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Ishq Subhan Allah 26th August 2020 Kabir tells Zara that you are alleging me that I am doing illegal work? Zara says then tell me where it’s written in the Quran that music is illegal? Kabir says there are three ways to read Quran. One way to just read it, other way is to understand it and then 3rd is interpreting it by some important scholars. These scholars have done their research and we never question them, not even you. I will tell you where it’s written in the Quran. Kabir says Quran says to not do shameful work. I will tell you how music is shameful. He shows CCTV of sharia board’s library and whispers to Zara that we used to go there to read together. Kabir says there are students there to learn without disturbance. I have done some setup. He calls someone to open the window there and start playing music. The students start hearing music Kala Chashma. They try to concentrate but the music draws them away and they start swaying to the music. Kabir ends the video and says this evil music distracts them from their religion, this is illegal and shameless. You are calling this legal? You are doing illegal work. Zara says you showed the distraction through music and I agree with him. Kabir is surprised and says you accepted your defeat so soon? Zara smiles and says you got happy with one agreement? Kabir is speechless. Zara says I accept that today’s music can be shameless but my music is soulful. Kabir says music is evil. Can alcohol be legal and soulful? Don’t fool us and tell us where it’s written that music is legal in the Quran? Zara says our religion allows us to play daff (music instrument). Zara gives some references about Prophet allowing kids to play daff. Kabir says don’t bring Prophet’s saying in this to prove your argument. He punches the wall in anger. Zara rushes to hold his hand and says your hand is bleeding. The president asks Imran to bring first aid. Kabir says I want one minute. He glares at Zara and leaves. Zara goes behind him.

Scene 2
Zara rushes to Kabir and says show me your wound. Kabir says I don’t want your sympathy. He goes to clean his wound and a paper falls from his pocket. Zara reads the letter which says that don’t let people laugh at our love, you are my love and my life.. the paper flies and goes to Kabir. He sees that Zara has read it and looks away. Zara is in tears and tries to hold his hand. He lets her bandage his hand. Zara prays for him. She asks if it’s hurting? When you love me so much then why this distance? When you came home last night, I saw your hand-wound and I wanted to ask you but I didn’t. I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about how it happened. We can fight but this will not happen what happened now. Kabir says then why are you in the sharia board? Imran comes there so Kabir leaves.

All come to the sharia board again. Zara says I want to show you something. Zara says we can get any news from the internet but a lot of people are facing depression. There are at least 8lac people suiciding every year. I want to ask the head priest Kabir if his voice is reaching out to them? If he is helping them somehow? Does his speech take away depression? They don’t want speeches but something to give them peace, I give them hope again in life. Kabir says what are you saying? Our Prophet said that one day people will make illegal work legal. You thought you will show some numbers here and make us accept all this? People are going away from God because they want to be modern and that’s why they are suiciding. They don’t need music, they need to learn religion. Zara says I had an accident and I was not in your life for 3 years so didn’t you lose hope and tried to get death from God? Didn’t you start working in a bomb squad to get death? Didn’t you become hopeless? Kabir is shocked to hear that. Zara says I want to give hope to people who have become hopeless so what’s wrong with that? Kabir looks on.

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