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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th October 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima seeing Vansh with Ragini. Kabir says she didn’t come yet. He calls Anupriya and asks did Riddhima leave. She says yes, Dadi said she went to have mannat at temple. He says smart girl, our mannat will be fulfilled today, its our mission’s grand finale today. She says but you remember if she doesn’t listen to us, what you should do. He points the gun at Riddhima’s pic and says don’t worry, I know how to handle her. Vansh makes Ragini drink water. She sees him. Riddhima falls back and screams. Vansh goes and opens the door. Kabir says why did not Riddhima come.

Anupriya asks is she fooling you. He says impossible, she said she needs my help, I will call her and call you back. He calls Riddhima. Vansh locks the door. Riddhima sees him leaving. She says it means Vansh didn’t kill Ragini, he got her here to keep her safe, he isn’t a murderer, my trust won, I can’t give chip to Kabir, I should leave from here. She goes out and sees Vansh on call. She gets inside the dickey. Kabir says mom is right, Riddhima is fooling me, I can cross any limits to get that proof, I will teach you a lesson that you forget using your mind, I hope you are dead and so you couldn’t reach here, I will kill you. He gets the gun and points at her pic. Vansh drives.

Riddhima thinks why did Vansh keep Ragini away, why did he say that she is dead, this story is getting more complicated. Her phone rings. She disconnects. Vansh stops the car. She thinks maybe he heard the ringtone. He says maybe the sound came from dickey. He opens it and says its empty, how did the sound come. She hides under some black sheet. Dadi calls him. She says its time for Raavan dahan. He says yes, I will come. He drives again. Riddhima thinks I got saved, Vansh didn’t see me. Chanchal says Angre did all arrangements. Dadi asks why didn’t Vansh come. Vansh comes and says I m here Dadi. Dadi asks him to get ready and come. Vansh goes. Chanchal asks why is Vansh so silent, did Vansh know about dickey. Aryan says relax mom, if he knew, then his face would be red in anger, Riddhima would be in dickey, lets go and check. They go. Dadi calls Riddhima and says where is this girl.

Riddhima pushes the dickey and says I think Vansh has shut it, everyone would be waiting. Aryan and Chanchal come out and open the dickey. Chanchal gets a stick. They see dickey empty. Aryan asks how can this happen. Chanchal says if Vansh knows then. They see Riddhima. Riddhima recalls opening the dickey by using a spanner. Riddhima says what will happen if Vansh knows. Chanchal says if he knows then, stop. She tries to hit. Riddhima says if you try to harm me again, I will tell Vansh and give the chip to him. She keeps the stick and goes. Aryan says I will see her. Chanchal says no, I have a plan. Dadi asks Riddhima where were you, I was so scared. Riddhima says I have your blessings, I went by walk so I got late, my phone got off. Dadi says fine, you remember its Vijay dakshami today, you have to do Vijay tilak to Vansh, go and get ready. She says you both are also newly married. Ishani thinks what will Dadi do now.

Dadi says Ishani you should also do Vijay tilak to Angre. Angre goes with Dadi. Ishani says I will fill your happy face with tears, Angre. She takes a box of sweets. Kabir says she is lying, she is cheating me, now she should be ready for the cheat. He says she is double crossing me, I will kill the fraud friend than the enemy, she has seen my fake love, now she will see my hatred. Anupriya says you are right, show her right place, I don’t want you to hurt yourself, if I could then I would have killed her right away. He says I will do this myself, I want to see that pain in her eyes when this avatar comes out.

Riddhima keeps card in bangle. Vansh comes and recalls the note. She sees the torn button. She goes to fix it. She stops Vansh. She says when I m in problem, you always come without my call, can’t I get this right. She fixes the button. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. Vansh thinks why doesn’t heart doesn’t permit me to get upset with you and mind doubts on you, you are a puzzle, I wish I could say what I really feel.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2020
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