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Ishq Subhan Allah 6th August 2020 Zara is playing music and recalls her moments with Kabir. She sighs and prays to God to stop me from thinking about useless memories and keep my focus on music only. She hears a noise and goes to check. Ruksaar’s goon is hiding in Zara’s house. He hides and grabs Zahida’s neck. She tries to scream and calls for Nargis. Zara comes there but the man attacks her and is about to throw a big stone at her. Zara is shocked and screams but Kabir comes there and hits the man. Zara is shocked to see him. Kabir tries to go to her but she moves away. Kabir asks if she is fine? The attacker runs from there. Kabir runs behind him but loses the chase.
Kabir comes to Zara’s house and sees her dusting her clothes. He is mesmerized to see her.

Kabir is stunned. Zara says I don’t like to be angry but I talked to you for a minute and I lost my cool. She ignores him and starts playing music. Kabir tries to ignore it and gets agitated. He shouts Zara! Zara says see you think that music is evil but I think this is a hope for her.

Kabir says stop about this rubbish music, can’t you accept that you are Zara. Zara says I don’t like your thoughts, I am not Zara, I want positivity in my life, I want to bring life in people’s lives. Kabir is mesmerized listening to her and recalls how Zara used to talk like that. He says my Zara.. same voice, same attitude and same thought process. Years changed but you didn’t. Come with me, come with your Kabir. We are your people. He tries to hold her hand but Zara moves away and says don’t even think about it, we have different lives, stay away from me. Kabir says I don’t know why you are asking me to go away, I didn’t understand when God took you away from me but I know for sure that you will come running to me because God will wake your love for me because you are mine. Zara was made for Kabir, you are mine to keep, take care of my debt that is your love. He smiles and leaves from there. Fitoor plays as Zara looks on.

Scene 3
Kabir calls Imran and says I am sure she is Zara and she will accept soon. Try to find out who tried to attack her, maybe we are doubting the right person.

Ruksaar calls her attacker and says why didn’t you kill her? He says Kabir came there and I didn’t want Kabir to know that Miraj and Siraj (who kidnapped Zara) had a third brother Sartaj which is me. He says I am hunting for my revenge. Ruksaar says that Kabir went to her? Why didn’t you kill her? Sartaj says I am praying that she is Zara so I can take my revenge, he ends the call. Zeenat comes there and asks Ruksaar what are you doing? If Kabir knows all this then he won’t spare us. Ruksaar says this baby inside me is our protector, nobody can throw us out till I have this baby, that Zara will die a painful death.


Ishq Subhan Allah 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Zara tells her student that whoever comes with hope to me, I will try to treat them. Kabir comes there and says I have come with hope too. Zara says you are back? Kabir says my mom is ill, Salma Khala. She knows you are alive and she is not eating or drinking anything. Come with me and give her hope in life again.

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Telecast Date:6th August 2020
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