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Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 10th January 2022 Episode starts with Chanda blaming Paragi and slaps her hard. She tells that men get romantic, but women shall handle themselves. Paragi asks her to hear. Chanda says you are not IAS officer, but an ordinary girl now. Sushma says it is not her mistake.

Chanda says we shall control our daughter. Nutan says they didn’t keep my words. Vinod says they have to study and write the exam too. Chanda apologizes to them on Paragi’s behalf and promises that she will not let her meet Sanjay or talk to him before marriage. She brings Paragi home and asks her to sit and study.

She says your Bau saas wants you to study and let Sanjay also study. Parashar asks have you gone mad, you have crossed all limits by slapping her. He says I will leave you and then you will become a widow. Paragi asks what are you saying? Parashar says God himself got her freedom from you, and get her a good house. He says she will top in the UPSC exam.

Sanjay tells Nutan that he is disappointed with her today, and tells that they are matured enough and was studying here. Nutan asks Sushma if Sanjay was like this. Pramod scolds her. Sanjay says if there is a rule to talk to elders. Vinod scolds him. Nutan blames Paragi. Vinod says enough and scolds Sanjay.

Paragi is studying. Atul asks her to come. They all do puja. Pathak family also do puja at home. Paragi takes Chanda and Parashar’s blessings. Chanda says today is your marriage and you will be going to write exam today. Parashar blesses her and gives her the pen. Paragi prays for Sanjay and her. Sushma asks Sanjay to write the exam with free mind. Nutan brings curd sugar and makes him eat. He says he can’t be successful until he eats it. Nutan says all the best for your exam.

Paragi reaches the exam centre and waits for Sanjay. Romi says he might be coming. Sanjay comes on his bike. He greets Romi. Paragi and Sanjay give pen to each other, saying all the best. He says I am very sorry for whatever happened yesterday. She asks him not to think and says if we think, then we can’t focus on exam. Sanjay sits down to tie his shoe lace.

A biker (Gulshan) is about to hit Sanjay with his bike. Paragi turns and looks at Sanjay. She pushes Sanjay and he falls on some guys standing there. Paragi gets hit by the bike and falls on the brick then. She gets injured and unconscious. Gulshan removes his helmet and smiles. He thinks your dream to clear UPSC and become IAS is shattered. He wears helmet again and leaves. Sanjay holds Paragi and says nothing will happen to you. He says we will go to hospital. Romi comes there.

Paragi says I will write the exam. She says UPSC is our dream. Sanjay says you will write the exam. The student gossip that she is courageous to write the exam in this condition. Paragi takes her pen. Sanjay lifts her and takes her to the exam centre. Professor asks them to take Paragi to the hospital and says she is not in a condition to write the exam. Paragi says no Sir, I will write the exam. Professor appreciates her and asks her to sit to write exam. Sanjay asks her not to worry and says I am with you, all the best.

Professor gives the question papers to everyone. Parashar prays to Sai nath and says the dream which my younger brother saw and Paragi has been living the dream since childhood, and asks God to fulfill it. Chanda asks him to ask God to get Paragi married soon, and Damad ji becomes collector, and they shall be called as his saas and sasur. Paragi writes the exam, but the blood drops falls on her answer sheet. Nutan prays for Sanjay’s success.

Sushma prays to Sai nath to give success to Paragi as well. Nutan gets upset and thinks Paragi shall pass, but shall be behind Sanju. The exam time ends. Paragi finishes the exam and says UPSC, my dream and life is done. She asks Sanjay, did you solve all the paper? Sanjay looks on, as he was looking at her. Everyone claps for Paragi. Paragi gets up and faints. Sanjay holds her.


Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji asks Paragi and Sanjay to take the 7th round. Chanda says Paragi has cleared the exam, but Sanjay haven’t. Nutan asks Sanjay if he will marry her still. Paragi asks if you would have asked the same question if I haven’t passed the test. Sanjay looks on.

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Telecast Date:10th January 2022
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