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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th May 2021 Episode starts with Ahaan asking Sonu do you marry Raj or not. Sonu says yes. Ahaan says then stay there, don’t do this drama. He apologizes to Sonu. He says my sister is not like Ishqi, she won’t leave from her marriage. Mayank says you are threatening me, Sonu did this same mistake, think how will you get saved from me when Sonu didn’t get saved, shout, we will see who saves you. She says girls don’t shout for help. She kicks him and says I hate a man like you, who take advantage of girls in drunken state, you should be jailed, I m silent because of Sonu, your game is over. Kartik goes to Ahaan. Ahaan says not now.

Kartik says we don’t know why Ishqi did this. Ahaan says we know why she did this, she did wrong, she broke two families, look at Suman and Maasi. Kartik asks what about her heart. Ahaan says heart and emotions are bigger than families, heart can love anyone, love doesn’t run a life, family runs life, love is nothing, its nonsense. Kartik says Ishqi loves you. Ahaan asks shall I break my family for her, what’s the use of such love, I don’t need this kind of love. Dadi asks them to come in Sonu’s marriage.

Mayank catches Ishqi and hurts her. He says I did this what Sonu deserved, she won’t be of anyone, I will show those pics on big screen, then no guy will accept her. He takes his phone. She asks him to give the phone. She snatches it. The phone falls. Mayank’s dad comes and sees the pics on the phone. He slaps Mayank and scolds him. Ishqi says please save Sonu’s marriage, Sarla can know this. Mayank’s dad says Sonu is Ahaan’s sister, she is like my daughter, that family loved you, how could you do this. Mayank says please listen to me, I m your son. His dad says you aren’t my son now. He asks Ishqi to call police, Mayank should get punished. Ishqi says but Sonu’s marriage. Mayank’s dad says Sonu’s name won’t be known to anyone, his crime won’t be hidden. Ishqi calls the police. Sonu and Raj take the rounds.

Mayank takes the phone. His dad says stay away from Ishqi. Mayank pushes his dad. Ishqi asks what happened, uncle. She shouts for help. Raj makes Sonu wear mangalsutra. He says I will always support you in life. He fills sindoor. Marriage completes. Everyone smiles. Kartik sees Ahaan. He says I will just come. Dadi stops him. She says let them handle their matter, sit down. Chacha says she is right, sit. Kartik sits. Ahaan sees Suman and Maasi crying. He goes to them. He asks Suman not to worry, he will sort out everything, once Sonu’s bidaai happens. Maasi says I will see Ishqi and come.

Ishqi shouts for help. Maasi sees Mayank’s dad fallen down. Ishqi asks her to call a doctor. She says Mayank, you are a cheap man, you pushed your dad. Manager goes to call a doctor. Ahaan and everyone hug Sonu. Ahaan says you are the best girl, Ishqi insulted her family, you didn’t do this, be the same always. Sonu cries and thinks I m not able to help Ishqi. Ahaan says I will see Mayank and come, maybe he needs my help. Sarla asks him to go.

Ginni asks why did you let him do. Sarla says let there be some drama, bidaai will happen. Mayank sees Ahaan coming. He thinks Ahaan shouldn’t know the truth. Ahaan asks what happened to uncle. Mayank says this happened because of Ishqi, she vented anger on my dad. Doctor comes and checks Mayank’s dad Shekhar. He says he got a heart attack, we need to take him to ICU. Suman pushes Ishqi away. They take Shekhar to the hospital. Sarla taunts Suman about Ishqi. Raj asks Sarla to come with him and take rest. Maasi consoles Ishqi. She says its not any game, its your life, why did you break your marriage, tell me. Kartik gets water for Ishqi. He says I know why you did this, you have a right to decide for your life, you have to be strong. Doctor says Shekhar is in coma, he is critical. Ahaan says we will shift him to the hospital. Doctor says it can get fatal, let him get conscious first, I can’t say when will it happen, pray for him. Mayank thinks I got saved. He asks Ishqi did you get peace, you wanted to ruin my family. He says we got ruined, my mum and dad did a lot for you, you should have refused for marriage before, you humiliated my family, you broke my dad’s heart. Ishqi says how dare you. Mayank shouts how dare you. Suman says I regarded you my daughter, why did you do this, why did you break this relation. Dadi says answer it, what was the reason. Sonu says Dadi please let it be. Suman says I want an answer, tell me.

Ishqi cries and apologizes. Suman pulls the ancestral necklace and breaks the relation. She says you are no one to me now. Dadi asks Ishqi to leave, she can’t tolerate this. Ishqi cries and leaves. Raj says I don’t trust Mayank, do you know the matter. Sonu says I have to go and talk to Ishqi. Ishqi cries. Ahaan asks why did you do this if you had to cry, where are you going, tell me, why did you break this marriage. She says I don’t want to talk. Ahaan says you have to say, Maasi got ashamed, Mayank’s family got ruined, his dad got a heart attack, why did you do this. Ishqi says I didn’t do anything wrong, trust me. He says you don’t know its meaning, you broke Suman’s trust. Kartik and Sonu come. Ahaan says take Sonu to room. Kartik asks Sonu to come. Sonu cries. They go.

Ishqi says you think of anything, you don’t know the truth. Ahaan says now everyone knows your truth, you aren’t meeting my eyes, Mayank, his family and Maasi can forgive you, I can’t forgive you, I will always hate you. She cries. He leaves. She says I wish I could tell you the truth, this happened because of Mayank, I can’t tell anything after uncle’s heart attack, at least Sonu and Raj got married. Manager says Mayank blames the system, he didn’t settle the bill that night. Ishqi says there is a way, Mayank lied to me and Ahaan. Mayank talks to his friends. He says I got saved, if dad got conscious, then I would have gone. Mayank drinks. He says Ishqi didn’t go in coma, she is still here, my plan was perfect, but Ishqi ruined it. Ishqi hears him. She thinks I will not leave you, this Ishqi is very risky. Ishqi goes to manager and asks for cctv footage. Manager says Mayank took the footage. Ishqi thinks I can’t bring Sonu’s name out, I can tell them that Mayank is lying, uncle got a heart attack because of him. She asks for the waiter. Manager says I will get records. She says I will prove that Mayank had the drugs that night,I won’t let him get spared.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan says Ishqi ruined Mayank’s family, I will ruin him. Ahaan calls the police. Ishqi says this waiter spiked my drink that night, ask him, he is the culprit, if you think I m wrong then arrest me.

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Telecast Date:28th May 2021
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