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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th April 2021 Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima who is Sara. Riddhima recalls Sara warning her and asking her to come out. Sara says I promise, I will make it painless. Riddhima hides and tries to strike. They both have a fight. Riddhima hits on her neck. Sara faints down. FB ends. Vansh asks who is Sara. Riddhima falls asleep. Vansh says I got to know Sara is an assassin, but who had sent her, what’s her connection with the 6 hour secret.

Riddhima wakes up. She looks for Vansh. She says I didn’t know when I came to the room, its morning. She recalls Vansh. She asks where are you Vansh. She tries to call. Vansh asks Angre to sit down. Angre says I m seeing you in the kitchen after a long time, what’s in the menu. Vansh says keep guessing, how is your pain. Angre says much better, it will be fine soon. Vansh says just the way you like it, bacon with cheese, did you hear about Sara. Angre says no, who is she. Vansh says she is an assassin. Angre says I don’t remember anything such, did Riddhima tell you. Vansh says yes, Sara came to kill Riddhima. Riddhima comes and hears them. Vansh says I want all info about Sara. Riddhima thinks how did Vansh know about Sara, what does he know. Vyom is on call and threatens Dadi. He says I will ruin Vansh, I will not let the deal complete, I will snatch everything from Vansh, underworld connections, VR mansion and business. Dadi says you can’t do anything Vyom. Riddhima comes and says Dadi… Dadi asks are you following me. Riddhima says no, I came to ask something, are you worried. Dadi says no, do you have any work. Riddhima says I came to call you for breakfast. Dadi says you are worrying a lot for me, ask manager to send my breakfast to my room.

Vansh comes from bath. Riddhima plays with soap water bubble. She says it was a perfect night yesterday, romantic, we danced, you made the barbecue, you made good drinks, then what happened, I m trying to remember, but I don’t know. Vansh says you had come close to me and said Vansh I love you. She says that I do, then what happened. He says you said I love you, never leave me alone. She asks then. He asks what do you think. She says I don’t know. He shows the love bite and says you have done this. She says I don’t remember. He says you were intoxicated in love. She asks him to go and take a bath. He goes. She says Vansh got to know something, he is hiding it. Dadi asks Angre to answer.

Aryan says I had seen Vansh spiking Riddhima’s drink, she didn’t faint, she was half asleep, she was saying something, don’t tell me later that I didn’t warn you. She scolds him. He asks him to keep an eye on them, stay alert of Vansh and double alert of Riddhima, that girl is very sharp, go now. Angre leaves. Dadi says I have to hide the secret of black box from Riddhima. Angre asks Ishani to pass the bandage. Ishani says we can go out for lunch. He says we are at the gym, we can order food online. She asks why did we come to Goa then, I don’t want your painful drama, I didn’t ask you to take the bullet for Vansh and Riddhima. He says I didn’t come on vacations. She says remember, you have come with your wife. He says sorry, I m in severe pain. She says you always have excuses, I m going, bye. She goes. Riddhima comes and helps him. She asks him to exercise regularly.

She asks where is Ishani. He says she left, I have taken many bullets for Vansh. She asks are you not scared. He says Vansh gave me this life, if I die for Vansh, then I will be glad. She says he is lucky to get a friend like you. He says Vansh is lucky to get a wife like you. She asks him to continue the exercise. Ishani comes back and throws a drink at her. Angre asks Riddhima is she fine. He asks Ishani what’s all this. He says sorry Bhabhi. Ishani says she collided with me, its her mistake, you should worry for me, not her. She asks Riddhima to please leave. Angre says I m sorry. Riddhima goes. Angre says go and say sorry to her. Ishani says no way. He gets upset. She leaves.

Riddhima gets a call. Someone catches her and makes her faint. Vansh says Riddhima didn’t come. He collides with Angre. He asks is everything fine. Angre says yes. Vansh leaves. Angre says it will be fun now. Vansh asks Ishani did you see Riddhma. Ishani says yes, she was at the gym attending Angre. Dadi sees Vansh going. Vansh stops the housekeeping staff and asks what’s inside. The man says just housekeeping stuff. Vansh calls Riddhima. Her phone rings there. Vansh checks the trolley and gets her phone. He says its my wife’s phone. He shouts. The man says sorry, I don’t know. Riddhima is also inside. Vansh goes. He turns and doesn;t see her. She gains consciousness. She coughs. Vansh stops them. He asks the men again and asks him to open it. He gets shocked seeing Riddhima inside. He brings her out. He asks how did you come here. He scolds the men. The man says sorry, I didn’t know. Riddhima says its not their mistake, someone came and made me fall unconscious, I m scared. Vansh hugs her and says don’t worry, whoever did this, I will not leave him.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th April 2021 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vansh brings Riddhima to the room. She says I m scared. She asks Vyom to not call her. He says someone from you is in my team. Sara says Vansh will die, I will kill him. Riddhima asks who is your boss. Sara says very close to you, black mamba. Riddhima says just 3 days left, I will find out black mamba, nothing can happen to Vansh.

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Telecast Date:26th April 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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