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Ishq Subhan Allah 19th August 2020 Kabir tells Zara that there was only one Zara in his life and will always be. There was no one in my life, I love you only. Zara looks on and says I didn’t come to stay here. I have done my work here and I will leave now. Kabir is shocked and glares at Zahida. He says you said what you said, you will talk to me now alone. He leaves from there. Zara looks on and says I don’t want to talk to you. Kabir is stunned and goes back to her. He holds her hand and says you have to talk to me. Zara pulls her hand back and says I am a stranger to you, don’t touch me. Kabir grabs her hand and throws water on their joined hands. He says I will wash my hands 1000 times but I will never leave your hand. Zara says you can’t force me. Kabir says you have to talk to me. He takes her from there.

Kabir is pulling Zara to a room but she says leave me alone. Kabir leaves her hand but lifts her in his arms. She is surprised. Kabir says if you try to do anything then I will fall down and I know my Zara won’t let me fall. Zara blushes. Kabir says you have lost weight may be because you missed me a lot. He starts taking her to her room. They recall their moments together. Kabir puts Zara on the bed and moves closer to her. She tries to leave but Kabir traps her. Thori jagah plays.

Scene 2
Salma tells Zahida that you have destroyed our Zara’s life. Zahida asks her to calm down, you are ill. Salma says who are you? Zara is not accepting to live with us, why? She is calling you a mom when Ia m her real mother. She brings money and says you can take everything from me but leave Zara only. Zahida looks on.

Kabir tells Zara that how could you think that I would forget you? I loved you, my love is pure. I will never let you away from me. When I lost you last time, I couldn’t sleep without you, I can’t live without you. Zara looks down. Kabir says you know what I asked God? I asked him to kill me, I started working in a bomb squad to die and be with you. You made me learn how to love and how to love unconditionally. I will die but I won’t let you away from me, never. He looks away. Zara wipes her tears. Kabir says when I saw you again, I knew why God didn’t give me death, he wanted me to meet you again. He holds her hands and says I will never leave you again. Zara pulls her hands and says I will leave. Kabir says no.. but Zara steps away from him. Kabir says stay one minute. He takes a knife and holds her hand. He kisses it and gives her the knife. He puts her hand on his neck and sits on his knees. Kabir says to kill me first and then leave. Zara says you are a priest so don’t try to act like a lover. Kabir says to kill me and then leave. Zara pushes away and throws the knife away. Kabir smiles and says you couldn’t kill me. Zara says I can’t kill anyone, I give life to people who want to die. Kabir pulls her closer and says then give me life, my life is with you. God reunited us because of our love and my prayers. I won’t let you go. Zara thinks I am sorry but I have to go. She says you have no right, I have started living without you and you have to get habituated to live without me too. I am leaving. She starts packing, Kabir tries to stop her. Zara says if you stop me again then I will complain about this lover Kabir to the head priest Kabir, I am sure that priest Kabir won’t let injustice happen to a woman. Kabir is surprised and stops himself. Zara packs her stuff. Kabir sadly looks away. Zara is sad too but doesn’t show it.

Irfan gives medicine to Salma. Zahida says don’t worry about me Salma, I will never come in front of you again. Salma says Kabir loves Zara a lot and he will convince Zara to stay here. Zara comes there and says no Amma, I am not staying back on anyone’s convincing. I am leaving. All are shocked. Zara starts leaving but Salma cries. Irfan stops Zara and says you want to leave your old parents? Zara looks away. Zahida is sad.


Ishq Subhan Allah 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Zara tells Irfan that what you are saying, Kabir won’t.. Irfan tells Zara to leave everything on God. When you got married to him first, you both hated each other and then you fell in love with each other. Zara smiles and says I had many happy moments with Kabir.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2020
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