Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd March 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi seeing Ahaan. She asks Mayank why did he bother his best friend. Mayank says best friends are for such help. Sonu says Ishqi will help me in shopping first. Ahaan sees Ishqi. Ishqi asks Sonu to make the dupatta fall on her face, learn from the movies, try it. She helps Sonu. Sonu laughs. Ishqi sees Ahaan and asks where did my biscuit go. He says your biscuit got irritated hearing your nonsense, it fell in the tea. She says look at me, zoom and see, if you had eaten my biscuit, you could have told me, why are you making stories. He asks are you mad. She says you can have any number of biscuits. He says keep quiet. She says you biscuit thief. She says I got Sonu’s clothes selected, you help me now. Chachi writes a note for Ahaan about Dadi knowing where is his mum. Chacha reads the letter and tears it. She says I m trying to end Ahaan’s hatred for his mum.

Chacha says I can’t see my mum losing. She says fine, I can tell Savitri about Sonu’s marriage, its her right to know about it. Ishqi gets ready and comes. Woollen ball falls and tangles Ishqi and Ahaan. Ahaan sees her. Ishqi and Ahaan argue. She asks him to help him, don’t get in silent mode. He says I don’t want to talk. Ahaan and everyone else fall down because of the woollen string. She notices it and removes the string. Chachi comes to Dadi. She sees Dadi sleeping. She looks for the phone. Ishqi says forgive Ahaan, its his mistake. He thinks she is such a liar. Mayank comes to the trail room and meets Sonu. She gets shocked.

Ishqi says sorry, this happened by mistake, he forgot his medicines and glasses, he is colliding with people. Ahaan says listen, I didn’t do anything. She says yes, he didn’t do this intentionally, if you want to punish him, then he won’t step back, you can ask him for a fine, he is very rich. Manager says Ahaan’s family members are our old customers. Ahaan asks why did you put the blame on me. She says manager was about to scold me, you would feel bad if he did so, you have a personality, status, position, and age. He asks why do you always comment on my age. She jokes. Mayank holds Sonu and says I missed you so much Sonu. She scolds him. He holds her hand. He asks did you miss me. She says no and goes. Chachi enters the passwords to open Dadi’s phone. She unlocks it by her fingerprint. Dadi wakes up and sees her. Ahaan says you are my best friend’s would be wife, so I m tolerating this. Ishqi asks is it nice to get upset on me. Mayank and Sonu come. Ahaan asks what are you doing here, who is with uncle. Mayank says I m on a rescue mission, I thought to come and help you, drop us home. Ahaan says but your fiancee’s shopping. Ishqi says its done. They leave.

Dadi says you are finding Savitri’s number on the mobile. Chachi says I can’t tell the children about Savitri, but we can tell Savitri about Sonu’s marriage, its her right. Dadi says fine, call her, tell her. Chachi smiles and looks for the number. Dadi says you think I will keep her number in my phone when I have enemies at home, I know you well, Savitri won’t get to know about the children. She cries and blames Savitri. Chachi apologizes. Dadi says Savitri shouldn’t come here, only then we can stay happy. Sonu gets worried seeing Mayank in the car.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 24th March 2021 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mayank asks Sonu to marry him. Ahaan and Ishqi meet in the restaurant.

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Telecast Date:23rd March 2021
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