job. Lakhan tells that his owner can help him. Dinanath comes there and agrees to give him loan. Bheema and Devendra comes there.

Rajjo comes home. Her step mother asks her from where she came? She finds the chunari in her hand and tells that she will tear it. Rajjo tells that her mother’s friend Vaishnavi gave it to her. The lady tries to tear it and it flies out of the house. The lady makes her do 50 sits ups. Rajjo cries and says Pita ji….Rajjo’s father sees a girl crying and says Rajjo…He thinks he can’t let the girl cry and walks towards her, when the chunari falls on his face. He picks it and thinks where is that girl? Vaishnavi comes infront of him and asks did you miss Rajjo seeing a girl crying. He asks how did you know Rajjo? She says she is Sadhvi and met his daughter also. She tells that your daughter is missing you and sent message for you. She needs you and wants you to return.

Devendra talks to Dinanath. Dinanath tells that he doesn’t like to talk to man like him. Devendra laughs and says you don’t want to talk to him, but want to give money to my son. Dinanath goes to Narendra and says you are a good man, but son of a such father. I have my sympathy with you and will not give you money. Narendra tells Dinanath that he wants money for himself and not for his father. Dinanath refuses and goes. Narendra sits down shattered. Lakhan asks Narendra not to worry and tells that I will talk to Malik. Narendra thinks what is happening with me?


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Narendra comes to Dinanath’s house and finds him murdered. Lakhan blames Narendra for killing him. The lady threatens Rajjo not to say anything to her father. Rajjo’s father asks what did my daughter do that you are scolding her.

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Telecast Date:11th September 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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