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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th June 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi saying why didn’t Ahaan come till now, so many things are happening, what will anyone get by ending my happiness, Ahaan will be finding me. Ahaan stays sad. Dadi sees him and starts the drama. She says ask Ishqi to come back, tell her not to do this with Ahaan, I can do anything for Ahaan. She falls in Maasi’s feet and begs her. Ahaan stops Dadi. Dadi asks what can I do now. Ahaan says marriage won’t happen now, Sonu inform everyone that marriage is cancelled. Raj calls Sonu and says Ishqi isn’t at any airport. Sonu says it means she didn’t go, she is in some problem. Sarla says its good that Ahaan didn’t marry Ishqi, just Riya can be right. Mehta asks what can I do. She asks him to go and talk about Riya. Sarla says Ahaan is nice, don’t miss the alliance for little issues. Ahaan and Dadi come. Riya sees them and acts. She says Ahaan is my best friend, he is already worried, don’t talk about our marriage. Ahaan hears this.

Sarla stops Dadi and says Ahaan and Riya should get married. Dadi says you are right. Sarla says respectable people are from good families. Mehta asks Ahaan to decide, real love happens after marriage when two persons stay together and share joy and sorrow, else its just attraction. He asks Ahaan where is Ishqi, why did she leave him. He says I will wait for your decision. Dadi says Ahaan, take your time, whatever you decide, we will accept. Ishqi says why didn’t Ahaan come, doesn’t he know about me. Ahaan thinks of Ishqi. He gets a call. He goes. Chachi, Dadi and everyone wait for him. Ahaan gets ready for his marriage. He says Riya if you still want to marry me, then lets get married. Ishqi struggles to get free. Dadi says its about your life, its not a joke, think again. Ahaan says I have thought of it. He goes and calls to ask about Ishqi. Riya gets ready as the bride. Sarla says Ahaan has changed his bride so soon, what’s happening, we have to find out. Ahaan and Riya go towards the mandap. Kartik comes and stops Ahaan. Ishqi gets freed by cutting the rope. Kartik gets the police.

Ishqi runs to the resort. Inspector says Radhika had come to file the complaint as Ishqi, she is under arrest for cheating the police. Everyone gets shocked. Ahaan says Kartik and I understood that Ishqi didn’t do this, who would do it then, who would benefit if Ishqi and my marriage stops, Riya had encouraged Ishqi to take the job, I just had an intuition that this is someone’s planning, Kartik checked the cctv footage at the police station, he found out that Radhika files the complaint. He recalls Kartik calling him and telling him that Ishqi didn’t file the complaint, someone else did, I will send the pic. Ahaan says you planned to get Riya married to me, knowing I love someone else. He asks Mehta to tell the truth, else he will get them arrested. Riya sees Dadi. He asks where is Ishqi, tell me. Ahaan gets angry on Mehta. Ishqi comes back. Ahaan runs to her and holds her. He asks her to have water. He says don’t worry Ishqi, tell me who did this, what had happened. Dadi says take her to the room. Ahaan says no one will go until I know the truth. He asks Ishqi to say. Ishqi says I was in my room, someone fainted me and locked me somewhere.

Sarla says she is telling a story, you all are believing it. Kartik taunts on Mehtas. Ishqi says I m saying the truth. Dadi says worry for Ishqi. Ahaan says I want to know why was she kidnapped. Riya says stop blaming my family, they didn’t do anything. Kartik asks isn’t Radhika your mum. Ahaan says who did it then… I will get the resort cctv footage checked. Riya says fine, I accept that my family did all this, but before accusing them, look at your family, we did this with someone’s help. Chachi asks what, who. Dadi thinks if Riya takes my name, then Ahaan will know that I got Ishqi kidnapped. Riya asks Dadi to tell the truth now. Ahaan asks how dare you. Riya asks what happened, your Dadi’s truth has come out, you got hurt, pandit lied about the kundli dosh on Dadi’s saying, Ishqi had no kundli dosh. He asks why would Dadi do this. Radhika says Dadi didn’t accept Ishqi, go and ask her. He says stop the nonsense. Kartik says I will call the pandit and clear it. He calls pandit and asks him to say the truth, is the kundli dosh thing a lie, you may go to jail if you lie. Pandit says yes, its a lie. Ahaan asks who told you to lie.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan and Ishqi get married. Everyone smiles. Ishqi gets a call. She leaves from the room. She meets Savitri. Savitri tells something. Ahaan looks for Ishqi.

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Telecast Date:25th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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