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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 8th June 2021 Episode starts with Manager asking Ishqi to go to the desk job, Ahaan said she doesn’t need to clean his room. Ishqi says I will clean this room and come to the rest room. Manager goes. Ahaan comes to meet her. He asks what’s the matter, can’t you say thanks, I got your desk job back, even then… I came to help yesterday also, is this your adamancy or pride. She says sorry, and thanks. He says this resort belongs to my fiancee, you are an employee here, thank God we are going back tomorrow. He goes. She says I did this for Sonu, she is happy, what do I want, I m habitual to this. Dadi and Mehta have a talk. Sarla and Ginni throw tantrums. Ahaan comes and greets everyone. Dadi says we will keep a function from our side also. Ahaan says we will go back home, I have much work. Ishqi says breakfast is ready.

Kartik says thanks Ishqi. Sonu says I m sorry Ishqi. Ishqi says I should thank you, I got saved from marrying Mayank, I don’t know identifying people, my life got saved, you should tell the truth to Raj. Sonu says I tried to tell him, but past is past. Mayank comes and greets them. They look on. Ishqi says past comes back, I did what I could, now its your turn, you have a take a stand for yourself, tell the truth to Raj. Ahaan hugs Mayank. Dadi asks how is your dad and Suman. Mayank says dad is in coma. Dadi and Sarla blame that day and Ishqi. Ahaan asks Mayank to sit. Sarla asks Mayank where is the scar. Mayank says it wasn’t a deep cut, it got fine. Sarla says Lord saved you. He sees Sonu. Kartik says you didn’t call or message. Mayank says I had messaged Sonu, didn’t she say. Kartik says no. Ahaan says you didn’t contact me. Mayank says you are busy in work, I thought not to disturb you and Riya. Riya says yes, he stays busy in work. Sarla says Mayank can cut his wrist again if he meets Ishqi. Dadi says you are right, Ishqi should stay away from us.

Ahaan asks Chachi what happened with Mausa. Chachi says I threatened him and he ran away. Raj says why is Mayank lying, if you were not in touch with him. Sonu says he is a liar, listen to me, he wants to create problems between us. He asks why didn’t you tell this to him, I would have slapped him, he won’t stay here, I don’t care if anyone feels bad, now Mayank can’t stay here. Mayank looks on and smiles. He says I have come back Sonu, Ishqi saved you, I have broken down Ishqi, now she can’t even save herself. Sonu cries.

Ishqi comes there. Mayank goes. Ishqi goes to Sonu. Sonu says Mayank said I was in touch with him, Raj got upset. Ishqi asks Sonu to tell the truth to Raj, Mayank has come back. Mayank thinks Sonu will come back to fight with me. Ishqi comes to his room. She slaps him and asks how dare you come back. She scolds him a lot. She beats him with her slipper. He asks how dare you. She pushes him down. Sonu says Ishqi is right, I should talk to Raj, I will take Ishqi along. Mayank says it was between Sonu and me, you always have to get in between, I will ruin you completely this time. Sonu looks for Ishqi. She says I have to talk to Raj. Mayank goes towards Ishqi. She moves back.

Ahaan thanks Chachi. Chachi says I have seen the sadness in Ishqi’s eyes. Ishqi fights with Mayank. Chachi says we have seen people acting, but some good people take the blame of the bad on themselves, maybe Ishqi did the same, she can’t break the marriage without a reason. She goes. Ahaan thinks I m the reason, I hate Ishqi and myself also, I had let her see this dream that something can happen between them. Mayank insults Ishqi. He says I will teach you a lesson today. Ishqi’s shoe falls down. Mayank sees him and takes her away. Ahaan says I m engaged to Riya now. He hides from Riya and thinks why am I running away from her. Riya goes. He thinks to go to Riya. He hears Ishqi’s voice and runs. Dadi asks why are you worried Riya. Riya says Ahaan went to Ishqi before engagement. Dadi says its your responsibility to keep him tied, I trust Ahaan, I m with you.

Ahaan runs to check the rooms. He thinks from where did that sound come. Mayank catches Ishqi. Ahaan is outside the door. Ishqi pushes Mayank and runs out of the room. Ahaan doesn’t see her. Riya’s mum asks her not to complain about Ahaan to his Dadi. Riya says Ahaan has no interest in me. Her mum asks her to convince Ahaan before her dad gets to know this. Ishqi hides somewhere. Mayank comes to her and says I will not leave you, you should fall in my feet that I had agreed to marry you. She says I had dumped you. He says you were just a medium to get Sonu back, I will get Sonu back, you thought you will break the marriage and punish me, you can’t tell the truth to anyone, so sad, you can’t tell that I had fainted Sonu that night, I clicked her pics in that state, you know I did a lot to make you out of my way, I spiked your drink, even then you came in between, if you didn’t come in between that night, then I would have done everything with Sonu, I can still do all that, but before her, its your turn. He catches her. Ahaan comes there. They get shocked.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan hugs Ishqi and says everything will get fine, just keep your eyes closed. Ahaan and Mayank fight. Ishqi gets hit on her head while saving Ahaan. Ahaan runs to save her. Mahiya…plays….

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Telecast Date:8th June 2021
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