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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th April 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi coming to talk to Mayank. He says don’t spoil everyone’s mood. She says I need to talk right now. He says mom, I was asking Ishqi to change, wear something of her size for comfort. He goes. Suman asks Ishqi to go and change. Ishqi goes crying. Sonu comes. Ishqi asks am I fat, what if I m fat, what’s this pressure on girls, shall we just go on diet to look good. Sonu consoles her. She says marriage is marriage for boys, but a board exam for girls, sorry, its because of Sarla. Ishqi says no, its because of Mayank, its his fault, he knew that my clothes are tight, he didn’t support me, he had put the blame on me. Sonu says really sorry Ishqi, I wish that Sarla wasn’t such. Ishqi says I wish that my would be husband…. Sarla is elder, we have generation gap, but Mayank and I have no gap, why doesn’t he understand me. Sonu says he is Ahaan’s friend, his thinking has also become like Ahaan’s thinking.

Ishqi says no, Ahaan’s thinking isn’t like Mayank’s thinking, Ahaan came to help me, not Mayank, if this happened with you, if Raj did this, then…. She recalls Ahaan’s words. She says Ahaan said I m good the way I m, I don’t need to change, he returned my confidence, and Mayank insulted me in front of everyone. Sonu hugs her. Ishqi says sorry, your functions are spoiling because of me. Sonu says nothing like that. Ishqi says I m not doing anything intentionally. Sonu says you are right, Mayank should have supported you. Maasi gets her husband’s call. She says I m just coming. Ahaan asks all okay. She says yes, Ishqi’s Mausa called, I have to go home, inform Ishqi, his health isn’t well. Ahaan says I will drop you. She says no, I will go. Ishqi says I have to talk to Mayank. She sees Mayank with Sarla. She asks Mayank to come for a talk. Mayank says its good you have come, Sarla told about healthy diet plans. She says I have to tell you… Ahaan says your Maasi just left, she said your Maasa needs some help. Ishqi worries and runs out of the house. Ahaan looks on.

Dadi and Chachi ask Riya to come again. Riya compliments Ahaan for his sweet family. Dadi asks Ahaan to bid bye to Riya. Ahaan says bye. Chachi says Ahaan is shy. Dadi says people kiss while saying bye. Chacha and Chachi laugh. Riya leaves. Dadi says you should have at least hugged her. Ahaan says anything… He goes. Ishqi comes home and sees the mess. She looks for Maasi. He finds Maasi unconscious. She worries. Ahaan asks Mayank did you talk to Ishqi, her Maasi left. Mayank says no. Kartik argues with him. Mayank asks Ahaan to support him. Ahaan thinks what happened with Ishqi. He goes to make a call. Kartik says you will pay for what you do, you did fat shame to Ishqi. Mayank says I told the truth, Ishqi can’t blame anyone always, it was not designer’s mistake, what will happen if she eats always, she doesn’t follow a diet. Sonu says yes, its not compulsory. Raj says I agree with Sonu, Mayank you should know, even if I have any problem, then I will not say anything. Kartik likes Raj’s word. Mayank says I didn’t want any trouble in your function. Raj says you have insulted Ishqi. Kartik says Ahaan also doesn’t do this. Mayank says its easy to judge me Raj, if your fiancee blamed someone in every function, you would do the same. Sonu says if Raj did this, then I would have slapped him.

Mayank asks Raj would you take the slap. Raj says yes, I would know that I deserved this slap. Ishqi takes Maasi to the hospital. Doctor says we have to do tests to know about internal injuries. She asks him to just treat Maasi. Sonu bids bye to Raj. Mayank stops her and asks will you slap me. She says I said I would slap Raj, you are treating Ishqi unfairly. He says listen… She says you listen to me, you always say that you have to make your relation good, but you don’t do anything, she got stuck in lift, you didn’t even go, you can’t behave like this with her. He asks will you slap me. She says don’t do anything to get the slap. She goes. Ahaan comes and asks did you talk to Ishqi. Mayank says no. Ahaan gets Riya’s message. He messages Ishqi to ask is everything okay. He says I got the same feeling on engagement day also, there was a problem. Dadi says I need to talk something imp, Riya is a nice girl, why did you delay in introducing girl. He says a wrong bahu came in this house, I wanted to be sure, I didn’t want that to repeat.

She says Riya is perfect bahu for this house. He thinks message is delivered, will she think that I m interfering in her life, why didn’t she reply. Ishqi cries. Doctor comes and says your Maasi didn’t gain consciousness, she has to stay here. She says just make her fine, I have no one else than her. He says she will be fine, we are trying our best. She thinks shall I call Mayank, he doesn’t care, Suman will come, if she asks how did Maasi get hurt, what will I tell her, no, Suman is already worried for uncle, I can’t trouble her. Dadi asks shall we talk to her parents. Ahaan says Riya and I didn’t discuss this. She says you had invited her in Sonu’s marriage, do you want to marry her or not. Dadi gets a call. Ahaan says I m thinking…. She says I m thinking to announce your marriage on Sonu’s marriage day, I have to take this call. She goes. He asks what… He thinks why isn’t Ishqi replying.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi is with Maasi. Dadi asks the man to not let anyone see Savitri. Dadi goes to meet her. Ishqi is at the hospital.

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Telecast Date:30th April 2021
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