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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th April 2021 Episode starts with Angre saying I had seen that same guard, he was feeding water to Kabir. Vansh says it means Riddhima is hiding Kabir, come. Vansh and Angre enter the house. Aryan clicks pic of the tattoo. He says once I get the meaning of this tattoo, it will be easy, don’t know if this is some language or not. Kiara says I don’t know, someone made this tattoo. He says I have heard this story 100 times, tell me its meaning. She says if we can’t decode this tattoo, then…. they will kill me. He says I will put my life on stake, I will be the kind and you will be my queen. She says Vansh is secretive about the black box, it won’t be easy. He says the black box is in the VR mansion, it will be mine now. Angre and Vansh don’t see Kabir.

Angre says he is that guard, he is alive. Vansh says wake him up, he would know where is Kabir. Angre puts water on the guard’s face. The guard gets up. He says Kabir has hit me and ran away, forgive me. Angre says tell me, why was he tied up here. The guard says I swear, I don’t know anything, I did this work for money. Angre punches him. He asks shall I kill him. Vansh says he doesn’t know anything, leave him. He leaves. Angre says you got saved, else…. He leaves.

Kiara asks what if we don’t get the black box. Aryan says its useless for Vansh, because you have the tattoo, we have the key, we need the lock, the black box. She asks what’s inside the black box. He says you said it has info about underworld, its imp. She says I m happy, I had gone to tell Vansh, but he is lost in Riddhima. He says you have come to the right person, stop worrying for Vansh and Riddhima, once this puzzle gets set, we are all set to rule in here. She says I think I m falling for you. He says me too. He clicks her tattoo’s pic. Siya stops Riddhima. They argue. Riddhima asks will you tell Vansh, not a bad idea, we will go together and tell him. Siya turns away. Riddhima says we will see his reaction when he knows who do you love, Vyom, what happened, are you feeling bad that I m talking like this, you didn’t change alone, I have also changed, you don’t know what I can do. She goes.

Siya comes to Vansh. She says Riddhima was going out, she was talking to someone on call. He asks what’s the problem. She says she will saying, she will handle Vansh, keep an eye on her, I m tensed. He says fine, I will see, you go.

Ishani says lets go here and have pizzas, we have not been on a real date. Angre says let me think. Vansh comes. Ishani scolds him. Angre asks where do we have to go. Vansh says actually… Ishani says you can’t take Angre anywhere. Angre says understand, its imp work. Ishani says you won’t go outside, else I will kill myself. Vansh says no need to do this, stop behaving like a kid, Angre won’t go anywhere, I will do my work myself, Angre stay. He goes. Ishani says fall in his feet, you like to be his slave, you understand you are my husband, then son-in-law of this family, then his slave. Angre says Vansh is like my elder brother, I respect him a lot, Vansh comes first for me, then I m your husband. She says I won’t accept it. He says you have to. He leaves and collides with Aryan. Aryan says sorry. He asks what was that, all okay. Ishani asks how can anything be okay when Vansh is here. Aryan says I have a news, come.

Riddhima and Vansh come to the hospital. Vansh sees someone and gets angry. He sees the stranger and apologizes. Riddhima asks what’s going on, are you spying on me, meet the doctor, you don’t remember that a pregnant woman has to visit the the hospital frequently. She goes. Angre forgets the phone and goes back. Ishani asks do you think Kiara is the black box courier girl. Aryan says Kiara got the black box, she has a tattoo on her back. Ishani says tattoo is connected to black box. Angre goes. Ishani asks what can be inside that. Aryan says I don’t know, it has to be something that takes us to the top of the game, I have to get the black box.

Ishani says what about Kiara, I thought you are in love with her. Aryan says I can’t ruin myself for a girl, I will have my fortune and you can have your husband once we get the black box. Angre calls Vansh. He says I heard Aryan and Ishani talking about Kiara, she had delivered the black box to you. Vansh says I didn’t see her face, it was too dark, I had seen the code on her box. Angre says her back has a tattoo, it is connected to the black box. Vansh says interesting, wow, make her away from everyone’s sight. Angre says I will keep her at some safe house. Vansh says no, wait for my orders, another secret is going to get revealed in front of me.

Siya hears Angre and goes. Doctor says Riddhima, you are fine, baby growth is normal, Vansh should be happy. Riddhima says maybe he forgot to smile. She goes. Vansh asks about the appointment. Doctor says it was booked four days before. Vansh thinks I was doubting Riddhima, she came here for check up. He goes to Riddhima. She asks him to ask anything. She says I felt marriages are made in heaven, you taught me that we are ready to destroy the marriages. Riddhima searches for the tattoo. She checks some chinese numbers. She gets the code. She says maybe this is the code for the black box, Aryan came in the room, I couldn’t take the complete pic of Kiara’s tattoo, I need the pic. She comes to her room. She sees Vansh with a rope. She asks what are you doing, hanging, why is this rope here, tell me. Vansh says you tell me… She asks where I was.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th April 2021 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone looks for Kiara. Riddhima and everyone get shocked seeing Kiara dead. Vansh says its a murder, I want to know how did this murder happen.

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Telecast Date:13th April 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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