Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th February 2021 Episode starts with Riddhima asking how dare you say this nonsense. He says control your anger, something happened today, like the way Vansh reacted, I understood that he isn’t interested in becoming a dad. She says he is my husband, you don’t tell me what he feels, its better if a third person doesn’t interfere between husband and wife. He says right, go and give this news to Vansh, see his reaction. She nods. He says Vansh is coming here. She says I will tell him when the right time comes, its a sign of Vansh and my love, its a different happiness to become a dad, I m sure he will be very happy. Vansh asks where were you Riddhima, I was finding you. Kabir says I was just going and met her. Vansh and Riddhima go. Kabir says you will not be alone, I m ready to become a dad, if Vansh isn’t ready, I will always stand by you and your child, I promise.

Angre says Ishani refused to drink the juice. Vansh says I can bear her annoyance but can’t see her broken, she isn’t taking care of herself, what shall I do that she forgets her pain and gives such a smile. Kabir says its rose day, why don’t we keep a special rose day party for her, we will remind her that we all love her, Angre, red rose is a symbol of love, you are Ishani’s husband, your love is the most imp for her, Vansh our equations aren’t so good, you decide about the idea. Vansh thinks. Kabir goes.

Vansh says I don’t like Kabir, but his idea is good, the party should be such that Ishani forgets all her sorrow and pain. Angre says done. Riddhima comes to Vansh and thinks I will give the good news to Vansh this way, he will understand the news when he sees this baby mug with our coffee mugs. Vansh and Riddhima say I have a surprise for you…She thinks what’s his surprise. He says I thought to tell you, if its about your happiness, then I should tell you. He showers petals on her. He says its rose day, I wanted to make this day memorable for you, when you think of this day, you get a beautiful smile on your face. She hugs him and says I love you, you are the best. He says we have kept a party at the pool side for Ishani, theme is red like the colour of love. She says maybe the sorrow gets less. He asks about her surprise. She thinks he is in a good mood, I will tell him. She gets the coffee mugs. He says surprise in the coffee, interesting, very interesting. He says its time to give medicines to Ishani. He leaves. Kabir says she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me… He laughs. He imagines Riddhima saying I love you Kabir.

He holds her hands and kisses. He says I can’t believe that you are standing in front of me, I told you, Vansh doesn’t want to become the father of your child, I will become your child’s dad, I will give him my name. He removes VR ring from her hand. He makes her wear a ring and says I will marry you, I will give my name to that baby. She smiles. He hugs her. He says you will get the first rose from my side today. They dance. His imagination ends. He says very soon, this dream will turn true, you will accept me soon. Vansh calls out Riddhima. She comes to him. He says you didn’t get ready. She says I have the surprise, are you ready. She shows the text written on the tshirt….. we are going to be mom and dad. He gets shocked and asks are you serious. She says yes, I have done tests twice, I m pregnant. He asks really. He lifts her. She laughs.

He hugs her and says thanks for giving me this happiness, I will become the world’s best dad. She smiles. Her dream ends. She looks around and laughs. She says idea isn’t bad, even if Vansh is busy in the party, I can tell him that we are going to become mom and dad.

Angre asks Kabir to get ready fast. He thinks what’s that. He goes to see the cutout. Kabir comes and thinks my truth will be known to everyone. He takes a knife to attack Angre. Vansh calls out Angre. Angre turns and says Kabir, get ready for the party, I was looking for you. Kabir says yes, you go. He drops a candle at the cloth and burns the cutout. Vansh comes and asks what’s burning. Kabir asks what. He says nothing, I was working on a project, I think candle fell on it by mistake. Vansh says it looks familiar. Kabir says don’t worry Vansh, its not known to you. Vansh asks Angre to get Ishani in the party. They leave.

Kabir sees the ashes. He says I won’t let anything happen to real Riddhima, she will be in my arms soon. Angre brings Ishani to the party. She says its so dark here, you said we are going out for dinner. She gets surprised seeing everyone. Angre says happy rose day Ishani. Everyone wishes her. She thanks them. Vansh says happy rose day, life and love don’t end with one accident, why don’t we give another chance to life. Riddhima says Vansh and everyone love you a lot. Ishani gets angry. She steps back when they give flowers. She steps on the roses and goes. Kabir gives her a rose and hugs her. Vansh gets upset. Riddhima signs him to smile. She says party just started, we will get many chances to convince Ishani. Kabir thinks I have made Ishani away from you Vansh, Riddhima will also be mine soon.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vansh and Riddhima dance on Janam Janam song. She says she can’t do a step to keep someone special safe. He asks who? She puts his hand on her belly and says their symbol. He’s shocked.

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Telecast Date:11th February 2021
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