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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st October 2020 Episode starts with Vansh running upstairs to Riddhima. He holds her and also the diya. They have an eyelock. He asks are you fine. She says yes. Ishani jokes and says Vansh works with both his hands. Riddhima asks are you a lefty. Vansh says yes, I can work with both my hands. She looks at him. She thinks it means Vansh can be Ragini’s murderer. He steps on the carpet and sees something. He removes it. He sees the nails. He asks who had laid the nails under the carpet. He kicks aside the nails board. Riddhima sees her locket chain and card. She thinks maybe it fell down when I got hurt, I can’t lose it. Vansh lifts her. He brings her to room. She says I have some work outside, let me go. He says I can see you are fine, what’s so imp that you don’t care for your foot, its not imp than you. She looks at him.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays… Dadi comes and says you got much hurt. Riddhima says its ordinary wound, don’t worry. Vansh says relax, I m with her, go to your room, I will manage. Dadi goes. He says whoever is behind this, won’t get saved. He cleans her wound. Chanchal says if Vansh knows we did this, he won’t leave us. Anupriya says we are safe, no one will know that we did this arrangement to kill Riddhima. Riddhima says you didn’t say you are ambidextrous, you can use both your hands. Vansh says something happened 3 years back that I stopped using my left hand. FB shows Vansh saying I m burning my hand which has your name written, I don’t want any of your memory. Ragini asks him to move his hand away from fire. FB ends.

Riddhima asks what happened three years back. He says nothing, take rest. She asks is it about Ragini. He says just this name, you can’t see anything else, when will you learn to trust relations. She asks do you trust me. He holds her. He says if I didn’t trust you, then I would have asked you why did you use memory card in my laptop, Ishani came tome and told me that you used the card in my laptop, you removed it in hurry, I know you don’t want to share it, I didn’t ask you, I trust you, so I have ignored it, what’s the use of the trust, I can’t make you believe it, even if I open up my heart and tell you everything about Ragini, even then your questions won’t end, relations are made by trust, not questions, you will just search for the answers behind my back. She looks at him. Dil ye tere bina….plays… He goes. She says I trust you Vansh, I have seen you working with both hands, I believe you aren’t Ragini’s murderer, I wish no one’s bad sight catches my trust. She holds her foot and cries. She says don’t know who can do this, who wants to hurt me.

Ishani comes to Anupriya and Chanchal. She says you are the mastermind. Anupriya says I will remind you what you have done. Chanchal says you also tried to kill Riddhima. Ishani says I think she deserves this. Vansh throws the nail board. He comes there. They worry. Vansh asks who gave you a right to decide that Riddhima deserves this, I know Chanchal and Ishani don’t like her, I can’t believe it mom that you can do such a cheap thing. Anupriya asks what are you saying. Ishani says you have a misunderstanding.

Vansh takes the garba sticks from her hand and says I m sure this dandiya will clear it, you had prepared this to torture Angre, same nails are in the wooden sheet, Dadi made Chanchal use the same nails. He throws the stick. Riddhima says where did it go. Aryan comes and asks what are you finding without caring for your wound, involve me too. Riddhima and Aryan argue. She says I have your 3 year old secret, its related to Ragini. He drops the apple. She says you know what, I have the proof also, just see what I do. He goes.

Dadi comes to Riddhima and asks her to sit. She says Vansh saved you and Akhand jyot, it should be fine till puja, once you get fine, I will send you to Mata temple, go and get blessing, tell me if you have any work. She says I got this locket and card, I know locket is yours, card maybe of Vansh or Aryan. Riddhima says its Vansh’s, I will give it to him, thanks. Dadi says fine, I will send fruits for you. Riddhima says thank God, I got it, thanks Dadi, shall I show it to Vansh now, no I will confirm about Aryan first.

Aryan says I m already worried. Chanchal says Vansh called Riddhima his wife, how did they get close, we have to ask Riddhima for money now, she will become the owner now. He says don’t worry, Vansh will not find the truth. She says I felt he knows that we laid the nails. He asks what, Riddhima told me clearly that she has proof, whatever happened 3 years back. She says you said you lost the memory card, how did she get it. He says I don’t know, she got it, very soon Ragini’s truth will come out. Anupriya hears them and thinks excellent, Riddhima got close to the aim, she got proof of Ragini’s murder, where did she keep the memory card.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Vansh shouts Riddhima. She asks what happened Vansh. She slips and falls in his arms. Dil ye tere bina….plays…. She moves his hair. Aryan says Riddhima got the footage, it can’t reach Vansh, Riddhima won’t get saved. Aryan goes to kill Riddhima. Kabir asks Anupriya to do something. Riddhima checks the footage. She says I have to see Aryan’s face once. Vansh looks at her. He asks what were you seeing. He checks the laptop.

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Telecast Date:21st October 2020
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