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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st January 2021 Episode starts with Riddhima saying you can’t stay in this house, get out of here. She takes Ahana to the gate. She says when Vansh knows your truth, he won’t leave you. Ahana says nothing will happen. Riddhima says you saved Vansh’s life, so I m behaving well, get out without getting insulted. Ahana says no, Vansh will not let me go. Riddhima says fine, I will call Vansh. Ahana says you trust your Vansh, you know his real face, he is a liar, what did he say, I saved him when he was falling down, I didn’t save him, your moments in the glass house are the most beautiful moments of your life, its because of love, its all a lie, Vansh did all that for his hatred. Riddhima says enough, you are crossing your limits, Vansh and my relation is pure, our relation has love and faith, you don’t need to ask me.

Ahana says you don’t know what I know, I have to go, why don’t you ask Vansh, why does he pretend love and hates you, why does he want to ruin your love, you will regret after some days. Riddhima says enough is enough, you are standing in my house, no one gave you a right to question my relations, get out of here. Kabir comes and stops Ahana. He asks did you go mad, who gave you a right, I m going to get engaged with Ahana, how can you make her out of the house. FB shows Ahana asking Kabir to pretend that he loves her, then Riddhima can’t make her leave the house. He says I love her, now she is a family member like you. Riddhima says I knew you will be behind it, its your game, I don’t know what will Vansh do when he knows this. Kabir says Ahana isn’t going anywhere. He takes Ahana with him. Riddhima says fine, Vansh will decide now, he will not accept this false relation.

Kabir calls out Dadi and everyone. Everyone comes. Dadi asks what’s the matter. He says Ahana and I like each other, we want to marry. Vansh comes. Riddhima looks on. Vansh says such a big decision suddenly. Kabir says love happens suddenly, Dadi, Ahana and I want to spend the rest of our lives together, we want elders’ blessings, you are in mum’s place now Dadi…. Dadi smiles. Riddhima says please refuse Dadi. Dadi asks Ahana do you want to marry Kabir. Ahana nods. Dadi says then we are also okay with it, no one can have a problem with this, we have a big favor of Ahana, she saved Vansh’s life, its good if she comes in this house as Bahu. Kabir hugs Dadi and thanks. Riddhima asks Vansh to come for a talk.

Dadi blesses Kabir and Ahana. Riddhima says I had caught Ahana with the mask, she attacked me, she did the precious attacks. Vansh says you didn’t forget that. Riddhima says I m saying the truth, Ahana is acting, she isn’t innocent. He says she saved my life, she can’t take a life. Dadi calls him. She says you are Kabir’s elder brother, what do you think. He says if you like Ahana, what problem can I have. Dadi says fine, then this relation is done. Everyone goes. Kabir says I want to take Ahana out. Dadi asks what’s there to ask, its your wish, go. Kabir thanks Dadi. Riddhima looks on. She thinks no use to talk to Vansh now.

Riddhima recalls Ahana’s words. She says don’t know why did Ahana say wrong, so that I doubt him, she can’t succeed in this plan, they both went out, its right time to check her room. Ahana comes to Vansh. She says I didn’t understand, you messaged me to go with Kabir, then make him busy and come. Vansh says Riddhima wanted to check on you, I made her work easy, I know my enemy’s nature well, she had no weapon to use against you, she would be in your room now. Riddhima says I want to prove that Ahana isn’t suitable to become this house’s Bahu. She gets Ahana’s phone and says I can know something. He says just you know that I m playing this chess from both the sides, I planted that evidence there, your phone, Riddhima would be checking that, she thinks if she gets a proof against you, then I will make you out, if I m not wrong, then she would be checking your photo gallery. Riddhima checks pics and recalls Vansh’s fall. She says Vansh fell down the cliff and Ahana saved his life, but she was in Delhi on that day, then how can she save Vansh’s life. Vansh says she is a spy, she will know that you were not there where I fell, she would think why did Vansh lie to her. Riddhima says Vansh lied to me, but why. Riddhima says it means Vansh and Ahana are saying the same lie to us, if Ahana didn’t save his life, then why is he supporting her, was all that true about him. She cries. Vansh says she would believe that Ahana told her the truth, I want this. Riddhima says Vansh is lying to me, he is playing a game, he is with Ahana, but why will he do this, he loves me a lot, what did I do that his love changed to hatred, no…. She prays.

She says no, he loves me, the moments spent in glass house were true, it wasn’t a lie, I will talk to Vansh and clear it. Vansh says now she would be dying to talk to me, its time to answer her, she had always cheated me, I have given her many chances, she had hurt me, she should realize it, today, on the engagement night, I will answer her every question. She goes to Vansh. Dadi stops her and says I was looking for you, I need your help. Riddhima helps her. Vansh goes. Dadi says he went for meeting, he will come in engagement now. Riddhima calls him and says he isn’t answering. Dadi asks why are you worried. Riddhima says nothing. Dadi asks her to get Ahana for engagement. Riddhima says I will talk to Vansh and clear all the confusion.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vansh comes to Riddhima. She says you said Ahana had saved you, but she was in Delhi, it means she didn’t save you. He says no. She asks did she attack me on your saying. He says yes. She gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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