Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 20th May 2022  Episode starts with Jagannath giving the cheque to Tripathi. Tripathi says it’s a cheat. Jagannath asks what cheat, I told you, I will give you the money today, my son has given this money, my son Kashi. Kashi smiles. Jagannath asks the press to take the pics and make a video.

He asks Tripathi to get lost. Tripathi says this chapter didn’t end. Purvi says yes, Kusum’s insult, you raised hand on Jagannath, you got Isha shot, we have to settle scores. She slaps him. She says this chapter ends now. Tripathi leaves. Everyone leaves. Jagannath says you have slapped him hard. They all laugh. Jagannath says you have courage, and hugs Purvi.

Jagannath asks Kashi how did he get so much money. Kashi says I took a loan from my friend. Jagannath asks who is your rich friend who gave you 45 lakhs, tell me, from where did you get it. He asks Purvi to answer. Purvi says we have sold the travel agency. He asks what. She says we sold the travel agency.

Jagannath and Kusum get shocked. He scolds Kashi. He says you both have ruined everything. Kashi says I didn’t do anything wrong, I will sold myself for you and Kusum, you have no right to stop me. Jagannath hugs him and cries. He says I made a big mistake to give Kashi to Kusum, she raised him, she made him like herself. He asks Kashi to think for himself sometimes.

He says Kusum did the same all life, she gave love to all and got cheat and insult, she thinks her children will repent one day. Kusum cries. Kashi asks him to talk to her. Jagannath says she has got me insulted in front of Tripathi, I thought to never talk to her all life, but she always cries and makes me weak, if she does this, then how can I stay upset. He asks Kashi to tell her to not cry.

He cheers up Kusum. Kusum smiles. Jagannath goes. Kashi says he is such a man, you know. Kusum cooks food. Deepa and Gunjan help her. Kusum says Jagannath wants to have food made by me. Deepa says your fight ended. Kusum says such things happen, Alok and you can’t come between our relation. Gunjan says we will want your love to always stay. Kusum asks did you explain Alok, he doesn’t listen to me now, he is married now. Gunjan says he stays disturbed.

Kusum asks her to go to her Maayka. She says Alok will have a good change there. She asks Deepa to go back to Delhi and handle her boutique, take Isha back for her studies. She says parents want their children to stay along, but you want time for yourself, even we want time for ourselves, I forgot that Jagannath needs his wife.

Purvi combs Isha’s hair. Isha asks Purvi to remember about her baby and be responsible. Purvi says yes. Isha asks what work will you do now and how will you earn. She says don’t give me that look, try to get a job placement. Deepa comes and says pack your bags, Isha, we are going back. Isha asks why.

Deepa says we didn’t come here forever. Isha says you want to leave them and go. Deepa says they don’t want us to stay here. Isha says they don’t want or you don’t want, you want to go back for Raj uncle. Deepa scolds her. Purvi goes. Deepa says I m struggling for you, won’t you come with me, fine,

listen to me carefully, I m not going for Raj, I know why you want to stay back, you think I don’t notice anything, you run after Kashi, I know these emotions, stop this madness, it will hurt you a lot. Isha says you have a problem that he doesn’t have a career and degree. Deepa says no, I have not seen love for you in his eyes. Isha says don’t tell me anything. Deepa says we shall see, you will be too hurt, I don’t want to see that day. She leaves. Isha shouts I hate you. Kusum serves the food for Jagannath.

He comes home. He asks about everyone. He says Alok and Gunjan went to her Maayka for few days, and Deepa went to Delhi, but Isha is here. He asks how suddenly. She says everyone has their own work, let it be. They eat the food. He says they didn’t meet me before going, at least they have shame and couldn’t meet our eyes.


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jagannath says I m going to find work. Kusum says refuse if you don’t get a good salary. Jagannath goes for the interview. He doesn’t get a job.

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Telecast Date:20th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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