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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 6th May 2021 Episode starts with Ahaan saying Ishqi is irritating, I don’t like her, she is marrying Mayank, I like Riya, she likes me, Dadi is going to announce our marriage, shut up now. Kartik looks on. Ahaan goes to Riya and says I think we should go to the dating corner at the resort I had designed, where we are going now. Riya says sure. She says Ishqi didn’t make any romantic gesture or planned surprises, but today… Ishqi says such surprises look good, right. Raj asks Mayank to go and sit with Ishqi, Kartik is coming with them. Mayank says no problem and goes to Ishqi. He says we will go with Ahaan in that car. Kartik asks Ahaan to drive carefully, else accident… Savitri hides in the car. Sonu says front seat is mine. Kartik gets inside. Sonu gets angry and goes to sit in backseat.

Riya records a video and asks everyone to say hi. Ishqi compliments Riya. Riya says Ahaan told me that Mayank helped you a lot, you are so lucky. Mayank says if Ishqi was in my place, I m sure she would have done this, right Ahaan. Ahaan stays silent. Ishqi looks at him. Sonu says I heard there is a beach there, don’t joke, else I will slap you. Savitri hears Sonu talking. Sonu says Sangeet would have been by the beach. Kartik asks can I talk in between. Raj laughs and says good one. She says don’t encourage him. Savitri thinks I should tell Sonu that I m her mum. Raj applies the brake. Savitri gets hurt. Sonu asks did you hear that sound, I m sure I heard something. Kartik says ghost is in the backseat.

Riya says you and Ishqi can come there with us. Mayank asks what will we do there. Ahaan says just Riya and I will go. Ishqi says I will call Maasi. She calls Maasi and says you will soon come here. Ahaan asks all good? Mayank says I was going to ask this. Ahaan says I m asking on your behalf. Ishqi says Maasi is fine, she will come soon. Kartik asks what did you think, you guys want to move on, Sarla will make a papad of Sonu. Savitri eats an apple. Raj says Sarla had two miscarriages and then I was born, she loves me a lot, dad stays abroad for business, she is overpossessive, she wants to see me happy, she wants a perfect life for me, I got Sonu. Kartik asks what if the perfect life outside the house. Raj says we will first convince her and then think. Kartik asks her to give something to eat. Sonu takes the basket. She says I had kept 6 apples, just 4 are there. Kartik says ghost has eaten 2. Raj plays song. She says its my fav song. She dances. Ishqi says a tortoise can also overtake us. Ahaan says you come and drive. Ishqi says okay, I have no problem. Riya says he never gives me his car, will you give the car to her, Ahaan. Ahaan says no, its my fav car, it never makes a voice. The car breaks down. They get down the car. Ishqi jokes on Ahaan’s words. He says you sat in the car and car started talking. Riya says I will call Sonu, you call for help. Sonu doesn’t answer. Ishqi says Ahaan would know to fix the car. He says I m not a mechanic, you fix the car, you always say that girls can do anything, come on, check. Mayank calls someone and says get that without forgetting, come. Ishqi checks the engine. Ahaan and Ishqi start arguing. Riya says wow, you make Ahaan quiet, I stay tongue tied in front of him. Ishqi says because you love him. Ahaan says our time got wasted, there is a railway station close, we will catch a train, come.

Dadi asks did you get her. Doctor says I got Savitri, check the pic. Dadi gets relieved and says okay, take care of her, if she runs now, then I won’t leave you. Doctor says lie has worked now, but not for long, I have to find out Savitri. Riya says I m excited to travel in train, I never travelled in train or bus. Ishqi says its fine, I will make you travel by every means, we didn’t take something imp. Ahaan says Mayank will take tickets. She says no, we didn’t take aloo puri. She says I will just go to washroom and come. Ahaan says I will get water bottles. She asks Ahaan to hold her bag. She goes to washroom. She gets stuck inside. She says what shall I do now, Ahaan will taunt me if I get late, I will not hear his taunts this time. She shouts for help. Ahaan waits for her. She says I wish the door opens once. Ahaan comes there and opens the door. He falls over Ishqi. Song plays….He gets a call. She says Mayank’s phone isn’t reachable, we will run and catch the train, come on, run with me. He says train left. Riya just told me, you know how you missed it, its because of you, you are the reason for my stress. She says I didn’t lock this door intentionally. They walk on the road. He says we didn’t get any other train. She says you always find my mistakes. She asks him to do something, there is a jungle around, it will be darkness soon. He says we have no option than to wait for the taxi. She says we will take lift. He asks are you crazy, its not safe. He books a cab. He says cab will come in an hour.

Ishqi talks non-stop and asks is this my hero that I got stuck on this road with him, like it happens in films, I dislike him, sorry, I will go and take lift. He asks how can you sit in a stranger’s car. She asks why not. He recalls how she took his car. He says yes, you can go. She says I m sweet, I will get lift. He says you will get it because you are a girl, you act like damsel in distress. She asks him not to talk in hi fi english. He says I know how girls use their feminine charm and get lift. Raj says Riya called, she said Ahaan and Ishqi’s train got missed. Kartik asks what happened, why are you stressed. Sonu tells him about it. Kartik says wow, Ahaan’s life has become DDLJ from moral science lecture. Sonu says his heroine is Riya. Kartik says you never know. Raj says good thing is my mum isn’t here. Savitrti smiles seeing Sonu. Ahaan gets shocked seeing Ishqi with a baby bump. She asks shall we take a lift.


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Telecast Date:6th May 2021
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