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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th March 2021 Episode starts with Ahaan coming to the kitchen. He sees Mayank. Sonu hides. Mayank says it would be a problem if he saw us. He says finally, I m getting married in my friend’s house, we shall celebrate, I m very happy. Ishqi is a nice girl, I m so excited. He goes with Ahaan. Sonu thinks poor Ishqi, she doesn’t know that she is getting married to a cheap man, shall I tell truth to her.

Kartik and Sonu have a talk. He says I m ready to help, tell me what is it. She says listen to me, my friend’s BF is double timing her, shall I tell her. Ahaan says disgusting, such guys shouldn’t get any girl, inform your friend. Kartik says expose that guy’s truth, make the girls meet me and Ahaan, we will go on date, I m not a cheap man, I will be devoted to one guy. Sonu says when a relation gets puncture, then there is a spare tyre. Kartik asks plan B. Sonu says we have to keep choices to know if the guy has job stability, father material or not.

Ahaan says girls keep this in mind, guys think of something else. Kartik says guys don’t see numbers, guys have categories, we decide if we can get that girl or not. Sonu beats him. Kartik says Ahaan wants bahenji types Sanskari girl. Ahaan throws cushion at Kartik, Chacha and Chachi come. Chacha asks them to have values. He jokes. Chachi says Saxena has another house, he has another wife there, I got this news. Kartik says it means guys are clever. She says even girls are clever. Ahaan says the difference is about loyal and cheaters. Ishqi comes and says its not that simple. Ahaan drops coffee on himself and asks what did you do. Ishqi jokes on him. Ahaan says I m not a baby. Chachi asks what were you saying.

Ishqi says people don’t cheat by the fear of being caught, ask oneself, if we would cheat if we have no fear. Chachi says yes. Everyone claps. She goes. Ahaan says she spoilt my tshirt. Everyone teases him calling him baby. Ahaan goes.

Its night, the families meet at the pool side. Dadi runs to beat Kartik. She says we have to plan the Jagrata for tomorrow. Chacha says Ahaan, ask Mayank and Ishqi as well. Kartik says I think Mayank left. Ahaan says he doesn’t come, just that girl comes, she was talking to an auto driver, which decent girl does so. Kartik says you don’t have to marry her. Sonu jokes.

Ahaan says Mayank’s family is discipline and traditional, they will not like her. They laugh. Ishqi asks Maasi to come. She goes to see Maasi. She sees Maasi crying. Maasi is hurt. Ishqi gets angry. Maasi asks where are you going. Ishqi says I will not leave him. Maasi stops her and says I do care for you. Ishqi says we will not stay here, I care for you, we will stay somewhere else. Maasi says I m fine, don’t worry. Ishqi leaves.

Ahaan does arrangements. Dadi teaches cooking to Sonu. She asks Kartik and Ahaan leave. Kartik asks what’s the logic. Dadi says girls have to cook, guys have to just earn. Kartik argues. Ahaan stops Kartik and says you can’t argue with Dadi, she is elder, have manners. Kartik says I have heard her illogical ideas. Ahaan says we follow traditions since generations, she is elder, she has more experience, we should trust her. Kartik says sorry, I can’t do this. He goes.

Sarla and Raj come home. Pammi gets gifts for them. Ishqi meets them. Sarla asks are you alone, did anyone not come. Ishqi says Maasi is unwell. Sarla says this doesn’t happen in our house. Kartik jokes. Sarla says strange family, they sent the girl alone in the function. Dadi says you look so pretty. Sarla says outfit is worth 2 lakhs, my sandals have real pearls. Kartik says give me the sandals, I will keep in the locker. Sarla says you are right. Sarla makes everyone have sweets. She asks Sonu and Ishqi to keep a fast in the Jagrata. Sonu thinks to tell everything to Ishqi before Jagrata.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st March 2021 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan and Ishqi argue. He says your upbringing is bad. She scolds him. Sonu takes Ishqi to tell about Mayank.

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Telecast Date:30th March 2021
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