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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th June 2021 Episode starts with Ahaan saying I can’t live without you, we have to find a way. Ishqi says there is no way, I don’t want you to choose between me and your family, so I m stepping back. Tere bin….plays… She says Dadi hates me, I can never change this truth. Ahaan asks are you losing without fighting. Ishqi says I can fight the world, but not your world, an orphan understands the family’s imp the most. He holds her hand and takes her to Dadi. Ishqi thinks why did Ahaan get me here. Ahaan holds Dadi’s hand and says you know you are my everything, mum, dad and best friend, I want all your sorrows, I know you will never accept me, I can’t go against you, Ishqi also can’t get against you.

Ahaan says I always felt that just my family’s love affects me, but love for Ishqi also affects me, I feel love for Ishqi, I can do anything for Dadi but never forget Ishqi, I can’t change my feelings. Sarla asks will you leave your family for your love. He says I chose my family over my love, Dadi’s happiness will be my priority, I can never go against my family, Ishqi and I decided to end our relation, Ishqi is living from my life, no other girl can come in my life, else it will be unfair with Ishqi and that girl, Ishqi used to say that I m so stubborn, Ishqi’s name is also stubborn, it got on my heart. He says sorry Riya, I can’t do wrong by marrying you, you deserve a nice guy, I hope you find such a guy soon, please forgive me. Dadi looks on.

Ahaan says Dadi asked me to choose just one, I chose Dadi. He takes Ishqi with him. Dadi feels sad. Its morning, Sarla asks where are Dadi and Ahaan, did Ishqi leave. Raj signs her to have food. Maasi asks Ishqi to not leave her happiness. Ishqi says we will stay happy in Singapore, we will get everything there. Maasi says not love. Ishqi says love is just a thought, I will be happy there, Ahaan and I like each other, but we are different, even if we get together, then we can’t stay together. Maasi says yes, thank God, you are sensible, I know it would be hurting you. Ishqi says we shall go now, come.

Ishqi thinks I hope its not Ahaan. Dadi comes there. Dadi says I accepted your relation. Ishqi smiles. Ahaan comes. Ishqi asks really. Maasi asks did you really accept Ishqi. Dadi says I don’t like Ishqi, maybe she doesn’t like me, but Ahaan is imp for us, Ishqi was ready to break the relation for his sake, I m ready to make this relation for his sake, can you keep this relation, its tough for you. Ishqi thanks and hugs Dadi. She says you are looking so cute, you were Ahaan’s fav, you are my fav also, I didn’t get a mum, I got Dadi, Dadi is also like mummy. Maasi asks Ishqi to keep manners. Ishqi says its tough for me. She asks Maasi to zoom and see, they are looking the best jodi, Dadi will also say the same. Maasi asks her to take Dadi’s blessings. Ishqi takes a chunri and hurts Dadi unknowingly. Dadi blesses her and leaves.

Ahaan smiles seeing Ishqi. Everyone waits for Dadi. Sarla says we are their relations, Ahaan broke Riya’s alliance, Mehtas are family friends. Dadi and Ahaan come. Kartik says Dadi would have brainwashed Ahaan, why does Ahaan not look worried. Sonu says yes, something has happened. Dadi apologizes to Mehtas. She says I called you here to apologize, sorry, Riya and Ahaan can’t get married, I like Riya a lot, but I don’t have to marry her, she has to spend time with Ahaan, Ahaan doesn’t love her, they can’t stay happy and we also won’t stay happy, its better to call off the alliance. Riya gets upset and goes. Dadi says Ahaan is happy with Ishqi, so I accepted Ishqi. Mehta says you can’t do this, Riya gave her two years to this relation, Ahaan is not sensible, but you can think about it, how can you break their relation. Dadi says I can’t think anything else than Ahaan’s happiness. Kartik jokes on Dadi. Sarla asks how did you agree for Ishqi’s alliance.

She does a drama and acts fainting. Ahaan goes to Riya. He apologizes. She says you loved Ishqi, you were my world, I lost my work, my heart broke, we can sacrifice anything for the one we lose, I will sacrifice my love for your happiness. He says you are amazing. Dadi comes and asks Ahaan to apologize to Riya’s parents. Ahaan says yes and leaves. Kartik says I knew it, there is something between you and Ahaan. Sonu asks Kartik to stop it. Kartik jokes on Dadi. Ishqi laughs. He asks how did Dadi say yes to Ishqi. Sonu says it means Ahaan is Dadi’s fav. They hug Ishqi. Dadi says Ahaan can go against me for Ishqi, she will show her real colours and separate me from him, so I have agreed to him. Kartik gets Ahaan to Ishqi. Dadi says when I felt I m losing the game, I made Ishqi feel that she is winning, when she stops playing the move, then I will play my move, this marriage won’t happen.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan and Ishqi have a dance. Inspector comes to talk about Mayank and Sonu’s matter. Sarla gets shocked. Dadi accuses Ishqi.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
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