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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd April 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi getting ready for her work. Maasi feeds her the curd. She asks her to come on time, its her mehendi today. Suman comes home and gifts her a bangle. Ishqi asks is this for apologizing to Sarla. Suman says no, for supporting Sonu. Maasi says its beautiful, Mayank would have got it. Suman says no, he was busy, I asked Ahaan to get it. She asks Ishqi to go to her office. She leaves. Maasi says Ahaan helps Suman a lot. Ishqi thinks why doesn’t Mayank help. Maasi says you are lucky to get Suman and Mayank. Ishqi asks why didn’t Mayank go to get the bangles. Maasi says he maybe busy. Ishqi says I will not talk to her until he convinces me. Everyone meets at Ahaan’s house for mehendi function. Ishqi comes with Maasi. Maasi says Mayank is there. Ishqi sees Ahaan. He also looks at her. Sonu comes. Raj compliments her. Ishqi says Sonu is the bride of the year, feed her sweets. Kartik feeds the sweets to Ishqi. Ishqi says no need to say sorry. Ahaan smiles seeing them.

Raj takes care of Sonu. Ishqi thinks Mayank and I have no connection, its our mehendi today. Ahaan comes there. He sees Sonu happy and smiles. Chachi asks him not to cry. He says I m not crying. She cheers him up. He says Sonu will leave us and go. Kartik says Ishqi will also leave, Maasi would be along. Ahaan says so much happened with Ishqi, but it seems nothing happened. Kartik asks him not to stare at Ishqi. Ahaan goes. Kartik jokes.

Maasi thanks Ahaan for the help. He asks did Suman tell you. Maasi says yes, Ishqi is also thankful to you. Ahaan smiles seeing Ishqi. Kartik looks at him and teases. Ahaan goes. Sarla asks will just the brides get the mehendi, I also want the mehendi. Chachi says you can get mehendi applied by someone. Kartik says Sarla started the drama again. Sarla says Ishqi can get mehendi applied by anyone, I m the groom’s mum, it will be your insult if I don’t get mehendi applied well. Kartik asks really, are people interested in your mehendi. Sarla says Ishqi was my maid before, she is going to become Suman’s bahu now. Ishqi says she is right. Dadi asks the girl to apply mehendi to Sarla first. Ahaan says Kartik, I will dance if Sarla insists me. Kartik asks Sarla to dance. He compliments her. Sarla says I dance like Madhuri. Ahaan asks the girl to complete Ishqi’s mehendi. Chacha says we got saved today, I feel Sarla will create a drama on the dance floor. Dadi and Chachi pray. Ahaan, Kartik dance with Sarla and Ginni. Kartik goes to Chachi and asks her to dance. Chachi says you guys dance with Sarla, we should also get entertainment. Ahaan says I had danced. Chacha asks him to go, else he will dance. Chachi says we have to tolerate this. Ishqi asks can’t boys dance for us. Ahaan goes back and dances for her sake. Ishqi smiles. Mayank comes to Ishqi and takes her to dance. Sonu and Raj dance. Everyone dances.

Ishqi stumbles. Ahaan holds her in arms. She goes back and gets her mehendi applied. Ahaan dances with the family. Ishqi thinks I shouldn’t see him. The girl asks the groom’s name. Ishqi says Ahaan. The girl writes Ahaan’s name on her hands. Ishqi thinks I m marrying Mayank, I have to think about Mayank, I should not think of Ahaan. Sarla comes and tries to see her mehendi.

Ishqi says my mehendi is done, you can sit. She turns her hand down. Sarla makes a face. Raj comes and asks her to see Sonu’s mehendi. Sarla says I want mehendi applied now. Ishqi shows her mehendi. Sarla says I m groom’s mom, I want the best mehendi. Mayank stares at Sonu. Sarla asks Mayank to move aside, she wants to see Sonu’s mehendi. Suman asks Ishqi to sit, she will get food. Ishqi thinks I m so lucky to get a Saas like Suman. Suman feeds the food to Ishqi. She asks where is Mayank. Ishqi says don’t know. Suman says I will go and get him. Ishqi gets shocked seeing Ahaan’s name in her mehendi.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd April 2021 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman asks are you hurt, shall we call the doctor. Sarla says we shall see your injury. Sarla shows Ahaan’s name on Ishqi’s hand. Everyone looks on shocked.

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Telecast Date:22nd April 2021
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