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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st April 2021 Episode starts with Vansh coming to the room and seeing the romantic surprise. He says I feel life is worthwhile. She asks did you talk to Siya. He says Siya had called Ishani, she will come home when her anger goes, we shall have dinner. She asks him to come. He says I knew it, you didn’t have food, I told you, don’t be careless in pregnancy. She says we shall have it together. She sits in his lap. He asks what’s in the menu. She tells the menu. He looks at her romantically. He coughs. She worries and shouts Angre. Angre gets a doctor. Doctor says poison is given to him. They get shocked. Doctor says we will know about the poison after getting lab results. Angre goes with the doctor. Riddhima cries and asks what happened to you. She cares for Vansh.

Vansh holds her hand and says nothing will happen to me, I m fine. She feeds him. She says you don’t need to do anything, I will have it on my own. He says listen to me carefully, none should know that I m ill, else everyone will think I got weak, enemies will do what they want if they know it. She says you know …. He says I got poison fed, I know. She asks how do you know. Dadi comes to steal the black box. She checks the office. Vansh says I saw these symptoms and understood that something is wrong. Riddhima says you take rest, you are too adamant. He says nothing will happen to me. She lies in his arms. He asks her to stop crying. He says Angre has gone with doctor, its not tough to find the antidote, I have a bigger antidote, my will power, many attempts have been made to kill me, but I got saved, I will get saved even this time. He coughs. She worries. They sleep.

Dadi says what can this be. Anupriya comes and asks what are you doing here. Dadi says stealing. Anupriya says I can help you, I will call Vansh. Dadi says I can’t ask Vansh, I m finding black box, if it opens, then everything will be ruined. Anupriya says I will pray that this doesn’t happen. Riddhima says I love you Vansh. She recalls. FB shows Riddhima painting the wall. Vansh asks why are you doing this. She says our baby is coming, I m painting the baby’s room. He says you didn’t tell me. She says now I told you, help me now. He applies paint to her cheek. She says I have to clean it. She also applies paint to his cheek. They hug. FB ends. She says I always think of you. She calls Angre and asks about the reports. He says I m at the lab. She says call me when you get the reports. Vansh coughs. He asks why were you going away from me. She asks him not to joke such. He kisses her hand. She asks him to take rest.

Vyom talks on call. He says I know, you also like to smuggle the ammunition, I know Vansh will not earn and not let you earn, if you come in my circle, then I will let you go anything, I will give you protection, no one can come close to you. Angre gets the reports. Riddhima checks and says Thallium. Angre says the same. Vansh says its not given in food, its injected. He recalls Kiara’s bracelet hurting Vansh’s hand. He says Kiara was a contract killer, I have 48 hours, relax. She asks are you mad, why are you reacting like this, call the doctor. Angre says tell me, what’s the next plan of action. Vansh asks Riddhima to relax, he is fine. She says you have poison in your body. He says we need a calm mind to think, relax. He asks Angre to get some blue powder. She asks where will I get it. Vansh says no need to get it. She says tell me, who has it, I will go and get it. Vansh says Vyom, he won’t go it. She says he has to give it. She goes. Vansh asks Angre to stop her. Angre says you can’t go, its boss’ orders, I will find a way, trust me. She asks what way, you have no way. She says Vansh has less time, he is stopping me from going to Vyom, can you forgive myself if anything happens. Angre says you won’t go if I don’t go. She says okay, come fast. Vyom plays the trumpet. Riddhima comes there and asks for the antidote, else Vansh will die.

Vyom says I get confused seeing you, shall I help you or trouble you, you want antidote, what if I don’t give it. She says no, I m ready to give you anything you want. He hurts Angre. Angre gets angry. Vyom asks are you angry Angre, you have hurt me, I know how I got freed from the police. She says you are doing wrong, please give the antidote, I assure you, you will get the black box. He says you shouldn’t give me any threatening, I will deal with both of you together. Guards catch Angre. He laughs at them. Vyom says gun will get fired. She asks for antidote. He says I want the black box, I want to fulfill some conditions, wait. Vyom says I have Riddhima and Angre here, don’t worry, I will take care of them, you have to give me the black box, you can take your antidote, your wife and angry Angre. Vansh says I m coming.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vansh comes to Vyom and asks where is Riddhima and Angre. Vyom asks where is the black box, you just have 7 hours, you will get rotten.

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Telecast Date:21st April 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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