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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th July 2020 Episode starts with Vansh beating someone. She sees someone else and stops saying Kabir. Kabir says I had to dump my phone, Riddhima called me, Vansh would have traced my location, I had to throw my old phone. His assistant asks where did you throw it. Kabir throws the phone in some car. That car owner gets caught. Riddhima thinks who is he, he isn’t Kabir. Vansh asks why didn’t you tell his name, tell me, what were you saying, what’s with K, Kanhaiya…. Kumar…. She cries. He asks her to say the name. She shouts stop it.

She says I don’t know him. He says you are lying, but your eyes…. they have a pain for someone dear. He says how did this guy get your phone, your number which got activated few hours back. She asks are you beating him because of a call, you want to know the truth, I will tell you the truth. She says yes, I have made the call, it was received also, but it was a wrong number, I was calling my friend Sejal, then I realized that I forgot her number, thanks to you, I was not in touch with her. Vansh asks the guy does he know her. The guy says no. Vansh gets angry. He checks the guy’s id. The guy says I had gone to attend the conference. Vansh calls Angre. Angre takes the guy out. Riddhima says so this wasn’t fees, but a new way to spy on me. She asks what was the result. She says that innocent guy had to bear your anger, who gave you the right to beat someone, no one. She throws the phone and goes. He says very interesting…. Ishani says I m sure Vansh will crack the deal on her own. She taunts Aryan for just enjoying and not helping Vansh. Maa asks her to have manners while she talks.

Dadi says Vansh is much talented, we know him, he is a good son and brother, but he is alone, he forgot himself, don’t you think you all have a responsibility towards him, find a nice girl for him, I want him to stay very happy. Maa asks what will happen if we want, Vansh isn’t ready for marriage. Chanchal says yes, last time whatever happened…. Dadi asks her to stop it. Maa says its not easy that he likes someone, he stays too busy, what shall we do. Aryan says sorry, Vansh’s priority is not work now, but someone else, he is taking interest in staff, he is busy with her. Ishani says that tacky Riddhima. Vansh looks on and says enough…..

Vansh asks Aryan did he start spying in free time, find some other work. He says Dadi, I m bit tired, we will talk later. He goes. Vansh thinks how did I make such a big mistake. Riddhima comes to him. He asks her to stop. She gets her bag. He says you should take permission before coming to someone’s room. She says you should know that one shouldn’t hurt someone because of doubt. She hands over the resignation. He asks what is this. She says my resignation letter, I resign. He looks at her.

She says you called me for your sister’s treatment, her life is valuable to you, you have beaten someone mercilessly, even he would have relations right, if you don’t care for others, then why would I care for you, I can’t work here, you just doubts others and hurt them. She says you offered me this job, forcibly, I didn’t plead you to keep me on job, if you have so much problem, then I don’t have to work here, I m a physiotherapist, I work to lessen the pain, I can’t see someone in pain because of me, I m leaving a patient’s treatment incomplete because of me, I can’t see any innocent suffering because of me, stop thinking you are God, you have no right to decide for others’ life. He says enough, no one spoke to me like this. She says I m not done, you have lived a lavish life, maybe you got everything since childhood, so this stubbornness, arrogance and ego, no one slapped you and showed you the difference between right and wrong, I wish anyone could explain you that humans do live in this world, not just your slaves. He says enough, now you are crossing your limits. She says no, I m just telling you about a human’s limit, which you already crossed, I m done. She goes. He crushes the letter.

She thinks that guy got beaten up because of me, whoever he was, I can’t let this happen. She thinks of Kabir. She thinks sorry Kabir, I know this mission is imp for you. She reaches the gate. The gate gets shut. She runs and shouts open the gate, I have to go, is anybody there….. Angre comes and says no one can leave from this mansion without boss’ permission. He asks staff lady to get Riddhima. The lady asks Riddhima to come.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2020
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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