Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 28th April 2022 Episode starts with Jagannath arguing with Deepa. Deepa says you don’t need to do this, that lady Savitri told a lot. Jagannath says people made news when you had eloped and got married, what happened. Deepa says I didn’t know that this day will come when I hear taunts, you always taunt me. Kusum says Jagannath talks harshly.

She asks him will he make a mistake if Deepa made a mistake. She asks Deepa to know that her dad is saying right, Purvi is saying right, where will she go. Deepa says I know you both are emotional for her. Kusum says you didn’t listen to anyone and gave birth to Isha, even when your terms with Mayank spoiled. Deepa says I was married to Mayank, Purvi isn’t married. Kusum asks is a wedded and unwedded mum different,

but mum is mum, you think as a mum, difference is you had the support of sindoor, Purvi don’t even have that. Deepa asks what about the incident that happened with dad, what about your insult. Jagannath says it doesn’t matter to us, no one can come and say anything, I won’t believe that it can lessen our dignity, it will be foolishness.

Giriraj asks Tripathi to think something. Tripathi asks shall I get that girl kidnapped. Giriraj asks him not to do this mistake. Tripathi worries. Alok comes and apologizes to him on his dad’s behalf. Tripathi says no, you don’t fold hands, your dad is elder to me also, I didn’t feel bad, but that girl Purvi, she is staying in your house, its wrong, she has trapped my innocent son. Alok asks what,

is Babu your son. Tripathi says yes, I have sent him to study abroad, I have sent to save him from Purvi. Alok says I heard that Babu cheated her and didn’t marry her. Tripathi says she is a cheat, she is pregnant. Alok asks what. Tripathi asks don’t you know, she has someone’s sin, and blaming my son.

Alok says don’t say this about any girl. Tripathi says she has angered me, you explain your dad not to get against us, we will need each other time to time, you understand, right. Deepa thinks of Kusum’s words. She sees Purvi watching the pregnancy videos and smiles.

Deepa laughs. She says you won’t get the baby bump so early. Purvi asks her to come. Deepa says no, I was finding Isha, where is she. Purvi says she went out with Kashi, sit with me for some time, please. She shows the pics of cute kids. She says I m very excited, did you see such pics, so Isha is so cute.

Deepa holds her with love. Purvi smiles. Isha comes. Deepa asks her to change clothes and come downstairs. Isha says she always talks bitter, she doesn’t love me. Purvi says you are misunderstanding her. Isha says wow, you don’t know her. Purvi says I don’t know her, she can’t express her feelings, it doesn’t mean that she has no feelings.

Alok comes home. Jagannath and Alok argue about Purvi. Kusum asks Alok not to argue. Deepa looks on. Alok says you fight with everyone, what was the need to fight Tripathi. Jagannath asks how do you know Tripathi. He says Keval is bad, he knows Tripathi. Alok says you judge anyone.

Jagannath says that mean guy Babu is Tripathi’s son. Alok asks why shall we fight him for a girl’s sake. Kusum says you told Purvi that we are for her. Alok says I didn’t know she will do this, we will get defamed, if anyone talks of the unwedded mum and illegitimate child… Jagannath says children aren’t illegitimate, those wrong parents are illegitimate. Deepa looks on. Alok says don’t know what magic Purvi did on you, Tripathi used to say right that…. Deepa asks what else did he say, you know, right.

She says you know Tripathi has insulted mum a lot, and raised hand on dad, can you tolerate this. Alok gets shocked. He asks did he raise hand on dad, he insulted mum, that’s why I m saying, why shall we get involved, its because of Purvi, now she can’t stay here. Deepa says she won’t go anywhere from here.

Jagannath and Kusum look at Deepa, surprised. Deepa cries and says Purvi is alone, she is pregnant, we can’t make a pregnant girl out of the house, can we live in peace, won’t we have guilt after ousting her. Alok says we can send her to the NGO, what do you want, we will raise her child all life,

what will we tell about her child’s dad. She says she won’t go until her delivery, Kusum says right, we can at least understand that girl is undergoing a weak phase, she is tolerating a lot, she needs family love and understanding, she did a lot for our parents, how can she be an outsider for us, I m with mum and dad in their decision. They smile.


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Telecast Date:28th April 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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